What are your minor annoyances about your class?

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Darchon_Xegony, Jan 19, 2021.

  1. Toukan New Member


    I miss dual wield. As a raid warrior, I *HAVE* to equip my shield. And in group content, the 2h weapon is more dps than the two 1h weapons. Why bother having dual wield? Or the AA"s long ago sank into being better at it?
  2. Khyrra Elder


    Unable to pacify indoors.
  3. RPoo Every time I open my mouth I stuff my foot in it.

    Enchanter - Not being immune to MEZ or CHARM
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  4. minimind The Village Idiot

    I wouldn't turn it down (particularly if it has throwing haste), but I see the need to summon axes as a very minor price happily paid. There are plenty of zerks who want axes to stack to 1,000 or to summon 1,000 axes at a time. It doesn't bother me at all because I was a zerk when axes stacked only to 20 and we only had 10-slot containers. That I can summon 500 axes with a single button press is paradise by comparison.

    (Edit: Click my Magelo to see that I keep my last container dedicated to axes and axe components.)
  5. Roxas MM Augur

    beastlord focus only lasting an hour, all other buffs last 2 hours+.
    not having single cast buffs for beast as well ( so i dont use TB at the start of a fight when some stupid cleric decides to be a speedbump for the incoming raid fun stuff).
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  6. minimind The Village Idiot

    #3 hits home. I've been the only raiding zerk in my raid org for a very long time. I only see fulmination when someone brings a boxed alt for late-night final events when we're short on players.

    #4 Same on both counts-- wanting access to knight 2-handers but knowing it would be OP. =P

    #7 I thought that was just me. I assumed it was because there was a phantom gas left in the tank from the previous disc or just latency.
  7. Vumad Augur

    ENC rune Aura and MR Aura only lasting like 10-15 minutes. Having the refresh it is pretty pointless.

    Orator's Unity having a 4 hour shielding and a 17 minute defensive mez.
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  8. kyong Augur

    Rogue -

    Old school lifetap poisons got no upgrades
    Blessed prayer shawl heal not effected by Silken Trillium
    Rogue poisons effected by the glyph of destruction caster changes few years ago
    Sneak attack line tied to sneak / hide, need to be out of combat and takes up disc. I wish it was just a temp song buff that faded if unhidden, in combat etc. so I could have a disc up.
    Even with high proc rates poisons don't seem to proc enough
    Only one chance for massive strike to fire when several years ago it could fire off any backstab, not just initial
    BS damage broken out from weapon damage. I don't see the point anymore or at least give us AA that raise it. That'd be cool
    The amount of heroic strikethrough on ripostes my rogue gets is ridiculous

    And more controversial -

    Hybrid classes getting all the melee crit aa they need while we lack some things.
    My rogue crit heals a 300 pt lifetap heal for like 1k and a range, bst, paladin healing themselves for 8-9k.
    Spell AA's effecting procs combined with proc aa's for hybrids while melee just have proc aas.
    Stuff like that
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  9. Cicelee Augur

    The day that the magician air pet can tank a current content T2/T3 named from 100 to 0 without additional buffs from other classes and without equipping additional gear (outside of summoned stuff) when I duo with my box bard is the day I will switch. Until then, I guess call me lazy.

    I agree in single mob non named encounters, the air pet is higher DPS and can be a reasonable tank. But against a named or three current content trash mobs? Will believe it when i see it or experience it.
  10. Cicelee Augur

    One more magician minor annoyance-

    Our self buff AA that combines our HP buff, mana regen buff, bodyguard spell and pet heal proc spell. The pet heal proc spell only lasts around 14 minutes. For OCD people like me who like the buffs on the bar a certain way, that means I have to recast the AA every 14 minutes or so. It would be nice to have it last as long as bodyguard so I/we don't have to refresh it as much.
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  11. Tryal Anderror Journeyman

    I'm told the 10% summoning thing happened starting in TBL, but an example is the Sirens in Cobalt Scar, they'll summon you at low life.

