Yelinak <One Last Time> CST/EST - After Work/Weekend Raiding Guild (Previously Contamination)

Discussion in 'TLP Guild Recruitment' started by nallchan, May 4, 2022.

  1. Wiser66 New Member

    Accepting all applicants...but primarily seeking caster classes.

    Priority in order

    Also need
    Epic Bards

    PST Nall or Shassy in game for info.
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  2. Vileborg33 Lorekeeper

    Still, clearing all content weekly.
    Still, off-night raiding for fun and to help back gear people.
    Still, don't require raid attendance.
    Still, not giving Yend anything edible.
    Still, Representing the casual gameplay experience.
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  3. Nall New Member

    Heya All! :)

    We are Ramping up for Luclin - we have a few slots open. Clearing all Current Content weekly.
    Short on MAGES, Druids, Paladins (In that order)
    Other classes are accepted - No Application process BS.. Earn DKP your first day in the guild - Can spend first day.

    Simply looking for good people to adventure with.. No Toxic stuff, Just log in - help others and have fun.
  4. Nall New Member

    Send a Message to Nall, Althena, Lolth, Mayax or Yend for more info or a guild invite.
  5. Nall New Member

  6. Damoan New Member

    Great bunch of people!