Yelinak <One Last Time> CST/EST - After Work/Weekend Raiding Guild (Previously Contamination)

Discussion in 'TLP Guild Recruitment' started by nallchan, May 4, 2022.

  1. illythid Roaming Funeral Director

    my baby paladin, funeral, will hit you guys up this weekend. sounds fun
  2. Ayeam New Member

    my little gnome mage grouped with one of your members last night.
    will fire up discord and see about an invite.
    (just don't like using most voice apps, but will listen...i talk loud for some unknown reason)
    mage's name is Maggie
  3. Kyndra-Mangler New Member

    Hi Guys, I previously played on Mangler. looking for a guild that raids in your time slots. I've only joined the server today so I'm still trying out some classes. Do you guys have any specific needs? if not, I'll probably play a druid.
  4. TimeBreak Elder

    Is microphone required in Discord?

    Replaced my old headset with a nice pair of Sennheiser HD 599's awhile back and never got a mic replacement for the old headset.
  5. Wryn Player Since 1999

    I’m interested in joining, but can’t get discord link to work for me.
  6. AraduneSUX New Member

    I raided with these nerds on Aradune, would recommend, also the discord link isn't working
  7. Dijalin New Member

    To answer this question, No. A microphone is not required. As long as you can listen you're good.
  8. TinyChanter New Member

    If only the discord link was valid... :(
  9. YelinakIsFun New Member

    Nobody plays EQ One Last Time!
  10. Regnon Journeyman

    Sounds like you're right up my alley. Do you have to be max level to join?
  11. Strategon New Member

  12. teroe New Member

    This guild sounds like a match for me. 58 almost 59 bard. Are you guys still around?
  13. Mayax New Member

    We are still around! contact us in game!
  14. nallchan Frooak! You Ruined Your Lands,You wont ruin mine!

    **Updated: 8/13/2022**
    Have 4 Raid Slots open as of 8/13/2022
    Recruiting Bards, Caster and Melee DPS
    Message Nall, Yend, Mayax, Cadderly, Lolth for additional details/invite
  15. nallchan Frooak! You Ruined Your Lands,You wont ruin mine!

    Yep! Still destroying all the content - we stopped actively recruiting when we started filling up 2 full raids.
    Came to the conclusion we wanted to run one raid and started to pair down to the core members.
    We are at 1 raid now and have 4-5 empty spots.

    Raid M, W , Sat with DKP.
    and do something literally every other night as "off night raids" which do not grant DKP.
  16. nallchan Frooak! You Ruined Your Lands,You wont ruin mine!

    Yep! 100% still around - just havent been recruiting due to full raids! We have 4 spots open now
  17. Gibbly New Member

    I want to apply for the guild assuming you would like a fairly well geared ranger that is almost VP keyed but i cant seem to find a discord link the works, if you could drop a line to me in game name is Groham
  18. Wiser66 New Member

    Great group, no raid requirment but down everything every week.

    Server first Yelinak, Vindi, and Woushi.

    CST / EST time zone
  19. Soldrin New Member

    Would this be acceptable for someone looking to join a raid just once a week or are all 3 days expected?
  20. Wiser66 New Member

    Perfectly fine. Attendence affects very little.