Yelinak <One Last Time> CST/EST - After Work/Weekend Raiding Guild (Previously Contamination)

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  1. nallchan Frooak! You Ruined Your Lands,You wont ruin mine!

    Hello all my EverQuest nerds!

    **Updated: 8/13/2022**
    Have 4 Raid Slots open as of 8/13/2022
    Recruiting Bards, Caster and Melee DPS
    Message Nall, Yend, Mayax, Cadderly, Lolth for additional details/invite

    < One Last Time > (Previously Contamination On Mangler/Phinny/Aradune etc) is Openly Recruiting for Yelinak. We are a Medium-Core / Non-toxic - CST/EST After-work and Weekend Raiding Guild. Experienced Leadership from numerous TLPs is transparent and friendly - We run a tight-nit atmosphere of friends and group/help others out regularly.

    Not Meta? Dont know the content? Never Raided? perfectly ok!
    We will make it work, class combinations - Teaching content etc.. We need people with a positive fun attitude / personality more then just the right number of "X" classes.
    Example: our Guild leader is typically a FROG PALADIN, and yes he tanks. We make it work! :)

    Grouping, Raiding and helping others in a fun environment is what its all about for us. We do have an Adult and dark sense of humor, but dont tolerate toxic behavior.

    Pace: **Important**
    We play the game for FUN, We are NOT that Hardcore Server First Poop-sock Guild.
    We down Content Regularly, we get it done IN ERA - but we wont be the first to do it.
    Thats not our goal -We have jobs/families and lives outside the game. If that sounds like you, Join us on Discord to find out more!

    Recruitment Video:

    Raid Times:
    CST 6-11pm
    EST 7-12pm
    Arriving Late/Leaving early is perfectly ok.
    We do give DKP credit for pre-clearing, showing up on time and every 30 minutes.

    Raid days are voted on - Looks like Monday, Wednesday, Saturday currently
    Saturday, we will most likely start alittle earlier to get more targets in. Depends on who is on and raring to go.

    AOC content on rotation + Open world based on availability and loot drops

    We utilize a Custom Scripted DKP bot for attendance AND Bidding.
    Bids are Blind to everyone even the officers and Highest Bid pays One (1) DKP over the 2nd highest bid, Minimum 1.
    Bob bids 4
    Susan bids 1000
    Susan wins the item for 5 DKP.

    Discord is Required for raiding
    Invite code available
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  2. Dr. Richard Silid New Member

    Fun bunch of guys, done a few TLPs with them. Glom is frickin hilarious.
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  3. Wurl New Member

    The guild leader takes MT from your warriors on his paladin? :(
  4. TLPLS New Member

    Sorry if I missed it, but do you have your raid days set yet?
  5. nallchan Frooak! You Ruined Your Lands,You wont ruin mine!

    The saddest day in all of EverQuest /Mourn ;)
  6. nallchan Frooak! You Ruined Your Lands,You wont ruin mine!

    Its under vote at the moment - but looks like Monday - Wednesday - Saturday
    Good call out - Added it to the main post also.
  7. Chax New Member

    Can't Wait, ill be there in 20 days for sure!
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  8. Dizdemona Lorekeeper

    Sounds like the place for me this TLP
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  9. MaliceZillia New Member

    Is this a DKP guild?
  10. nallchan Frooak! You Ruined Your Lands,You wont ruin mine!

    Yes it is!
    We are using a custom made Discord DKP bot that takes attendance and allows for Silent DKP auctions.. No one (even officers) dont know the bids until the auction is complete.
    You pay 1 DKP over the 2nd highest bid.
    So if you bid 100 DKP
    and Susan bids 5 dkp..
    You pay 6 DKP for the item.

    If no one else bids you pay 1 DKP.

    Any other questions, let me know!
    See you guys on Yelinak!
    2 Weeks left!!!
  11. Wurl New Member

    Honestly this closed bid DKP system using a discord bot has sold me. See you guys in game!
  12. MaliceZillia New Member

    What DKP discord bot are you guys using?
  13. Thorstem New Member

    Joined their discord yesterday and was greeted, welcomed, and treated like a member of the group right away. Fun group of educated players looking to make Yeli the new home for a great guild. Let's get excited and slay some Dragons!
  14. Hirbow Augur

    You guys are raiding 5 hours raids x3 days a week ? aaaah
  15. Wurl New Member

    No RA requirements :) -- raid as often as you want!
  16. nallchan Frooak! You Ruined Your Lands,You wont ruin mine!

    A Custom made one just for us :)
  17. nallchan Frooak! You Ruined Your Lands,You wont ruin mine!

    Correct! Raid as often as you want - No Raid Attendance requirements. DKP to win Items.
    Max Bid for alts etc. All the Rules are clearly Laid out in the discord. Feel free to look it over and ask any questions.

    This is our 5th TLP. Raid leader and officers know every fight from here Gates of Discord.
    We are going beyond Gates; as some of us want to experience the new content.

    Discord is required for RAIDING only.
    Encouraged for Grouping.

    We enjoy the game for its people and fun playing together.

    We try out best to maintain a fun, Non-Min/Max focused environment for Working Adults in both CST and EST time zones. Other time zones are welcome.. IT IS OK TO BE LATE - you just miss those DKP ticks.
    We do have Mature/Dark humor at times, but we do not tolerate toxicity or extreme sensitivity.
    We understand, every guild isnt for every person - and thats ok!

    We'd love to hang out with anyone with a positive attitude and enjoy our free time.
    Questions? Message me on Discord!
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  18. NeedCoffeeLFG New Member

    How do I find you on Discord?
    The discord invite code isn't clickable.
  19. Wurl New Member

    In Discord, click here:

    Then click here:

    Then paste here:

    It's done like this to prevent web crawlers from grabbing the link which helps cut down on spammers.
  20. Manafasto Augur