Why not just don't play on Oakwynd?

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Cicelee, May 15, 2023.

  1. Klokk Journeyman

    lol how wild would it be if they released a server unannounced. Like the first person to log in is like "whats this?" looking at server select, no one knows the ruleset and has to figure it out.
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  2. Gremin Augur

    Its more about the fact they are implementing a new system into the game and using Oakwynd as the test platform. I dont want that style of system in EQ, if I did I would play a different game, and to use the new tlp as the test platform is a waste of a fresh tlp. If they had put out a 2nd tlp with different ruleset it would quell the majority of these complaints.
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  3. Klokk Journeyman

    I totally agree. I wish they would release a second server, but I'm afraid since Oakwynd is an FTE test TLP they will not want to pull players away from it to encourage a better test.

    Would love to be wrong in that though.
  4. Shur New Member

    actually, i was doing a little testing on test, i aggy'd a mob, hit it once or twice, then zoned, and the mob was still locked on me -
    To confirm this -
    I used my other pc with no aggy, to keep the mob on that char's target window.. and even after over an hour the initial target was still at 13%.. after the initial agrro-er zoned.
    the mob had no regen, no despawn, and I could not hit it with my other pc.

    I think it works great, serious, almost... too good.

    Also what no one seems to mention is uhh, the initial post in the annual review said it's 2 tlp's one new rules one normal heh
    That post has since been edited, but, I would not be surprised if it is another yr with 2 tlps, like they have dooz b4, 1 nuts and 1 normal
  5. Kazzuk Elder

    I do not recall seeing that and if it did say that and had been edited many many folks would have pointed that out. So in this respect I believe you have a case of wishful dreaming....

    I think the only way we are getting two this year is if Oakwynd gets overpopulated... Similar to how we ended up with Thornblade... and somehow I doubt that is going to happen.
  6. Larsen Augur

    "Just don't play" is a disingenuous nonsense statement. People want to play on a fresh TLP, it's why those exist in the first place. Only one is being launched this year so there are no alternatives. By launching a server with such a radical and unpopular ruleset, they've effectively killed Everquest for a year for anyone who finds FTE so unpalatable that they don't want to play with it. Some bad-faith suggestion like "just don't play then lmao" is worthless.

    If I run the only bakery in town and I suddenly start defecating into the dough every morning, I can't just be like, "just don't eat bread then," and expect people to be fine with that. If there was another bakery in town, the locals would have an alternative and it would be reasonable to say "just don't buy your bread at Larsen's bakery." But since my bakery is the only way for the locals to get bread, defecating in the dough means they now have to stop eating bread altogether. When they complain about that, it isn't reasonable or rational to wonder why they could possibly be upset. It's actually idiotic in the extreme.

    It's the kind of thing that an absolute moron would say, or someone who is intentionally making bad-faith shilling arguments in the hopes of protecting the reputation of Larsen's bakery.
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  7. Klokk Journeyman

    hahaha ok so to keep with the analogy, there are also folks that like and prefer your new recipe. lololol
  8. Joules_Bianchi A certain gnome

    Just don't play?

    Like in Umbral Plains where some mob spawns and achievements have been missing and broken for a year and a half now?

    That kinda don't play?

    FTE is an utter waste of dev time over you know, actually maintaining existing Everquest instead of using their EQ job as a tryout for Actiblizzard.
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  9. Moforyguy12345 Augur

    I bet a lot of players are like me and my friends who all quit around luclin time because back then other games were coming out and EQ was changing into something we didn't enjoy as much. So me and all my friends always quit after velious. We aren't farming Kronos but we also don't have to pay for them
  10. coltongrundy Augur

    If people want to play on a new TLP server with a good ruleset, how is "DON'T PLAY ON IT" a solution?
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  11. Khanfu Elder

    I have a suspicion there will only be one server this year because of a fear the population of oakwynd would suffer.

    Since 2019 there has been at least 2 servers released. In the case of 2019 there were 3 released during the year (one in November). I'm sure the demand for TLPs would explain the need for 2 servers every year and I don't understand why this year would be any different. So, I believe they knew well in advance this idea would stir up some waves and just decided on one server to leave no choice.

