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  1. Aenoan Augur

    With what I've seen on forums and changes made, and including all the fun stuff guild get away with in raids.
    We still don't get Berserkers and Beastlords early. I wanted to ask drama aside. How many are still play at the moment? And if you aren't or you are just cutting your play time down, whats everyone doing in the mean time waiting for SoL?

    Steam has been doing a bunch of Summer sales, so I started playing some Disgaea and Final Fantasy Record Keeper, on top of a heck of a lot of Heroes of the Storm.
  2. Semah Augur

    Leveling my shaman. Doing the cudgel quests if I can manage a 2nd Cabilis faction grind. Raiding!
  3. Ducreux Augur

    Wondering if we could have had Luclin at 3 months if resources weren't diverted for the Quarm server.
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  4. Raytheon Augur

    Things that make you go hmm....
  5. Aenoan Augur

    A lot of things that make you go Hmm. Quarm if its actually any good, but from what I hear that seems unlikely though with how things are on phinigel, it might attract enough attention.
    They better figure something out though, we got WoW's latest expansion coming soon (aug 30), and despite what people say I almost guarantee that some will at least try it if they played wow at all. We got Overwatch going on too and Quarm and shut downs on the EQ side (LoN) and Planetside (waiting for the other shoe to drop)

    At least we got League of Legends and CS:GO.
  6. Finley Augur

    I am mostly playing just during raids now. I will level one of my alts during this bonus exp weekend. Exp is just too slow to play alts rest of the time.
  7. Draekony Lorekeeper

  8. Aenoan Augur

    Missed watching MASH.

    My fustration right now has almost forced me to actually seriously consider watching Game of Thrones.
    So far so good. But I think I am the only one left on the planet who has avoided the show.
  9. EQcleric Elder

    Im with you. Haven't seen a single second of the show.
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  10. DariyaVika Augur

    Trying to slog through the mid 40s on Phinigel, losing heart to do so, because I know that then I'll need to slog through AAs with luclin, all so that I can relive killing elemental gods in PoP?
    Playing on Live server with a mage/enchanter duo and moloing the content I want to relive because even without xp pots I'm blowing through the 50s like I'm a newbie with a fungal tunic and damage shield.

    Don't care about WoW, but could try it out again if I was bored enough.
    Looking at trying the Quarm server. Tested it on beta and the xp flows quick. Never did much in GoD/OoW, so could be cool.
  11. Astral - TR Elder

    Everything dies. Every day.
  12. Aenoan Augur

    Yeah, starting out at 51 is a huge deal. I think a lot of the pain of phinigel that dev's don't really understand is the fact that most of migrated from Ragefire and Lockjaw or both if you chose not to xfer.
    So not only are you doing the same 2 expansions, now it's true box (yay) but slow as heck.
    In contrast though Quarm will prove advantageous to some who came back just for the new content, but didn't want to do it on live servers since its always easier to get groups or find like minded players.

    I don't know if I will be bothering with Legion, it's a bit hard to say. I was kind of burned on MoP / WoD for the amount of money I paid (60$ cnd) They did not deliver on the content as far as I am concerned. Especially when I compare it to my favorite expansions and the price tags (TBC / WOTLK) I skipped Overwatch for that reason $59.99 and they are still adding things that should have been included with the launch, and it wasn't because it wasn't ready either. But at least they aren't charging us for that late content as DLC I guess.

    Pretty much just going "HAM" and taking advantage of Steam Sales. Grandia II is on sale 50% off. Bioshock Infinite is 75% lol reg 32 down to 8 bucks cnd, so its pretty awesome right now to be a steam user.
  13. fastboy21 Augur

    Getting burned out is not anything new to EQ.

    The instanced content on the server is just a different flavor of burn out added to the mix. For those of us planning to play in SoL or beyond, Velious represents the last chance to level an alt to max without having to make up any AA to be useful...so now is the time to do it.

    When Luclin comes out grouping will change. People will have a reason to actually play their mains...some people like this and some don't...some people will like this for a couple expansions and then hate it.

    The lure of the instanced server was the chance to be a "top end raider" without being a total poop socker. Now folks are bored because its too easy? Go to the beach and read a book.
  14. DariyaVika Augur

    Quit WoW in 2010, came back in 2012 to play with some friends and did MoP, but that expansion was so lame that I quit again after about two months.

