What classes do you think today are underpowered?

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Fian, May 25, 2023.

  1. TsiawdMS TittyGOAT

    I am indeed the sic origional account holder! I def identified as a ranger melee in cov and some events in tol! Nos is a different story. I was relatively new to eq/raiding in general when i made that my signature!

    I know of a ranger who can consistently make top 8-10 in the highest dps guild. Perhaps it is more an exception than a rule but I do believe hybrids in general are light years ahead of melee. And casters/priests are light years ahead of hybrids..
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  2. Fenthen aka Rath

    So give them a minor backstab ability as well? Kick is cool and all, but...
  3. Alnitak Augur

    Better yet - just make all those ROG-only poisons useable by bards as ROG,BRD class-useable.
    That would make bards much improved on their own, not just a gift-from-gods-group-adps class.
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  4. Iven Antonius Bayle

    Bards do already have everything that they do need and even more than that. The bard is a singer/musician/performer and not a thief/assassin/bandit. Class uniqueness and characteristic are important factors that got embossed over 24 years. Many of those things already got mixed up and made classes to equal.

    Like once giving all classes the (definite class advantage) rogue Escape ability with different names and cooldown timers, forage and the weird leap ability. Even the pickpocket attempts are now visible to everyone which is unintelligible. Badly implemented AA consolidations were part of that. Granting the bard a minor backstab, a minor complete healing or a minor whatever, would (further) nerf the original classes.
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  5. Cicelee Augur

    While I agree from a historical perspective that not everyone should have received a fade and leap (forage is debatable), some raid events added later on required some of these things. I remember the one raid where you had to run away from the boss in that circular room while snared- that leap skill allowed you to make it before the AOE went off. Last expansion for the one Umbral Plains raid where you had to run away from the raid or else the raid could wipe, having the leap ability helped all classes get away from the raid. And when they introduced forage to all classes during TDS, there was that one quest on Dinosaur Island where you had to forage things- so all classes needed to have forage in order to complete the quest.
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  6. FYAD Augur

    Make a level 85 heroic gnome and get a few AA to max out the tradeskill AAs that aren't relevant to Artisan's Prize. Then do the tinkering mastery quests and *boom*, you have access to tinkering skill.
  7. Maedhros High King

    Paladins are in terrible shape.
    Have been since COTF, with a very short year in TOV where we were ok.

    People that say things like "you must not group with good paladins"... thats such a crock of BS.
    You are not helping.

    Bad to average Sks can perform as well as good paladins in the group game, and great SKs make great paladins look like a joke.

    I will literally tank an entire ETW worth of mobs and people will talk about how much better good SKs do it.
    DPS players can go all out if there is a good SK tanking and have basically zero risk of pulling agro.
    DPS players constantly have to pay attention and hold back when a paladin is tanking.
    Even if the paladin can hold down the fort, the entire group suffers because nobody can go all out and it becomes boring.

    The problem is the game has changed into this ridiculous "pull 20 things" and just tank them all down since about EOK.
    Paladin heals, agro and survivability goes to hell while tanking piles of mobs because of the slow cast times of our spells. I am constantly getting spell casts interrupted and keep in mind that in order to do dps, agro and survive, those are all different spells.
    Meanwhile a SK can do all those things with 1 spell.

    Don't even get me started on how in the hell a SK can just embarrass a paladin in the self-heals department.

    Paladins have been handicapped by our stuns for years.
    Back when you had to have a group with a puller bringing in single mobs, if that mob was stunnable a paladin really could shine.
    That hasnt been a thing in about a decade.
    Its time for a substantial improvement to paladins, either make our spell casts faster or increase our channeling to 100%.
    Paladins have needed a spell bar loadable AE stun with like a 12 second recast for 2 decades.
    Make it so nothing but a giant and a dragon are immune to stun as its supposed to be.
    Our DPS needs a drastic increase.
    Stop talking about slay undead like its anything other than a novelty when 95% of the game is not undead mobs.
    Our self healing and especially passive healing needs a dramatic increase.
    We either need another defensive disc or increase the numbers on our existing disc durations, because we run out of buttons to push way too fast compared to the other tanks.

