Will they add integrity back to the game?

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by HoodenShuklak, Sep 4, 2019.

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  1. Brontus Elder

    With all due respect, but when I see a thread that has DEV marked on it, I am expecting a response from a developer not a forum moderator. Is there any way to get this changed please for the purposes of accuracy? Thanks!
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  2. Icaen Elder

    I guess I should go back to normal EQ servers and play there at least there's 25 expansions to explore. At least I'm not hampered by truebox and the botters don't really affect anything unless you're chasing the most recent content.
  3. Rhazes New Member

    We are all suppose to play the game by buying krono and standing around in an area looking pretty. The zones and camps the krono farmers take every expansion for the entire expansion belongs to them. Just stand around in EC tunnel and look pretty and continue to subscribe. Velious can be painful it is mostly raid content but if you buy krono and stand around in EC tunnel you can look cool and Daybreak benefits. The last thing you should do is want to do any of the handful of group content in velious. That is selfish of you. Instead buy krono and play the way Daybreak intends for you to play.
  4. AtabishiRealThe New Member

    Conspiracy theories that end up being true all start by circumstantial evidence telling you that something isn't right here.

    Conspiracy theory: The botters work at DBG or DBG has some invested interest in protecting them.
    Despite popular belief, DBG does actively go after offenders of their ToS or people who don't fit "the spirit of the game" which was one of the reasons I was given for my bans on Coirnav. People get suspended/banned for the smallest of things all the time. I also know many people who have been banned for using 3rd party programs that allow you to warp or automate your characters within the last year. Most of this stuff is all either auto detected or something they can easily see if they decide to monitor your account or cursor/inputs.

    This group of at least four 36 boxers who started around kunark time of Coirnav and then moved on to Mangler seem to be protected though. They have some other 18-24 boxers who also work with them that get the same protection. They use just about every hack in the book and their RMT accounts are not hard to find. There has been way to many weird events that have happened around these specific botters just that I know about for me to think anything other than they are protected.

    For one, while 3 of these 36 boxers were taking down a raid mob in OW, and being absurdly obvious with their automation, an unnamed person decided to mess with their raid mob and push it around. This person was summoned away from the raid mob and told by a GM to leave them alone. So there was obviously a GM watching this, yet the botters didn't get banned. Weird

    Secondly, the strange events around the solb botters (this 36 boxer was the most obvious *emquer* i've ever seen) with the automated puller. I'm referring to the one that afk farmed tradeskill mats, not the efreeti farmers who btw were just using a keyboard script that anyone can set up from their keyboard software. Someone I know actually got suspended for 14 days for recording video of them and petitioning it. In the video, to prove they were hacking, he feared a sow'd mob to show that the unsow'd bots were using speedhacks with stick to stay with the mob. He was suspended for harassment. A second person who petitioned them with video evidence of their hacking was also suspended for 7 days for harassment.

    One day while I was FD'd at their camp watching them, someone decided to start perma mezzing the mob that their automated monk puller went out to get. Doing this messes up their script, the monk goes back to camp with the mob on target and will wait forever for it to come back. So if you had a few hours to spare and wanted to mess with them, you could just perma mez the mob and his bots would sit there doing nothing. Apparently this guy had done the same thing to them the day prior. About 10 minutes of mezzing the mob, he was suspended for 7 days. Someone else I know decided to take their ogre SK and FD around one of the tight bends that the automated monk would run which causes the monk to get stuck, and while a normal player could just go around him, this is a bot so it just continues to run in place. He was summoned out of the zone. I myself was summoned on two different occasions to the commonlands just for being near their camp.

    The boxes of this group of people have never been banned, and are still active today on Mangler. All I gotta say is, weird stuff DBG...weird stuff.

    Edit: Just wanted to add one last thing about at least the solb botter. I've heard "rumors" that he is actually an ex DBG developer who officially left DBG about 2 months after Coirnav's launch, the server in which he played and was known for HEAVILY abusing his powers there. Inc yet another forum accnt ban for speaking the truth :p
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  5. Sreffins Ekac New Member

  6. Sreffins Ekac New Member

    Look at me say place on all 70 of my toons in 1 second!

    Don't worry. These are all my toons guys. I am just showing off my skills at using the Truebox for my 70 toons.

