Update Bugs 12/11/14

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  1. Derd Augur

    On the chat channel problem <which I don't have and haven't had anyone else say they were either>. Have you made sure the checkbox's for joining the ikky general, class and such didn't get cycled to on. I did actually have that happen one patch and it drove me crazy for a few days till someone reminded me of the option check box's.
  2. Sirene_Fippy Okayest Bard

    Was standing at the zonein in Dredge, minding my own business, when this friendly fish came along:


    Luckily I noticed before it killed me, but see invis mobs that can aggro people at the zonein from underwater = not a great experience.
  3. svann Augur

    What ui piece is that that shows the shark as a see invis?
  4. guado Augur

    Save a screenshot as a paint file, add a text box right where the shark is. Not a part of the ui, merely a visual cue.
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  5. anastazia New Member

    Client crash after client crash when zoning around in TDS.

    Tried to zone into Combine Dredge and crashed. Now I can't get in at all because my toons are in dredge (apparently) and everytime I try to log in it crashes client.

    Return home option is greyed out so I have no to access to my characters at all at this point.
  6. drkknight69 Journeyman

    logged into test server today with my copied 105 level rogue and tried the surprise attack,hack,jugular hack and smokeshade. it was on a darkmud slave that conned light blue to me. each one of the skills were resisted each and everytime i tried them. the mob just ran through un-phased by the smokeshade. so for some reason even on test the skills arent working correctly...please keep continuing to look into this issue and find a fix thanks
  7. Qbert Gallifreyan

    As mentioned in every patch including and since the expansion patch:

    Originally, when we got this AA Yaulp, it acted as the cleric spell does - it cancels itself if you sit down/activate a mount. Later, it was determined to be an unnecessary restriction and intentionally removed. Fast forward to the the expansion patch, and the Paladin AA Yaulp (both the prior and the new TDS rank) cancels itself if you sit down/activate a mount. Please return this to the state that does not cancel out on sitting.
  8. kramer2202 Elder

    I have the same numbers, but everywhere you say landed, replace with resisted. I have yet to see Exuberant Dagger Throw, Hack, Jugular Hack or Smokeshade land....period! I am 105 rogue, basically max aa, full CotF raid geared and cannot get these new abilities to land EVEN ONCE! They are avoided every single time, even when I have tried on some light blue mobs just to check. I am not sure how you are having this type of success with these abilities when every single rogue I have spoken to (and seen post in these forums) is having the exact opposite result. This needs to be fixed ASAP! It has been almost 2 months without our new abilities, this is ridiculous....
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  9. silku Augur

    We were just doing Protected Passage to help a guildy with the daily missions from Harmarn. As we got to the 4th step we got the following goal:
    • Recover the villager's missing possessions from traitorous guards 0/4 (Ethernere Tainted West Karana)
    So we proceeded to pull all the traitorous guards from the various buildings and kill them. We then looted the four items that the quest asked us to loot.

    • Blue Diamond Wedding Band
    • Gem Studded Goblet
    • Miller Family Portrait
    • Patchwork Quilt
    All of them updated the quest except for the final one, the Patchwork quilt. Tried various ways of getting it to recognize it, gave it to the human quest guy there and hit cancel, no update.

  10. Harris Augur

    A few times now or should i say every time I have died in Arx Mentis and after being rezed all the graphics seem dark, really dark. i thought it was just me but said to the group i was going to try to log in and out to fix it as i was the puller and it was hard to see, when i returned 4 others in the group said it happened to them as well. Not sure it is just that zone or others, but not fun to have to do a "fix" by logging in and out to make it lighter again.
  11. Warpeace Augur

    I directly asked about that and was told it was a bug and supposed to fade when you sit. I remember it was changed to work when sitting or on a mount. Any chance anyone remembers about when it was changed to work while sitting and on a mount?
  12. Koryu Professional Roadkill

    There is a high rate of crashing while loading into Degmar, both the regular zone and the instances.

    When I summon the new Armored Battle Cat Mount, I am initially sitting on it at a 90 degree angle facing left, and can remain that way for some amount of time. If I summon and never move from that spot, I remain at the wrong angle. If I summon and immediately start moving, I will remain at the wrong angle until I stop, then move again, which fixes the angle. The race might matter, I am a froglok. I use the blue mount, but I recall seeing another frog on their red mount sideways as well.

    The dragorn illusion will hold weapons backwards once again, if you submerge in water deep enough to trigger the swimming animation. Running across a river is usually sufficient enough.

    Entering a non-player race illusion makes your helm invisible once you remove the illusion. You have to remove the helmet and put it back to restore the helm graphic.

    The "smoke" animated texture for the tirun models is not animating. The purple sparkle particle effect is fine, but the smoke is frozen.

    The Flash of Anger combat ability completely overwrites the buff from the Dual Wield Proficiency AA.

    The Flash of Anger combat ability does not appear to be working while under the effects of the buff from the Two Handed Proficiency AA. The Flash of Anger Effect buff appears in the buff bar, but is not Parrying incoming attacks.

    Any buff from the Myrmidon's Skill line overwrites the buff from the Two Handed Proficiency AA. The buff from the Two Handed Proficiency AA overwrites any buff from the Myrmidon's Skill line.

    The Monk's Master's Aura Effect overwrites the buff from the Two Handed Proficiency AA.
  13. Ngreth Thergn Developer

    I actually can't read that image, it came out with text too small.
    Can you be specific about which achievement, by full name and not an abbreviation (it looks like Cavern Collectibles, but I want to be sure), and which specific item by full name, and the name and zone of the vendor, again no abbreviations please. (You did not have any in your post. I am just being clear as to what I need to chase it down further.)
  14. Ngreth Thergn Developer

    I will consider removing see invis from the sharks, if I don't just get rid of the anoying things all together. No ETA.
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  15. Ngreth Thergn Developer

    We have made some additional changes despite my inability to duplicate the issue. We are not ignoring the player comments just because I could not duplicate it. I have no ETA on these changes going in, though I expect that unfortunately, due to the nature of spells and disciplines, that they will not make it in until the next patch. Watch for test patch to test it as early as possible. (I do not have the date for the test patch at this time)
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  16. Ngreth Thergn Developer

    I will forward this to be looked at.
  17. Ngreth Thergn Developer

    We are aware of this, though I do not know if we have a good solution available to us.

    While I believe you, unfortunately I was not able to duplicate this. I created a froglok and the mount, summoned it without moving and was mounted properly. Was there anything else you did? You are correct that the race probably does matter.

    I will forward these on, but I do not know if it is working as intended or is in need of change.
  18. Dalsina Lunrais

    'Demolishing Axe Throw' is still being resisted.
  19. Kirkisx Augur

    I have Cavern Collectibles completed but i cannot buy statue of silisia from vendor it is not there
  20. Koryu Professional Roadkill

    I can't seem to reliably reproduce it, either. It is random or dependent on some detail I haven't figured out yet. I tried different zones, facing different directions, and having different weapon types equipped when summoning the mount. I did notice that it can occur after zoning while mounted, as well. I'll try to get a screenshot next time, but I have to be fast, the cat's idle animation resets facing to the correct direction as well.