Why not just don't play on Oakwynd?

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  1. Cicelee Augur

    I don't understand the mentality and mindset about a player who doesn't like the rule set of a server, but then so passionately voices their anger in the hopes of getting it changed to something that they like. There are thousands upon thousands of EQ players- not everyone is going to like the exact same thing. If you don't like Oakwynd rule set, cool-


    There are dozens of servers, with different rule sets, that you can go to. This game has 30 plus expansions you can play in. Find a server you do like that meets your desires and play on that!

    There are people (not me) who are excited to play on Oakwynd. Let them have their fun and enjoy themselves. It is all speculation right now how many players will be on that server- it could be a six hour login queue wait, it could be a ghost town on Day 4. None of us know. But it is selfish and childish IMHO to continue to want the server rules changed because they don't coincide with your desires.

    The server IS being released. It IS being released with FTE in whatever incarnation it is, and will be patched as necessary. YOU DON'T HAVE TO PLAY ON THE SERVER. No one is forcing you. The game will continue on if you don't create a character on the server.

    You will be OK.
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  2. Zansobar Augur

    What other fresh start servers are there in the Classic era of expansions?
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  3. Chanaluss Augur

    I was one of the "wait and see" folks. The ruleset of the server is perfect for me except for encounter locking, which wouldnt really negatively affect my experience if it were built in a specific way. But now that the test server has shown us the intent of the mechanics, I cannot support it being implemented on the server because it does not fix what it claims to fix. Even if the major bugs get fixed (no doubt theyve been doing their best with limited assets and time), kill stealing can still happen (via beneficial agro bombing), and training will still be doable (never underestimate an SK's desire for chaos). If that wasnt enough, the fact that there is NO countermeasure for NPC hostage taking means that there's now even more problems than what we started with.

    If the server dies, it dies. It happens. Id be sad because I genuinely like the ruleset and I dont want it to die. But I will absolutely attempt to stop a major change from happening if it doesn't solve what it proclaims to solve and creates new problems that are just as bad.
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  4. Cicelee Augur

    There isn't?

    But if you wanted to start at level 1, if that is truly what you want... there are dozens of servers that you can start at level 1 that don't have that rule set. They may not be new like Oakeynd, but it satisfies your desire to start at level 1. Have fun!
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  5. Kraked Augur

    The same could be said for individuals like yourself and others making this argument, trying to justify a fundamental change to EQ after 25 years. If this was such an issue why is it just now trying to be addressed after 25 years ? Oh yeah, we have sensitive players who do not understand you have to work for things, which gives you a sense of accomplishment.

    Instead why don't you and those others take your own advice "PLAY ON A DIFFERENT SERVER"?
    Go play live and you will never have any issues with FTE / DPS racing.
    People who want FTE can just go play WoW where it is already implemented in a fashion that works.
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  6. WeCameWeConquered Elder

    It should not be hard to understand that people enjoy starting a new server with others and when there is only one new server launching with an absolute boring to down right horrible ruleset (again), it is yet another year before there's a chance to enjoy that experience again. Really not a complex concept at all and a really bad business decision by the company; if you keep disappointing people, they will find another form of entertainment to replace the one you offer.
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  7. Tucoh Augur

    It's simple:
    • People want a fun fresh TLP experience , which is not at all possible on any other servers
    • People want EQ to be successful and see Oakwynd as being a failure in the making
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  8. TrakAnon New Member

    this is strictly about the usuals stockpiling krono.

    This server likely won't have the overpopulation and competition which will tend to reduce the 'need' for plats thus our faithful kronoboys won't be making f4t kr0n0 and they don't like that.

    Menthols and energy drinks ain't cheap.
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  9. xxar Elder

    What does the age of eq have to do with anything? Is this because you are used to a broken eq ? Does that make it right , that the company decided to try a different approach ?

    The company has decided , it was a issue and it is being addressed. Do I think it needs work , sure does! As for sensitive players and all that other jazz , FTE does not change anything in regards to working for things or a sense of accomplishment.

    As for the 2nd comment: Why , this is supposed to be a FTE server. That is like me saying well , I think Mischief just needs to get rid of random loot , because well I don't like it. I simply didn't roll there because that IS the server rules.

    Quote 2 sorry , I was having issues doing a multi quote.

    It should not be hard to understand that people enjoy starting a new server with others and when there is only one new server launching with an absolute boring to down right horrible ruleset (again), it is yet another year before there's a chance to enjoy that experience again. Really not a complex concept at all and a really bad business decision by the company; if you keep disappointing people, they will find another form of entertainment to replace the one you offer

    This is a personal view point , you think it is a horrible ruleset, other's do not view it that way if it is implemented correctly.

    The server IS supposed to be FTE , if you don't want to play on it great! Then do not play on it , if you roll a toon there then it is with the understanding that it is a FTE server, really not a complex concept at all as you put it.

    As for a being a bad decision , you have no idea at this point if it is or not. Just because test is a disaster , does not mean it will not be fixed.

    I see this as more of a cost cutting system , that will effect the bottom line for the company in the form of less tickets , less hours wasted on trivial tickets and perhaps solving issues all at once. At the end of the day it might be a good decision once it is fixed , polished and working as intended. I have no clue and either do you!
  10. Laronk Augur

    I don't understand the mentality and mindset about a forum quester who doesn't like that players who enjoy new TLP releases are voicing their opinions about the new server. You do know you don't need to read their posts, there are plenty of other posts to read on these forums.