    Maybe we will be surprised but I don't hold out much hope.

    Last year I would guess they had some reservations about Vaniki so they released a standard server along with it to avoid a lot of what is happening now.
    I'm sure after reading these forums for the last month they really don't want to release even a standard server alongside Oakwynd. I personally cant see its appeal, especially the legacy bonus, but I usually play in great guilds and stay in raids that are current to the latest expansion and have plenty of groups and epic help. I just never felt a need for FTE. That's me personally...
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  12. Joules_Bianchi A certain gnome

    Aye. Knowing this idea sucks hard enough to lower TLP interest, they refuse to run any other competing ruleset, cos, well, they know.

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  13. Koshk Augur

    I love these forum analogies. Here's mine:

    TLP Zealots: We want to buy a Chevy El Camino this year!

    DPG: "Sorry, we're not manufacturing that car this year. However, you have other options. You can keep driving your current car. Purchase another Chevrolet automobile. Buy a car from another manufacturer. Or worst case, take the bus, bike, or walk."

    TLP Zealots: You monsters, you've completely killed my ability to travel for an entire year! :mad:
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  14. Nessirfiti Augur

    I don't actually care about Oakwynd. I'm super happy on my current server.

    I just don't want them to put Encounter locking onto every other server.

    People thought that heavily restricting boxing on Aradune would deter "Toxic" people as well, and it has to be the single most toxic server ever launched.
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  15. Tachyon Augur

    I love new servers, played on the Combine and it was a mess! but had fun....
  16. Larsen Augur

    No, it's more like this:

    TLP Zealots: I need a new car to drive to and from work.

    DPG: Sorry, we're not manufacturing any ordinary cars this year at all. The one and only thing you can get is a double-decker bus. If that doesn't suit your needs, you have no alternatives.

    TLP Zealots: That doesn't suit my needs, so I have no car to drive for a year.

    Let's not pretend that it's a perfectly fine, equally suitable option to just play on something other than the new TLP. For the vast majority of people, the entire appeal of Everquest in this day and age is to re-experience the journey from classic through the first handful of expansions that represent the golden age of this age. For all the same reason that most people want to play in the latest league in Path of Exile, or the ladder season in Hearthstone, or whatever, as opposed to the stagnant old alternatives that have little to no appeal for most people. If the "TLP Zealots" wanted to play on some old server, they'd just do that. They self-evidently do not, so sugesting they do so is an idiotic, useless thing to say.

    And unlike previous TLPs, Oakwynd is absolutely not just "another car." The FTE mechanic is so unappealing and problematic that a lot of people will opt out of playing on the server. We have more than enough evidence of that on this forum, on various Discord channels, and certainly in my guild where something like half of the members have notified the leadership that they're not going to play on Oakwynd. This server does not represent a perfectly fine alternative to the Camino. It represents something that many motorists don't even see as a viable method of transportation.

    So yes, for a lot of people, launching only one TLP and forcing a horrible feature like FTE into it is, for all intents and purposes, shutting Everquest off for a year. It's so unpalatable that many won't play on a server that has it, and they aren't launching a second server without it. If I go to a restaurant and the only thing on the menu is peanuts, and I have a peanut allergy, that restaurant is effectively not available to me. And if it's the only restaurant in town, I don't have alternate options and would have to stop eating at restaurants altogether. I can cook at home (i.e. play on a different server), but if eating at a restaurant was what I had in mind, I'm not a satisfied customer. That's what DPG are doing this year with Oakwynd.

    The entire concept of TLPs is to have a new one each year. If playing on one of the older servers was an equally appealing prospect, more people would do it. They don't. As such, it's a worthless thing to suggest.
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  17. Stune Augur

    I still don't see the need for this mechanic after 25 years... unless they are planning of making a brand new game and need us to Beta test the mechanics for them.

    Might as well make it a single player game.
  18. kenmei Augur

    correction: Chevy El Camino is the favorite of PVP TLP Zealots. It has a place for our fishing rack and spot for our dwarf-manned artillery cannon. The TLP Zealots like rainbow electric hybrids, thank you.