    Where oh where is Champions Oath?

    We can't talk about nerfing SKs, but to put paladins on par with them, we would need a lot.
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  8. -----Cinexa----- Elder

    Wizards. Absolutely.
  9. Iven Antonius Bayle

    What exactly is the problem ?
  10. TsiawdMS TittyGOAT

    WIz are in a much much better spot in nos. I routinely see them make top 10 in multiple raid forces. Big part of that is the ability to ae. If the tanks are not stacking everything up properly then they are not getting everything out of their beam/ae spells. With that said, I still support wiz being top caster burst dps considering they have no utility or pet.
  11. Marton Augur

    Heh. My advice to you is:

    /tell kizant Hey there, how do I improve my dps
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  12. Skuz I am become Wrath, the Destroyer of Worlds.

    I always saw Druid & Shaman as being more ranged based, Cleric with heavy armour & good proc-hammers I always liked playing in melee, almost in Paladin-mode.

    I can see why some would prefer to see Cleric be a "Holy" Ranged DPS Priest but I think there should also be some good melee options for the Clerics who like Bashing the undead right in the face, when I played Cleric in other RPGS I really enjoyed the melee-builds.
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  13. Drencrom Secretary of Steak

    If you want to afk a lot like I do (Actual afk, not automation) wizards are perfect. I have things to tend to around the house constantly. It's nice to burn down several mobs, usually PHs and then TL to guild hall for my afk. Then I either campfire back or just teleport to bind (because I'm usually dragging my other 3 boxes). Pop in, kill, pop out, take care of business at home, repeat.
    Raid wizards have a legit gripe because other classes just get better synergy and it ramps their dps to the moon. There is no reason to nerf group wizards because there is no epidemic of all-wizard groups running around killing everything. Most people with more than 1 of a class in their box group go for rog, zerk or mage.
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  14. Fian Augur

    This used to be true, but since COV they have greatly increased mob health. Mobs are now dying too slowly. It has resulted in fewer collection drops and just about everything else tied to killing mobs.
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  15. kizant Augur

    The only problem I have with Wiz DPS is during like a 90s single target burn. Losing to zerkers is fine and maybe beasts but even rangers and mages can do better and that's just silly.
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  16. Leex Pewpewer

    Maybe you should message some Paladin's in other higher end guilds and see what they are doing that you are not. We have multiple Paladin's within my raid guild that hold down the fort, and my guilds DPS doesn't really know the meaning of holding back, so it is indeed possible.

    This isn't a shot at you just FYI, but when you start talking about what your class needs and I see it on a weekly basis, that just tells me you're a little out of touch with the reality of what your class can actually do.

    If I had to name a class that needs some love right now, it's 100% Zerkers. Wizards do well if they know what they are doing, you can be the best Zerker in game and still get stomped, sadly.
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  17. Highwizard Augur

    Have you been out parsed by a necro/shm during a burn? I have seen these two classes also put up huge burn numbers. Only in high DPS guilds though.
  18. kizant Augur

    Not a single target burn. The enhanced decay changes seemed to help with that.
  19. Zachton Soulstriker Augur

    In group content maybe, but clerics don't have time to be up in the grill of the main mob meleeing instead of healing during raids. Giving us a Turn Undead style AA or spell that worked on living mobs would be a step in the right direction. Or pets somewhat equivlant to shaman pets. Or better nuke/heal combos that would allow us to maintain our healing while doing a bit of damage. Even using Divine Avatar and AA burns for damage, my cleric isn't doing squat compared to anyone. Yet I've seen shaman be number 2 on the dps and heal parse in the same raid fight. A good druid can do burn stuff down quite well, even though it cost them a lot of mana. I bet a lot of clerics wouldn't mind a high damage ability that cost a lot of mana, considering we can go through a whole event, heal the entire time and be at like 90% when its over.
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  20. Highwizard Augur

    ahh single target, missed that part would help if I could read. This expansion has been so heavy on adds I forgot what a single target burn looks like. Well we can get out parsed multi target burn as well then.