    Overwatch looks like the game play might be faster than what I'm capable of if there isn't auto-aim. It also looks like it's temporary excitement. Spazzy frantic gameplay isn't really my style.

    Sort of excited about doing Quarm because GoD/OoW were actually interesting for group content because you had to try a bit harder. You couldn't just train your group with 4-6 mobs and let the enchanter deal with it, because everyone would be dead before they were all mezzed.

    Might also do the Fallout 4 DLC, since I've played 400 hours with just the base content.
  15. DariyaVika Augur

    My main on Phini is 45, and the length of time it's taken to get from 40-45 has demotivated me to work hard to hit 60, only to be greeted by the slow accumulation of aaxp. I mean, I'm not missing any content on Phini. I killed every significant raid boss in Everquest up through PoP when it was first out.

    Not bored because it's too easy, bored because it sucks up too much time to get to 60, and I'm realizing that my ability to care about reliving the raids isn't as high as I thought it was.
  16. Aenoan Augur

    Agreed, I found back when phinigel came out it felt like it nearly killed me to grind to 50. I ended up skipping Kunark, and hoping my passion for velious would be enough to see me through, but I was way way wrong, and I love raiding a lot but it just isn't enough, I actually deleted that first toon and just started up again for "luls".

    I am looking for to Luclin, because there I will be playing a class I wanted to play (in hindsight I should have just not paid for EQ until SOL unlocked or waited on LJ) but I not long ago I purged all my servers of toons, with the exception of live characters I had when I first started EQ, had a certain attachment to the unlike now.
  17. Aenoan Augur

    I don't think that is the issue at all. It's not that easy if guilds like EOE are exploiting it. Apparently they still find this game hard enough. But regardless it's true that grouping will change, a lot of people will do their re rolls to the new class. Which should come out sooner than later because of that very reason and there is no reason to hold back on zerks and bsts.

    I do find it odd that people complain that there is nothing to do. In my case that's the excuse I hear from some of my friends, and when I ask them what they are doing its "login for raids" and "grind faction" well grats on choosing to ignore everything else.
    I always enjoyed doing a lot of the quests that came with each expansion especially when they started extended those quest lines (wtb jagged pine so i can finish qeynos badge of honor) but because nothing is a massive upgrade because of fun little loop holes left in the game "hotzone" loot and out of era crafting recipes and drops or the fact focus items were added to them, these quests largely get ignored with the exception of maybe greenmist.

    But in the end you can't help those players they are just playing the wrong game. Especially when you start to heard "this grind sucks". And that's all they choose to do.
  18. fastboy21 Augur

    The bottom line for me is that I actually enjoy playing EQ. To me "playing" just means logging in...hanging out...grping...meeting people...helping people...i.e. living in a fake world and enjoying it.

    Its not unusual for me to join an exp grp even though my char is maxed in lvl with full buffer. Or, sometimes I just hang out offering folks rezzes and buffs. I just like the world and the chance to meet people in it.

    I don't understand (though I know they are the majority) how so many people who only play to raid and grind actually enjoy playing EQ. Its never made good sense to me...especially on a server where all the content we are playing through is very old.

    As for the pace of lvl'ing, given the time we have with the expansion and the bonus exp weekends and the potions it doesn't seem too bad to me. I actually thought it was more painful for me to lvl my chars from lvl 1-20 then it was from 40-60. Then again, I have the time to play for 12 hour stretches...and often love to do so!
  19. AgentofChange Augur

    EQ isn't a game where you can jump in at the beginning of an expansion and immediately start raiding, and people seem to forget that. It's actually better than it used to be. It used to took months to level up and gear out, now it only takes weeks.

    If you are here just to see PoP content than your argument makes even less sense because you have 7+ months before PoP hits phinny.
  20. Brumans Augur

    Velious has been out for like six weeks, I find it hard to believe that a substantial part of the population is already tired of the expansion, and have all the loot they were interested in.

    I do hope some exp nerfs come down the line over time. My guild transferred to Phinny recently, and the slow exp grind caused us to lose some people, and stops anyone new from joining us now (because we're all too far past them to group). It also dissuades people from making alts. It'll only get worse as AAs and more levels get added.
  21. Coach_Kegadin Augur

    Smashing fools in Overwatch. If anyone is high 60's low 70's in competitive, hollatchaboi! I play main support.
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