Will they add integrity back to the game?

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by HoodenShuklak, Sep 4, 2019.

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  1. HoodenShuklak Augur

    Wonder why krono have doubled in price on Selo, despite the new cash sinks including purchasable spells? Have you been to Siren's Grotto on Selo? What about on Agnarr?

    If you're at all like me, you've pondered those and the answer probably disgusts you. And some of you may even be tired of Daybreak's inaction.

    The two screenshots below probably look like something anyone passing through Siren's Grotto has seen for the majority of the server at this point.

    For at least this entire expansion this person has ramped up to 100 bots whereas before it seemed to be about a group or two. Maybe because they passed never got banned they just figured they were invincible. We know they pass the "reply to tells" test so is that why they've gotten so brazen? It's absolutely no surprise that if you can get a bot to pull, charm, mez, and farm for months on end then you can manage handling tells.

    This is absurd that this is what the current rules make abusive players abide by. This one person is single-handedly ruining the Selo plat economy. And they don't even care that it's out in the open. Will Daybreak finally act?



    Here are some snapshots of Siren's Grotto picks... at any hour of the day you can see this, but is this at all normal for Omens of War era EverQuest? Not even close. Nobody that plays EQ today thinks this is even remotely normal to see SG packed at hours like 2 AM, but here are a couple random times fairly recently...


    They also sell the deepwater inks, and have done so on Agnarr... Again, nobody that plays EQ or even tradeskills a ton would think this amount of ink is even remotely achievable through human gameplay. How are the GM's satisfied with the "reply to tell" test?

    If you think driving the price of inks down is "good for the server" then how about your krono prices doubling in the last month? If you didn't notice, they also run a bot to increase their price to be at the top. This is absolutely bad for a gaming economy.

    Personally, I'm sick of seeing them on Selo after seeing them on Agnarr and hearing about them on other TLP's. It's blatant. It's bad for the game, and it's bad for business.

    Daybreak, it's time to add some integrity back into your game and getting rid of these absolutely blatant bot farmers is not even low hanging fruit. It's more akin to fruit that is being taped back onto the tree branches.
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  2. Bot spotter Journeyman

    Mangler has the exact same problems. It's actually disgusting how little daybreak has enforced their rules. These cheaters know they cannot be touched and have expanded their operations since daybreak has done nothing.

    On top of the botting, mangler has non stop warping. These same botters also warp. Their group wipes deep in seb? Np you will see them warp back down to camp when he wakes up.

    I'm not sure daybreak has already given up but if they do not fix this, there will not be another successful TLP. Not a chance I am playing another server if these cheats aren't stopped here. It will only get worse.

    I'm not joking about the amount of warping on mangler either. 100s of toons are warping multiple times a day. Boxers warping all 20-40 of their toons to any camp or raid mob they want to get to.

    Sad part is I am willing to bet that all of this botting we see is maybe 20 people max. The majority of it is probably 2-3 people each with 72+ each And a ton of smaller boxers botting their on 12-24 boxes.

    Once people saw the solb and seb guy go untouched for 6 months, the botters really ramped up the number of toons they use.
  3. Scruff Elder

    mangler had over 50 automated box bots warped into siren's grotto without any druids or wizards anywhere near them within the first ten minutes of velious launching. they crashed the seahorse belt market to less than 10k platinum in less than four days

    i think it's just comedy at this point
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  4. Bot spotter Journeyman

    On the other hand, you have people who want to buy krono from daybreak to gear their toons, and because of these botters, they only need to buy 2 krono instead of 4.

    That might even be generous. Not only are krono double, but items are also much cheaper.

    People need to buy less krono because of these botters.

    Daybreak makes money from potions. These botters dont buy potions. They don't buy bags on all their toons. They don't interact with the community. They are not good for daybreak.
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  5. neveroom New Member

    im unsure why they dont do anything, they 100% are slowly destroying the game and revenue.
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  6. Meridian Augur

    Impossible. The bots are all on Mangler. Selo is a haven of goodness and light.
  7. Bewts Augur

    Maybe they are performing an economics study using krono on a no-box server as a use case? /eyeroll

    That’s a fairly brazen example of what happens when you fail to actively police a ruleset...
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  8. Burpo the Clown New Member

    The saddest part is that people still choose to play on these servers (and more importantly, purchase krono/items from these "players"), which only encourages this behavior.
  9. Fluid Augur

    I've come to the conclusion I am weak and stupid for playing TLP servers. I mean I have been around off and on from the start so reliving the tough days did have an appeal for at least a few trips down memory lane.

