Akyashaa's Fan Art UPDATED 02/07/2012

Discussion in 'Fan Art' started by ARCHIVED-Akyashaa, Dec 1, 2006.

  1. ARCHIVED-Akyashaa Guest

    new image up and more inc
  2. ARCHIVED-Akyashaa Guest

    new pic up again in OP
  3. ARCHIVED--Arctura- Guest

    (( excellent works Akyashaa :cool:

    I am curious though, doesn't it infringe copyrights to be selling commissions using other peoples 3d models?
    I was always on the fence on the issue about making commissions for people using poser for that reason...
  4. ARCHIVED-Akyashaa Guest

    Nope just have to either use your own models or when you do use things that other people make have to make sure it notes for commercial and none commercial stuff... so I am safe :) Thanks for the concern though :)
  5. ARCHIVED-Akyashaa Guest

    updated 29 feb 08, first post, sarnak!
  6. ARCHIVED-Akyashaa Guest

    updated in first post
  7. ARCHIVED-Disaronno Guest

    Stunning, wonderful work!
  8. ARCHIVED-Akyashaa Guest

    Updated in first post again , please view, i think my best yet :)
  9. ARCHIVED-Akyashaa Guest

    new pic up in OP
  10. ARCHIVED-Akyashaa Guest

    new pic, thanks for looking ;)
  11. ARCHIVED-Akyashaa Guest

  12. ARCHIVED-Rorasis Guest

    These are great! I especially love the iksar one.
  13. ARCHIVED-Akyashaa Guest

  14. ARCHIVED--Arctura- Guest

    (( Where do you buy the poser models you use? just curious lots of nice photoshopping on top of it, really makes things shine nicely. great stuff!
  15. ARCHIVED-Akyashaa Guest

    new piece in OP, comments welcome

    Poser stuff I like best from daz3d.com, renderosity.com, xurge3d.com, planetvixen.com, runtimedna.com and so on, best is to go search online :)
  16. ARCHIVED-Akyashaa Guest

    new piece up in OP, have a look!
  17. ARCHIVED-timetravelling Guest

    holy crap those are AMAZING. =)
  18. ARCHIVED-Seolta Guest

    SOE...hire her pls.
  19. ARCHIVED-Arelli Guest

    you truly are very talented these are amazing!
  20. ARCHIVED-Akyashaa Guest

    Aww thanks guys!

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