Will they add integrity back to the game?

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by HoodenShuklak, Sep 4, 2019.

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  1. yerm Augur

    Oh I agree that it's bad for dbg and they really should do something about it, it's gotten absurd.

    My disagreement is in concluding krono price spikes were him, or that price hikes hurt the eq players. In fact, the hikes hurt boxers and daybreak's sales but help the little guy, and price hikes were very predictably called when wow classic set its date. When amtrak guild bank bought literally over a hundred krono in a pass it actually only spiked the price about 50% for a day and the price was back in 3 days. I imagine faceless' bank could spike it more, but not that much more - this is wow's doing.
  2. dreamweaver Community Manager

    It's the naming of players in the SCs the OP has made the change.
  3. qweasy Augur

    Just ran though SG and couldn't help but notice there were still 5 picks full of botters up. So can I assume botting is now legal since you refuse to do anything about it?
  4. Scruff Elder

    it's only legal if you do it on a scale large enough for them to go "nah, maybe later"

    one non-boxed bard AFK playing songs outside of commonlands near someone's camp, totally unattended and performing GAME ACTIONS? that's a paddlin
  5. Midnitewolf Elder

    I ten

    I tend to agree with you. I am one of the catch ups you talk about and having just started back on Selo, there is no way I could outfit my brand new mage I leveled to 65 over the long weekend unless I bought Krono. I was very happy to see Krono selling at 36-40k. I mean if I was trying to pay for the game by playing the game, I could see an issue but I think I will probably be able keep one account paid for if I really wanted to and well, the cost is why I don't box but honestly, I think boxing is a bad thing for this game so anything that discourages that is a plus in my mind.

    As far as farmers are concerned, like you mention, they do have a benefit and that is that they bring the cost of items down so the new players, even those unwilling to buy a Krono to outfit their toons, can still get decent gear on the cheap. If we didn't have farmers, alot of the common, but good items on the market, would be ultra rare and so expensive that they would be out of most people's price ranges.

    The only issue I have with farmers is them blocking real players from being able to engage in level appropriate content due to high level farmers hogging that content.
  6. Trevalon Augur

    Well, as someone else said, since he posted a screenshot of a bunch of bots then they are not actually players so you don't have to worry about there being any violations!

    What's more scary about this whole exchange is Daybreak's clear "Blame the woman" mentality to EVERYTHING. Its always been like this. Its not the botters fault, its the guy who reported the botter! Ban him, because ya know, he posted a Screenshot of something that is happening right now currently in the game at this very instance that is breaking the rules, but lord knows, he was dressed too sexy right and just had it coming didn't he?

    Do you not see how this seems really backwards and why it MIGHT make people angry?
  7. Ajjantis Elder

    Thats the only thing i really miss about classic. Im totally fine with the quality of life change that in the past years. But those masses of boxers/botters completely ruin every TLP.

    And a shame on DBG for not acting on this. Would take me 10 minutes to solve this issue.
  8. Taladir Augur

    When I saw the "Developer" tag next to this thread, I thought they might actually be doing something about it. Nope, just forum policing. How disappointing.
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  9. Zanarnar Augur

    Ya its pretty clear they care a LOT more about policing these forums then they do their own game. Its actually gotten to "business going after the reporter exposing their illegal activities instead of ceasing said activities" levels of silliness.

    To even have DBG take minimal steps to have a GM send that blatent boxer a tell you have to make a new account on another site, submit ticket there with video, screenshots, your blood type, mothers maiden name, and stool and urine samples. Even then, nothing happens.

    Wanna know why, Mr or Mrs new community manager, that long time players are risking bans by naming and shaming boters here? Its the only way to get ANY reaction from you guys.

    The message from DBG is clear, cheat all you want. Just don't post anyones name in the forums.

    Disagree with me DBG? Take some action then. Your words on this subject are meaningless. Only actions speak and so far, yours have been in favor of automated boting and RMT.
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  10. Bot spotter Journeyman

    Any other game and I might think this post will change something.

    Unfortunately I feel a lock coming today with 0 punishment on bots.

    It's so disgusting.

    It makes me sick how much they protect these cheaters.

    They will enforce everything except botting and warping. These guys warp around and bot every camp with their VMs and macrocrap. You can't train them or you get suspended. You can't even "mess" with them by fearing their mobs or dragging their mobs out of camp (to prove they are bots). They will suspend you for toxic behavior and training.

    It's absolutely the most disgusting thing I've seen in a game. I'm used to cheaters being exposed and then the company doing something about it.

    But, this here is so some next level laziness + disrespect to your players.

    They tell us to report them. So you spend hours of your personal time to do all this garbage required to send petition with video and it gets absolutely ignored.

    If you want these posts to stop, start demanding answers from your coworkers. Ask them why cheaters have been selectively allowed to roam these tlps for so long. I think you yourself should be wondering why our entire community doesn't care about the naming shaming crap when it comes to these botters.

    You're the solution here. Everyone else that was working there before you, they have had a year fully knowing that warping and emque2 are 100% fully working on these truebox servers.

