What are your minor annoyances about your class?

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  1. Szilent Augur

  2. Act of Valor The Newest Member

    This isn't even my main class, but I'm annoyed that the Bard epic 2.0 isn't instant, and has a cast time. All the other burn AAs are instant, but I have to stop singing for a second and restart my melody so I can click my epic.

    Not game changing, but just annoying.
  3. Vizier Augur

    Annoyance: constantly remaking and reequipping pets when they die.
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  4. Yinla Ye Ol' Dragon

    Wizzy minor annoyances
    No TL to my bind point
    No port/TL to my secon/third bind points
    No port to Western Waste.....Was top ten on the wizzy wish list when Rashire did spells. :rolleyes:
    Guild hall now has far more ports than I do as a wizzy! (though I at least know where I am going....most of the time)
    Cast time of TL to Bind and Guild Teleport still have very long cast times, even though they can no longer be used in combat.
    I can still not TL myself, dispite not being able to use them in combat.
    Kunak Evacs (Markers & Tishan) have no TLs.

    Force of Will has a different cool down to Ice and Flame, the last 2 could do with being made a tad quicker.

    Annoyance for all classes, Djinn can ride a carpet in TBL, players in Djinn illusion cannot! :mad:

    Lots of major anoyances, which don't come under this heading!
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  5. Sprained wrist hurts New Member

    Crush isn't instant, but we do get the instant cast AA stuns, which are pretty incredible.

    Edit: Most annoying thing for my monk, they nerfed echo. It's not a huge problem because imitate death is on a 2 minute timer, but it's just not OP like it used to be.
  6. FranktheBank Augur

  7. Windance Augur

    Monk - I'd like to have moving mountains back. That was such a fun AA. GET OVER HERE! (yonk).
  8. Trebla7th Journeyman

    Honestly, a lot of these issues come down to the simple "fact" that Bards haven't really had a defined growth path since... maybe even before Seeds of Destruction, back to Planes of Power? It's not that we became less of a jack-of-all-trades class... but every other class got better in different enough directions that most classes are now kind of "jack-of-most-trades".

    I don't know what possible solution there is at this point without a pretty major revamp of song and AA progression dating back at least a decade worth of content.

    Casting while moving is no longer so overpowering that it justifies being inferior in so many different ways.
  9. Svann2 The Magnificent

    Bard song macros not functioning correctly.
    I have a couple macros for playing melodies and songs
    /pause 1, /stopsong
    /melody 1 2 3 4 9 10 11 12
    /pause 1, /stopsong
    /melody 8
    Either one should stop the current melody and either play a new melody or a single song. Often it fails to start the new song. It looks like it stops the first melody, then restarts a song from the melody, and then stops that song. But it never starts the new melody. So I have to hit it again. Its been like that forever, and I have bugged it. Ive even tried longer pause, and even 2 lines of /stopsong, but its still an issue somehow. Seems to occur more often on the single song macro.
  10. Tryal Anderror Journeyman


    A Necro soloing to XP is very heavily based on Root Rotting from about level 85 onwards

    But then it seems more and more things are Proc-DDs

    Our AAs Mortifier's Unity which casts our latest shield and lich mode also casts a buff that Procs a DD that you have to click off each time.
    Also the best 1 and 2 hand weapons for Casters all now have a proc of a 10-12k DD on them. Like the top 20 2Handers all have a DD of some kind and only a subset of piecing 1Handers don't have it.
    Even our own class specific robe, the click effect is 10 charges of a DD Lifetap.

    I used to prefer kiting anyway, but the way things warp and path backwards and lag out and 'jump back' so often you can't reliably do that in most zones now so you've got to Root, but then you have to forgo anything that would break those roots. Especially when things like our Blood line spells increase the power of DoTs, but is itself a DD, so it can't be used either, just seems like a incompatibility that is more like they never really thought about it as opposed to decided to make it that way.

    The other minor but kind of major thing is just the ' you' summoning of random mobs.