    Here's my problem with it: I have a couple of Gold accounts. What advantage does my paying for premium service have if I play a TLP server? No Mercs, no Loyalty Vendor, /claim disabled, /veteran disabled, automatic AA grants non existent. I mean I play by the rules for except for the occasional Truebox slip up where I may login one of my higher levels toons to buff one of my newbs on my second account, but that is the extent of it.

    It really sucks to be a veteran with multiple accounts on a Truebox TLP server. Makes no sense what so ever. Only 'reward' I get for my money is I am not allowed to play both accounts on a server and get no benefits.

    I don't/didn't mind doubling the amount I spend on my accounts during the run up on a TLP server via experience potions or potions of Clarity. I do mind having to spend that money on Krono farmers.

    Something has got to change, maybe me.
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  10. qweasy Augur

    No the saddest part is OP is going to eat a suspension for posting those pictures instead of the people in them.
  11. yerm Augur

    The selo seahorse guy is like an antibiotic resistant strain. Since the server is actually so light on other rmters, and so many raiders are hogging all the gm attention pissing on each other (especially in luclin and god), the rmt crew in sg has been able to grow to incurable levels. It's actually at least a few people from what I can tell - probably a chinese or SEA crew.

    They should all be banned.

    That said, I actually disagree with a lot of the OP points. First and foremost, krono prices going up are very good. The people selling kr tend to be casuals or catchups, while the biggest buyers (excluding rmt) are mass boxers. Can't afford to keep your army fed via plat? Too bad sucks to be you, use a credit card or stop mass boxing.

    Inks flooding the market for cheap has been great too. Yeah it's rmt blood money inks, but cmon, that's really nice for anyone except literally a rival ink seller.

    Finally, and should be obviously, EVERYONE knew krono prices would go up if wow classic was a hit. People who quit a tlp tend to buy up krono as they go. This dude has been in sg constantly since like day 4 or so until now, whatever krono price fixing he does he always did. The recent jump is wow, not him/them.
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  12. dreamweaver Community Manager

    Just a quick note, I am aware of the first post and I am trying to give OP a chance to edit it before deleting the whole thread.
  13. qweasy Augur

    Feel free to take that time to log into the game and ban the people who actually deserve it.
  14. Bot spotter Journeyman

    I know you're new here but this has been going on for a year. Before these 2 servers and completely ignored. It's ruining the game and what you are seeing is the frustration from this problem being ignored so blatantly.

    Something absolutely needs to be done and is not being done. You guys keep giving us false hopes and we believe you. Just get rid of the obvious botters. We are trying to help you guys and are basically being slapped in the face when we provide mountains of evidence that you guys ask us for...... Maybe. Just maybe you guys are finally doing something and we will see them gone soon. But this is basically what they have wanted us to feel like for a year. Just ignoring the problem. It's not going away without you guys helping.
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  15. Scruff Elder

    don't worry, he'd have to post an actual player character for you to have to worry about """witch hunting"""
    he just provided us a screenshot of some NPCs that have been added to every instance of siren's grotto for mangler and selo's, very festive addition for the anniversary servers
  16. Ceffener Augur

    Pretty sure you can only edit a post for 30 minutes.
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  17. Bewts Augur

    I’m just curious what the violation is? The naming of characters via screenshots? Or the publicly available information in buyer / trader mode?
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  18. HoodenShuklak Augur

    Thank you.

    I'm unable to see an "edit" button so I sent you a PM with the blocked out names.
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  19. oldkracow Augur

    Trying to get DBG to do their job.
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  20. HoodenShuklak Augur

    Krono prices absolutely should go up, but as a legitimate "hobby EQ trader" I can assure you the effect of (literally) 100 botters running 24/7 is a net-negative for a TLP community.

    First of all, the incentive for crafters to bother selling is lower. The incentive for adventurers to go out there is near zero. So you have both crafters and adventurers hurt in that regard. But what about the krono? Well, if Krono is being bought up mostly by 1 person, and presumably sold on third party sites this is absolutely bad for Daybreak.

    But what if, best case scenario, this person is simply buying Krono to feed their 100 boxes? Well, that effect would still lead to less Krono sales because real players don't need to sell as many krono to get the same amount of platinum to fund whatever they were trying to do.There is only so much supply from real players, so when you get one person with "bot money" they are far more willing to overpay, and that's what has happened recently since they increased their crew to 100 bots.

    And finally, let's not discount the very real intangible of a game having integrity. Old school Diablo hd ultimately no legitimacy because everything was hacked or duped and thus trivialized. The gamers didn't take the game serious on average, and the overall playerbase paid the ultimate price.
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