Why not just don't play on Oakwynd?

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Cicelee, May 15, 2023.

  1. kizant Augur

    I think some of you are forgetting that Wizards are just and honorable people. If you were ever KS'd by one it's almost certain that you deserved it for past wrongs. I have little faith that a paladin or any tank is worthy to wield this new power. They'll be abusing from day one.
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  2. Tucoh Augur

    Now imagine how upset she'd be if you told her, and her entire first/second grade class, that you'd take them out for ice cream next year, and then when the time came you chose to go to Grandpa's Broccoli Shop to get them Broccoli ice cream with extra dimethyl sulfide syrup. And also they had to pay for it. And also if enough of them didn't pay for it, you'd lose your job. And also if you lost your job, they wouldn't be able to buy ice cream again except in off-brand servers ice cream shacks.
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  3. Kraked Augur

    I think everyone will be, I know I will.
    Ill be that guy who buys a 4hr SoW potion and just trains the entire zone around, while my group picks them off 1 at a time.
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  4. BadRabbit73 New Member

    Just insane that people rage over encounter locking.....no other game had that before right? Just that game nobody remember and it was called World of Warcraft. It was in game since early 2004. That game did quite good i remember, not sure what the problem with encounter locking been there.....oh right, it wasent any. Hostage taking....get real...geez. In EQ you even have picks to make things easier then ksing tiny tim.
  5. minimind The Village Idiot

    My key points of view in this discussion:
    1. Daybreak won't launch something they know to be in garbage condition.
    2. We only know the Test Server condition.
    3. No one but Daybreak knows the condition of FTE mechanics outside of the publicly viewable servers.
    4. If you don't like FTE as a concept, don't play on the server where it will be tried.
    5. We all want Daybreak to succeed... none more so than daybreak Daybreak. If you think they're doing something something self-destructive, then you're missing information-- which is normal.
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  6. KRYGZ Lorekeeper

    Lmao you exposed yourself, so what you're saying is, you are mad about FTE because you actually play EQ because it is an income source for you and FTE prevents that?
  7. KushallaFV Playing EverQuest

    Bro, these are the same people that launched a level increase expansion but didn't raise the level cap.

    No, follow the dumb analogy Cicelee had where Cic is DPB and the daughter is the player-base. Cic doesn't depend on the daughter for income, but DPG depends on the player-base for income.
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  8. Trox2010 Augur

    Ok let's pretend for argument sake that Encounter Locking is working perfectly exactly as how the devs want it to b; explain to me how is anyone from Europe or even East Coast United States supposed to FTE race with anyone from West Coast US, since ping will be king? At least DPS racing offers people that aren't living on the servers a way to compete for mobs.

    Also as a side note Oakwynd is an Evolving Ruleset server not an Encounter Locking (aka FTE) server. They are just shoe horning it onto the server as some managers pet project to save money (which it won't even work in that regard).
  9. Hdizzle Augur


    Its like if every year, my daughter goes on a school trip. The school trip is almost always a trip to the ice cream shop. Some times the shop has different flavors, new snacks, seasonal sh*t, you know.

    Then one year they were like ok for this year's school trip... we're going to the broccoli museum!

    Yes its a school trip.
    Yes its food.
    We wanted ice cream...
  10. Rijacki Just a rare RPer on FV and Oakwynd

    And for all those who think the ruleset is not horrible and think it is a great chance for them to enjoy the Classic to whenever progression, they don't matter at all in your mindset?

    Aside from FTE (i.e. it's fixed to be working correctly or removed as not being fixable in the time left before Oakwynd launch), I think the ruleset is something many DO want and are excited to see. FTE is not the only thing about the server and I am entirely and always have been indifferent about its inclusion (if it's working correctly). This really shouldn't be yet another "the concept of FTE sucks" blah blah blah thread

    Yes, the ruleset for Oakwynd is not what everyone wants because it is impossible to have what everyone wants.

    I personally do not want a Free Trade server for TLP and I have played on FV as my Live server since a few week after it launched. I have personally seen both the good and bad of Free Trade and, from everything I've read about Mischief, it's repeated there. I would be surprised if there were another Free Trade server because of the way RMT ends up dominating and destroying the in-game economy. Heirloom is a way to have some tradability but, yes, it only works if one has alts. I'm an alt-aholic so both the heirloom and the Legacy aspect of the ruleset are things I think are good.

