Update Bugs 08/19/15

Discussion in 'Test Update Notes and Bug Roundup' started by Hludwolf, Aug 19, 2015.

  1. Rakayn New Member

    Update on bestial evulsing.

    It looks like I was wrong in thinking it was random. Bestial Evulsing will work but only as long as I am in combat. If used outside of combat the skill goes on cooldown and I do not get the buff.
  2. Corwyhn Lionheart Augur

    What are the names of the AA that were added with the patch? And were knights left out on the melee increase or should they have the aa also?
  3. Fenudir Augur

    The Launchpad is taking significantly longer to load and is, for some reason, loading up 3 GameLauncherCefChildProcess.exe *32 as it does. Occasionally I have to End Process Tree and try again -- and I have cleared the cache.
  4. Khoza Augur

    Monk ability Nimble Reflexes no longer casts on the user when they have no target. (Rk3 confirmed.)
  5. Kaliko Augur

    Dying or something is breaking activated buff discis , such as Nimble Reflexes, Reefcrawler Blade, Conditioned Reflexes and they require you to target yourself to cast the buff otherwise it gets wasted.
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  6. Qulas Augur

    Self buffs that are activated by disciplines such as Dragon's Balance, Nimble Reflexes etc are not landing on the caster unless they have something targeted. If you have no target the disc fires and you get a reuse timer on the discipline, but you do NOT get the buff.
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  7. Zarakii Augur

    unless something is blocking dragons balance that never did before it didnt land on me in the ggh with a combat dummy on target also

    relogging fixed whatever it was but same issue if nothing is targeted it wont go off
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  8. Qulas Augur

    I can also confirm that Warrior's Flash of Anger, Warrior's Bulwark, No Time to Bleed and Beastlord's Bestial Evulsing are not working unless you have a target also.

    This seems to be effecting most disciplines that give you a self buff of some sort. Breather seems to be working fine however.
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  9. Xianzu_Monk_Tunare Augur

    I wonder if it is related to the new -1 timer, I know that at least some of those are discs which were either moved to the new timer or previously shared a timer with a disc that has been moved to it..
  10. Xianzu_Monk_Tunare Augur

    The Legends of Norrath checkbox which prevents the LoN files from being downloaded and is found on the Select Game Version page rechecks itself every time you:
    • Start the Launchpad
    • Add an account
    • Change to a different account already saved
    • Open a second instance of the Launchpad
    This is regardless of how many times you attempt to Apply the changes or allow the Launchpad to close. It was annoying enough when I thought I was just going to have to uncheck it for every account once. But as it currently is working it is not working.
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  11. NerfAway New Member

    Why is Banestrike and Self Sacrifice on the same timer now for Necros?
  12. Sarkaukar Augur

    Add to issues with Launchpad, selecting Open game directory in Advanced tools does not open up the gaming folder. If a player still has everquest.exe (original patcher) in the folder, it is started up (check task manager) but nothing else. If everquest.exe is not present, you either get a pop up window saying Error patcher is already running OR it will LOOK for everquest.exe elsewhere. I moved my copy of everquest from EQ folder to the next level, games folder and Launchpad started it up.

    Ok, this is freaking. Searched computer, removed everquest.exe from another location and sent them all to the Recycle Bin. Game directory now opens up when selected. Put everquest.exe to desktop, game directory or EQ folder, and everquest.exe is started up without opening up the gaming directory/folder.

    Easy to delete that file but what of all those other players who still has it in their folders?
  13. Dzarn Developer

    Thank you for the feedback on this bug, we've been able to identify the source and will be working on a fix.

    It looks like any melee skill that uses an SPA to trigger another spell ID will fail if the caster does not have any target before using the button, which is obviously not intended for self spell target types.
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  14. A-Quad Augur

    It would be nice to have some formal acknowledgement of and a fix for the many people who are still experiencing Launchpad issues post patch. And please don't reference your "Launchpad troubleshooter". This is on your end, not ours.

    Paying customers experiencing/reporting in-game bugs are far less likely to cancel subscriptions than paying customers who can't get in-game at all.
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  15. Zublak Augur

    On Lockjaw TLP server I've ran into a few bugs.

    1) Attempted to rez a player, it stated player could not be rezzed because they were alive, another cleric attempted to rez and had no problems.
    2) Upon accepting a rez my Enchanters spells were all on Cooldown/Grayed out. After about 1-2 minutes they all reset using there global cool down
    3) Upon logging onto my mage all spells were on Cooldown/Grayed out. After about 15 seconds I unmemed a spell and memmed gate which came up and while others remained on cool down until after I gated out/zoned.
    4) Items on cursor dispearred after being feared by an NPC, also other items randomly disappeared as well, they showed back up after relogging.
    5) Targetting a guildy showed his health percentage at 2102% while he was full health.

    Never seen any of this prior to this patch.
  16. Axxius Augur

    Adjust you PC clock. This looks like a very common issue with cooldowns that happens when your PC is out of sync with the actual time.
  17. Hiladdar Augur

    After this patch, upon zoning, the group window loosed the identifying information of the players, and the spell bar grays out. It takes a min or two to get the names back, if that does not happen, it requires a reload of the UI.

    This issue is probably identical to what Zuglak is experiencing on Lockjaw, except in my case it is on Bertox.
  18. Dezzax Journeyman

    After zoning occasionally (20% of the time) all spells will be greyed out (indefintely?) and say still recovering when trying to cast. Right clicking and unloading the spell/reloading it fixes this. Also when this happens the names of people in your group pane are missing and you are unable to invite to group. I am on Lockjaw, not sure if that matters.
  19. Axxius Augur

    Hmm... maybe it's the server clock that needs to be adjusted, not the players... :rolleyes:
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  20. JChan Developer

    Thanks for the report. This has been passed onto the LaunchPad team and they are currently working on a new version to address this and other internal issues.
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