    I am not naming and shaming anyone because these are mine and I give myself permission to post this picture! Hope everyone enjoys these names of toons that are mine. Definitely mine. I am not posting screenshots of someone elses toons. They are all my toons.
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  7. Accipiter Old Timer

    Only if you buy it.

    The unabashed botting very well could be the end of EQ as we know it. I just don't think it will be for the reason you state.
  8. Xanadas Augur

    I haven't played in a long time - but I thought all these servers being mentioned were truebox? How are people getting multiple toons logged in? Much less armies...

    I did however, call this. I said if they keep releasing nothing but truebox servers, the botters and boxers are going to force themselves onto those servers. It's coming up on what - two years now(?) - since a new boxable TLP has been opened? Hate to say I toldja so...
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  9. Accipiter Old Timer

    Quoting in its entirety in case your post gets removed. Might as well make more work for the mods, anyway. ;)

    I have no reason to doubt you, Atabishi, and what you posted angers me. DBG doesn't just stand for Daybreak Games.
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  10. Accipiter Old Timer

    There's a new hack/bot program out that they haven't shut down yet. Actually, reading Atabishi's post it could be emque2 but the cheaters are exempted by DBG somehow.
  11. HoodenShuklak Augur

    I think a possibility is we have a higher level problem. GMs that don't know the game.

    They used to be players but I've seen too many instances of gms doing things to random people to say its favoritism when the most simple answer is, they follow a strict set of guidelines and don't know how to integrate that with game knowledge. For example, the spellbook race change debacle.

    So, if the guide or gm (what are they in game?) is told to close afk cases if they reply to a tell then they 100% are doing their job as described. Their boss is happy and they resolved a case, on paper.

    What we need is a higher level solution, it appears. We need someone with some clout to wake up, show up, and say hey, I'm here developing this game for thousands of people and I'm tired of a handful of people abusing the rules. Maybe a machine cannot detect automation, but an eq player can. And an eq player with gm abilities can do this with 100% confidence.

    Simply put, the law needs to catch up to technology. Make an example DBG. Someone in there show you care. There has to be one of you.
  12. Guzzle Augur

    This is a very real problem that makes it hard to keep justifying giving money to DBG every month. If we wanted to play with emque2'ers 40+ boxing everything, we would go play PEQ or EZServer.
  13. Riggles Journeyman

    Krono prices have been stable on Mangler for over two months, ranging from 15-17k. Farmers make items that would be very expensive, very affordable within a short time. Embrace boxers, they saved EQ as it languished for years. Unattended game play is another matter. But if a player is moving his toon, he is not a botter so leave these folks alone. Again, I am not condoning unattended game play. But honestly, I don't see mush of a problem on Mangler.

    Almost everything is instanced now, so I don't understand a lot of the complaining other than certain folks love to complain.
  14. Noon_yeah Journeyman

    No one here is talking about boxers. We are talking about blatant cheating. These guys are warping their virtual machined armies around like it's their own private server. You can easily look at YouTube to see what everyone is talking about.

    There are plenty of legit boxers on here. Do not distract daybreak by trying to group these cheaters as normal boxers. They are different things and it is extremely easy to tell the people using emque2.
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  15. Accipiter Old Timer

    You may be right but it's a sad state of affairs if that's the case.
  16. Accipiter Old Timer

    You must be new here. Never before have their been so many posts regarding blatant botters on Mangler.
  17. Guzzle Augur

    80 boxer totally legitimately boxing Halls of Testing right now. Good stuff!
  18. Lemerian Journeyman

    Jesus. Why would they need 80 boxes? Are you sure about that?
  19. Noon_yeah Journeyman

    He doesn't mean all the toons. Only 30 or so but they call him the 80 boxer. His other groups are being automated other camps while he does this. Because as you say, you only need a few groups for Hot.

    Dont worry he is only using 30 of his toons to camp halls of testing right now. Whew I know. Good to hear right!
  20. Gukbok New Member

    If y'all still cant tell dbg gives 0 about this game, I'm sorry to burst any bubbles! they only care about the money, not integrity, not the game, and damn sure not anyone here complaining.. try classic.. more legit than this circus will ever be..
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