    The thing that makes it especially dumb too is in older content, if I walk into a level 90 zone and drop an AoE aura, I just get ping ponged by 20 trash mobs until the dot kills them all.

    Also like you said, it should make sense and little or signal to the player in some way. I get why a lava monster might be immune to Fire dots, I get why a Rhino might be immune to runspeed effects, but i don't get why 'a pest beetle' is summoning me.
  12. Malbro Augur

    No track for BSTs
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  13. Wulfhere Augur

    This might be a legitimate bug in that the resist modifier on the base spell isn't applied to the SPA 374 cast effect (Largo's in this case).

    However, the problem with Largo's, as a snare, has always been that it has 4 effect slots. These extra effects make it (any spell) easier to resist because (the old theory goes that) each slot gets a resist check. This is why Largo's has always been in disfavor even to a bard's first snare (Selo's Consonent Strain) which has only 2 effect slots.

    This situation was recognized by the devs of that era, and a 1 effect slot snare was introduced in OoW to remedy the situation: level 68 Dirge of Metala. This allowed bards to snare resistant and slow immune mobs. This singularly effective snare was upgraded in RoF with level 99 Dirge of Salubra that you mention as your fallback solution. So your experience is actually historically consistent with the development of bard snares (as you no doubt know).

    The annoying thing (to me) is that current devs are burdening bards with Largo's (juicy effects) without enough regard to its song history and the fact that it needs more then -20 resist modifier to be effective. As long as this remains true, then bards will want and need an upgrade to Dirge of Salubra ... at level 130.
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  14. Cannikin Lorekeeper

    Have you actually tried parsing DW'ing, or see what DW proficiency (and 2H) does? Especially since warrior 1handers have gotten a ratio rebalancing since TBL?

    I have done parsing, and dual warrior ToV raid 1hs (TS + T1) is actually more base dps than raid T1 2handers, and only slightly less than raid TS 2h (like 1-2% less). In exchange you get 6% mitigation, +40% parry and the ability to use flash, while 2h stance is all negative defensives and disables flash.

    To me 2H is now the pointless stance for warriors. I dual wield 100% of the time in group content, and even MTing on the easier ToV raid bosses. The 2h only comes out the 0.1% of the time on raids where I'm not tanking and 2x warrior weaps is generating too much aggro.

    If we could use the knight specific 2handers with their much better ratios, then there might be a real reason to use 2h stance regularly.
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  15. Szilent Augur

    Cadcane's Skin is a self buff with charges that defensively proc 11k rune each. Runes by nature can't crit, and are wasted if they double proc before being hit again. The upside is that it can proc (once) at full hp & still have some benefit.

    Preservation of the Grotto is the parallel Paladin ability, healing for 8-18k per proc
  16. Malbro Augur

    I meant to say track tor beastlords........
  17. Zurril Elder

    - spear and bargain sharing a cool down, while not letting bargain being impacted by gift of quick.

    I get that it would be way over powered. But still a minor annoyance
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  18. Cadman Elder

    DW parses out better for me when tanking :confused: but perhaps the reason to keep DW is that not every Warrior is raid geared and can't take the many negatives that come with 2H tanking...
  19. Tatanka Augur

    OK, not a class specific pet peeve.... let us put certain buffs in certain slots so that we can see which buffs might be missing, much more easily. With the huge number of buffs we have now, and with them moving around all the time, it can be really hard to notice when buffs are missing.
  20. Deux Corpse Connoisseur

    As a necro I'm annoyed I can't wear plate.
    Also annoyed that I can't dual wield sympathetic weapons.
    Very annoyed that I can't self port to every zone that wizards and droods can
    Highly annoyed that I have no lines of rocking mage damage shields
    Pretty annoyed that necros don't have shaman self buffs
    Extremely annoyed necros can't use bows
    Somewhat annoyed I don't have ranjah tracking
    Really annoyed that mobs don't drop their loot and zone plug when I arrive

    Other than that I'm pretty content as a necromancer.

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