    Summoning used to be reserved for named mobs, raid or quest related bosses, mission bosses etc...
    But why does random stuff now summon sometimes? And worst yet this new thing where things summon, but only in their final 10% of life.
    It seems to only serve the purpose of stopping people from soloing or operating as duos or trios without a proper composition. This isn't just Necro but any class that can solo or form a semi-group that could kite things around.
  11. Yinla Ye Ol' Dragon

    Also very exploitable when teamed with a ranger....
  12. MageGuy New Member

    Add one more to your list. In group play, air is and always has been, the superior pet. I know people use Earth (and I always think lazy player) but Air wins group play.
  13. Biirr New Member

    I would think Zerkers could use some sort of container that works like Ranger's quiver so you don't have to summon axes constantly. Load up the 1 or 2 axes you might need in your "container" and no need to futz with with again until it's time to upgrade.
  14. Syylke_EMarr Augur

    Shadowknight annoyances:

    • Purity of Death is basically useless in current content.
    • The extra long cooldowns when casting DoTs.
    • Our AA Snare is overwritten (and blocked) by Druid/Ranger AA Snare.
    • Our pet is still just a basic skelly.
    • Most raid current mobs are immune to the tank push abilities (Press the Attack, Unbridled Strike, etc) but don't give an actual immune message.
    • I still can't AE Harm Touch my raid :(
  15. Tyranthraxus New Member

    Endurance regeneration. Or rather lack thereof. Note I play on TLP, so if this is remedied by a spell line or something on live great, but it's damn inconvenient when I'm tanking and despite the healers being near full mana, I'm the only one who needs a med break after sustained pulling. This could be fixed by repairing the Acumen line at the very least.
  16. Vumad Augur

    It would be cool if the mage earth pet could toggle from a root to a snare.
  17. Phlare New Member

    I really enjoy playing berserker so take these "with a grain of salt":
    -Having to keep a bag full of 20-30 stacks of axes at all times (brutal, mangling, vindication)
    -Mangling disc having a 30min reuse time which prevents using the primary disc(96 second /3min recast) So its only good for a final "end of the night" burn
    -I am always the only zerker at raids so I have never actually got to use Mangling Covenant. I guess that is more of a personal peeve, but would be nice if it worked something like a rogues for poison procs
    -Being a class that only uses 2Handers but not being able to use the best 2handers (yeah it would be OP I get it... still)
    -I echo the sentiment about disc names all sounding the same (rage/frenzy). It is super confusing to players that are new to the class and takes a LOT of explaining and reexplaining.
    -Popping a disc that binds or roots you a second before you get an emote to run away (its like it knows)
    -Having to spam click some discs to get them to actually take effect, cleaving acrimony seems to be one of the worst for that
    -Sure wish the assaulter power source added a lot of ATK like the protector ones adds AC
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  18. Sokon Augur


    Our endurance regen AA click doesn't stack with Ton Po's Stance nor Blooddrinkers coating, both of which I often click/use with burns. Can't think of the name of endurance regen AA click buff atm and games down but tis a pain in the as the AA timer gets used and the ability just gives you nothing, which results in me, when i don't missclick it again, having to use it with an inferior disc.

    Imitate death changes. For about a decade monks could double invis themselves by clicking an ivu pot or clicky then using the Feign Death AA: Imitate Death. Since they changed imitate death to give you 1 minute of invis instead of perma invis(until zoning) we can no longer double invis ourselves.


    Why haven't loading times gotten any better over the last 20 years?
  19. Skuz Berserker Logic: Kill everything.


    Axes - let them stack to 1000 please.

    At this point I only carry what I use up with abilities but the abilities in later expansions can eat through them pretty fast so I have to carry some 20 stacks or run out during a several hours play session and summoning axes in a group setting is just boring.

    I think every Berserker has asked for a container for throwing axes that works like quivers do but the 4 slot mage summoned bag is the only one in the game still available so clearly you don't want us having a proper bag for them, heck let Rogues have a Knife belt & the Monks have a Shuriken pouch too.
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  20. Ninelder Augur

    I haven't noticed mobs doing the 10pct of life summoning trick yet...

    I agree with you though that summoning mobs are lazy and craptastic design. If you don't want a mob to be kited there are a number of innovative ways to this: Runspeed immunity is one they already use, although imo it should make sense, like "flying" mobs being immune to snaring vines coming up from the ground.

    If the devs do choose to have a mob summon it would be nice to give the summoning a sound effect. My choice would be the Jason Vorhees "ch ch ch... ah ah ah" sound, or in the case of named humanoid mobs: Mortal Kombat's Scorpion saying "GET OVER HERE!" or "COME HERE!"
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