    Honestly, I with FTE wasn't mixed on to Oakwynd because it has overshadowed everything else. Oakwynd should be considered the Legacy TLP, not the FTE TLP, since that is ruleset vs mechanics and should be the lasting.. legacy.. of the server. I also think it is the Legacy feature being considered for other servers since it makes more sense to propagate to Live vs FTE, if it were working as intended/described. FTE, if it could be made workable, is something which would be more likely to be added to future TLPs, not to Live.

    Frankly, I am sick to death of every thread being hijacked to just be an platform for anti-FTE screed.
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  11. Kayin New Member

    Telling people to move on is a 2-way street. You can't see complaints if you aren't checking forum threads. People will talk about what they want and don't want. As long as there aren't personal attacks involved, welcome to the internet. We are here everyday.
  12. Prayer New Member

    I think you genuinely don't understand the TLP player base. If we wanted to play on live or and advanced server, that's what we would be doing. Many people only like the classic through pop era, and the spikes of being powerful within a specific era. People like to be in an economy pre bazaar, people like when porting is viable, people like to see reputations rise and fall. What you're describing is playing in a well established server for reasons that don't appeal to us. As players of this type we get a once a year opportunity to play the game in a way that we enjoy it, and there are valid concerns about that ability to do so with what has been laid out on this single server
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  13. kenmei Augur

    im thinking this is the pvp server we asked for, if you play an fd class, you can pvp with fte.
    working as intended.
    might actually play now, have to go on test first to capture my fippy pokemon!
  14. Doranur_Aleguzzler Filthy Casual™

    The forum PVP is decent at least.
  15. Doranur_Aleguzzler Filthy Casual™

    Test patch update alert posted a few minutes ago. We'll see Soon™ what and how things have been improved.
  16. kenmei Augur

    its not griefing, it's called 'levelling up my new pet Fippy! on you and your friends!' now be a pal and stand still! It's far past time you paid for your invading crimes. Woof. Woof. Bark. Bark. Grrrrr.
  17. Cicelee Augur

    I think the overwhelming majority of those who restart on a TLP at level 1 are there for one reason, and one reason only-


    The ability to accumulate and obtain Krono in classic-Luclin is well documented and known. And while there is a segment of the player base that does only enjoy the first three expansions and don't care about Krono, I think those are in the minority. Furthermore, I also believe that there are a lot more players who want to play on a TLP but stay away from the new servers on Day 1 because of the toxicity that the Krono accumulator creates. And while those types of players enjoy the DPS race, the training, the kill stealing, and the toxicity that happens on a TLP... there are players who just want to play EQ in a respectful manner.

    I believe FTE, when it is all said and done, creates a gaming environment for *those* players. I also believe that FTE is a work in progress that needs work. And there clearly is not enough players on Test to fully test FTE in a 2000 player Day 1 environment. So Oakwynd is going to be released with FTE in whatever capacity it is. And if anything, if FTE is going to cause the toxic Krono accumulator from not creating an account, and the only players who will create accounts are *respectful* players... then while FTE may be a mess, it at least attracts a certain type of individual and detracts from the negative individual.

    And if that is the case? If most (if not all) toxic TLP players say they don't want to play on Oakwynd because of FTE? Well, isn't that a win for those that just want to play EQ and not have to deal with the toxicity of past servers?
  18. Leifer Augur


    Maybe there are a couple dozen people Krono farming for IRL money on a new TLP Server. Most people that are trying to farm Krono (and that isn't a very large percentage either) are doing it to support their boxes and not trying to turn Krono into IRL money.

    But most people playing on a new TLP server are there to enjoy a fresh start and enjoy a sort of emersion into a bygone past and chase a thrill they had decades ago in this revolutionary game.

    You are delusional if you think the "overwhelming majority" are there to farm Krono.
  19. Klokk Journeyman

    I truly respectfully disagree. The forums can get kinda wacky and heated, my intention is not to offend by having a differing opinion.

    Personally, I wouldnt quite count on Oakwynd's FTE rule to deter toxic players from playing on the server. In my mind, the most toxic folks will see this as an opportunity to be particularly legendary in their eyes. They are, after-all, toxic people.

    I'm all about that though! I don't plan to play on Oakwynd but I'm super curious about how this self-described experiment pans out. I want the super toxic people to play on Oakwynd, and you should too (at least at first) because to your point above about test server not being a legit test (vs. scale of launch) we're all going to want it to be exploited and manipulated so it can be made perfect if they are going to apply it going forward or across the board.

    I wish I could make a spectator account on Oakwynd though. Like where I cant interact with the world but zone warp and watch the shenanigans.
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  20. Doranur_Aleguzzler Filthy Casual™

    Well, technically, you can, if you aren't afraid of breaking the rules lol.