    It is perfectly acceptable for people to go voice their opinions on a forum run by a company when you want something different than what they're providing. If it wasn't ok to post feedback on features you don't like on these forums then this company wouldn't deserve my money.

    For me, I plan to play on Oakwynd I think the idea behind FTE is a great idea specially if there is a ton of tickets for training and kill stealing, ill try it out. I hope they get fte working properly. This year I really wanted to try chasing achievements on a new TLP and this is the TLP I am getting, I'd prefer a mischief clone but I can just roll there and catch up if Oakwynd is trash.
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  11. Skuz I am become Wrath, the Destroyer of Worlds.

    Knowing you can't wait for EQ to die this reads as a plea to players to please stop making EQ better so that it can finally be laid to rest.

    Unfortunately for you nobody is complying with your wishes, since most of us want EQ to keep going.

    Maybe you should be the one to stop playing on it.
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  12. Yinla Ye Ol' Dragon

    Have you seen how broken FTE is on test right now? 9 Days till they release Oakwynd, and there has been no comment from Daybreak with regard to if they are able to fix it only a post announcing its launch. Players just want a working server.

    A lot of the kick back from FTE is also from live players who DO NOT want to see FTE being put on all other servers.
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  13. Kraked Augur

    You and I have differing opinions on "Broken".
    I consider broken to be unintended gameplay, and in a classic EQ environment it was first come first serve and what DBG is trying to do is change a fundamental aspect of EQ after 25 years.. so yes age comes into play if you were around back in 99/2000.
    Nothing as it stands for DPS racing is broken, you just do not agree with it because you likely lose the races.... FTE will not make it any more fair for you or anyone else.

    This was supposed to be an experimental server for the legacy ruleset they announced, I am 100% for that ruleset. I am all for trying an experiment, but FTE needs to be refined and fixed before being implemented onto a TLP.

    As for it being a bad decision:
    As most of the people in the 200 pages of feedback have said, it is a disaster that will create more issues than it will solve.
    You believe it will result in less tickets, I believe the opposite.
    Based on the current status of FTE on test and the FAQ, they will see an influx of tickets until they fix it and refine it to work correctly. Which is unlikely with the amount of bugs they found on the initial launch of it and they only gave themselves 3 weeks to fix them ? HAH

    "You have no clue, neither do you" ----
    You obviously have never seen an implementation of changes for EQ go live, 99% of the time something has crashed and burned in some way or another.

    I was optimistic initially, but after the test launch I am no longer.
  14. Cicelee Augur

    There is nothing wrong with voicing concerns on forums. However after the 34,873rd post and 179th thread on the subject matter, and you are still complaining? At some point you become a child throwing a temper tantrum.

    I tell my 7 year old she is not having ice cream tonight. She can voice her displeasure, absolutely. But if she does so for 37 minutes, at some point it gets old. And the anti FTE sentiment has gotten old- temper tantrum old.
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  15. KushallaFV Playing EverQuest

    Your analogies are always so terrible. You don't depend on your daughter for income, and threads are about as quiet a way to voice feedback as you can get.

    Did you forget that they held a Guild Summit, and flew in players from across the country to get feedback? Blizzard had one a couple years ago, as well.
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  16. xxar Elder

    DPS racing is broken , explain to me how a solo paladin is supposed to DPS race vs a wizard for example and it's fair ? At least in FTE the paladin has a chance to compete since the encounter will be locked.

    I never said it wasn't broken in it's current state , I have also played EQ since Kunark and realize they might have put themselves into a corner , BUT that does not change that IF it's fixed and refined it might be a positive for them. The main difference is you where initially optimistic and I still am , just view it differently and there is nothing wrong with either of are views.
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  17. Kraked Augur

    EQ is a social game, get a group/guild to come help?? Not like a Paladin is gonna solo anything anyways..... lol

    Why do you believe we should cater to those who are fail to get help and actually take in the social aspect of the game?
    FTE will do nothing to help these same individuals, they were slow before and they are still slow now.

    It may very well be a positive for them, however with the FAQ they posted, I 100% disagree.
    The FAQ shows us that we will see an increase in griefing by those same individuals who you hate DPS racing. You probably just like it because you have a small % to get the named/tag/whatever.

    I am optimistic about the ruleset but not FTE, they lost that when they put in on test when you can see 0 testing was done beforehand.
  18. KushallaFV Playing EverQuest

    Now, explain to me how the Wizard gets their quest mob from the Paladin, if the Paladin doesn't attempt to kill the mob or the mob can't kill the Paladin?

    Do you not see the absolute dumpster of griefing potential on this server? People already don't play nice, and FTE in EQ with rare, high value spawns is not built for it. You need a fast respawn, low value type of game for it to work.
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  19. xxar Elder

    The wizard tags the target first and it's locked. That is the entire point of FTE , the wizard and paladin have equal chance of engaging first. The current system , that paladin losses every single time.
  20. MyShadower All-natural Intelligence

    Feelings on FTE aside.

    What they released on test is not good for the game in general. With what they are attempting to alter and the state it is in not coming close to accomplishing any of their stated goals...it should not have been made available to players. It gives a terrible impression on a number of levels. That really needs to be addressed.

    If you are going to tell me it had to be put on test to test it...I cannot take you serious. It does not pass for something that is ready to be tested by players.

    Releasing with FTE or no FTE, they probably shot themselves in the foot with this one. Hopefully it stings enough financially and they have internal metrics that will shed some light on it for them.
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