    They have ignored the problem. We tried to warn them. We told them the problem would only get worse. Now... It has gotten 10x worse than it was on any previous server. It will get worse next server.

    P.s. if a GM actually cared... go sit in commonlands for a day. You will see this exact scenario play out all day.

    -- 80 boxer gates 1 group to their bind. The tank runs from soulbinder to parcel. The other 5 toons run from soulbinder to parcel (using stick). All 6 toons will then open the parcel vendor within a few seconds of each other. Once done, toons will move out of parcel a few feet. His druid will TL all 6 toons to either dreadlands or iceclad. From dreadlands or iceclad, he will WARP all 6 toons to either sebilis or sirens grotto DIRECTLY into the camp they have a preset location for. So, we have automated game play... warping... virtual machines. Doing any 1 of these is only a little bit of advantage but wow when you combine all 3 and you dont get punished... well then you have a god.

    This goes on all day. Every day. Then you have the open world guild who warps to every crappy target that spawns. 40 boxer gets kunark serverwides all day long. I'm sure he is legit controlling all his toons on his fears. For sure......
  11. Moranis Augur

    I'm in this boat too - I cashed out all my stuff in the hopes that there is actually a "somewhat" classic EQ TLP that comes out one day...you know, one where there are more humans playing than automated bots.

    I will say though - I'm half tempted to cash in a krono or two on Mangler and gear out some toons for laughs...the benefit of 10,000,000 botters is that everything is dirt cheap. Seahorse belt for 1/2 of a krono only a week after launch? Suhweet.
  12. Barzini Journeyman

    EQ DEV: LOL did you see that post about the botters cornering the market on the deepwater ink?
    EQ DEV2: HAHAHAHA yea I did
    EQ DEV: I need some more coffee. Lets run over to starbucks
  13. modsiw Elder

    Really? That’s your takeaway from this? Could you say something remotely pertaining to the issue at hand?
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  14. Noon_yeah Journeyman

  15. Camniala New Member

    This is a very serious problem, I played on mangler myself.. I quit and cancelled my 2 accounts. Was a krono buyer, but when I had to give them away just to have a chance at a CoS, I decided this isn't worth my time/investment any longer. Hopefully Daybreak takes action.. otherwise I see this game bleeding more and more to the point everyone is out of a job(everquest 1-wise at least). Sad.
  16. Kahna Augur

    This sort of thing is why I canceled all my accounts a month ago. Played the TLPs from the start, but until they deal with this sort of behavior I won't be back. I saw on EQ2 that they had the ability to deal with it, so they could deal with it here if they wanted to, they are just choosing not to. It sucks the fun out of the game.
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  17. Zanarnar Augur

    The thing is, this is a game about getting shiny gear. (and levels and AA.. but lets be honest we spend most of our time camping/raiding for gear) When that gear becomes ... trivial to obtain due to all the automated farming going on it removes any sense of accomplishment tied to that.

    The comment earlier referencing Diablo 1 is very apt. How many of you that played it on battle.net didn't have godly plate of the [whatever] sets stuffing your bank along with weapons/etc due to how easy it was to dupe items. There was suddenly no reason to play the game. POOF here you go, full set of the best gear in the game for the asking.

    EQ isn't quite that bad yet, but the more picks full of bots farming drops 24/7/365 is going to destroy any value those items had and remove any sense of accomplishment in acquiring those items. Not to mention the ONLY way to acquire those items is to spend real cash on them.
  18. Fluid Augur

    Used to be if a guild or group of players was caught cheating, the entire guild would be banned. Theory was people that benefited from the cheat, even if it was only playing with stronger players in groups due to their cheating, were guilty by association. Likewise if someone were in possession of a cheated item, their character was deleted to remove the taint.

    In no uncertain terms, these RMT are cheating or violating the TOS. Right, no one will do anything about your character in today's game. Let me propose a different way you could have done the same thing. Join a guild, make friends, and have them help level you and give you buffs plus their left over equipment. The whole concept of the TLP servers was to relive the old school team and friendships that were developed in the early game. This is the reason for Truebox, this is the reason for no virtual machines, the is the reason why sending keystrokes to multiple computers, et al are banned.

    The frustrations with seeing the original intent/purpose of the servers, why many of us joined them, circumvented is what is distressing. Yes, you could buy krono to catch up, but the theory is if there weren't all the hacks and cheats going on, the very nature of the servers would have been different such that you would not have had to enter the Krono market.

    FWIW, I was on Agnarr night before last and saw a level 5 character trying to form a group. Knowing it would be tough to find a group as he/she was the only level ~5 active PC<-Bazaar vendors> I offered to buff them. They didn't take the buffs as they wanted to tough it out to keep in the spirit of the server. I logged out to run a couple of errands and when I got back I checked up on them. They had made a level and were now in a guild. That PC made a friend for life out of me for having the right attitude. If I ever see them in need I will drop what I am doing to lend a hand. That is what the TLP servers are about.
  19. sugi Lorekeeper

    It's not a big deal, DBG will just make a new server and everyone will jump on it regardless. You all know this is the truth.
  20. oldkracow Augur

    Too bad there aren't any good hacks like Motm removal or ghostkill... :rolleyes:
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