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Discussion in 'Test Update Notes and Bug Roundup' started by JChan, Apr 22, 2015.

  1. Nightops Augur

    Looks like there is a bug with the in game email system.

    I used a distribution list and tried to send out an email. When opened, the email comes across blank unless the email box is resized to display all recipients (for mine, it was resized enough to see all the recipients; 11 total). Previous emails used by the distribution list had the same bug and those from a different distribution list which contains too many names to be shown completely by resizing the box will appear blank.

    The emails used to say "luclin.__*too_many_addesses_to_display*"

    Not sure if this is related to the patch.
  2. tinelisie New Member

    Yep, petitioned about my melee damage merc, thought it was me, glad?, to see it's a bug? Was wondering if clerical mercs are affected , someone posted that all his mercs were but not sure if he/she meant all damage. going to try it later but last 2 days , when I log on and test this pc. of to see if he works, I get a headache and curse...alot
  3. Danille Augur

    The pet command "SpellHold" is now backwards. When the button is depressed, the pet casts spells. When the button is not depressed, it holds spell casting.
  4. Axxius Augur

    Can some nice dev please fix this issue that's been around since the TDS release:

    In the Arx Mentis raid instance, when an unflagged character banners in, they get warped to the pyramid downstairs. However, the location where they get warped to is slightly inside the geometry, and they often get stuck there (depending on the model I think). Please adjust the warp location. Thank you.
  5. Sheex Augur

    Not saying this shouldn't be fixed, but easy enough to just change the view angle and click the pillar to port down, then click it again to port up, eh?
  6. adinaei New Member

    Really old bug but one that annoys necromancers a lot sometimes if the mob is capable of summoning and it is damaged to where it can summon and the group wipes or feign deaths the mob has a 30% chance of ignoring the necro's fd even if was successful and chain summon them even if you fd after being summoned again this eventually leds to a death and is caused by the dots on the mobs I believe because when there are no dots present the mob does not behave this way
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  7. Kellaer Augur

    I honestly do not understand what you are trying to say due to your run-on sentence.
  8. Melanippe Augur

    1: Veteran Reward activation buttons mysteriously greying out. Completely random as to which one or more buttons appear to have been activated though they had not been. The number of buttons appearing as greyed out varies widely from account to account. Happening over the last 48hrs or so.
    2: Mercenaries randomly changing their appearance - reported , bugged, feedback sent - been going on for a few months at least now. Minor annoyance but, perhaps, indicative of other graphic weirdness.
    3. Random, unexplainable client crashes when zoning into Combine-Dredge. Reported numerous times over the last month or two.
  9. Iila Augur

    It's a "known bug" that's a display issue, click the ability and it should start to cast just fine. You can abort out and the hotkey will be reset back to correct state.

    It's still a bug, but you're not actually being locked out of your vet AAs randomly. It just looks like you're randomly being locked out of your vet AAs.
  10. Bart Journeyman

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  11. guado Augur

  12. Shebstaro-Swiftpaw New Member

    Can you Fix the test for Palatial Guild Halls to show as Palatial Guild Halls in the Guild Roster Window and not have it showing as Grand Hall. minor i know but annoying.
  13. Shebstaro-Swiftpaw New Member

  14. Dalamyre Journeyman

    Dots regenerate aggro as they do damage you have to wait until the dots wear off before you get up from fd even if the mob forgets you, unless you are saying you are being summoned while still feigned.
  15. adinaei New Member

    I am saying the mob is summoning me while fded dalamyre and its summoning even when I fade FD too. I will fade and fd and the mob will still summon
  16. Crystilla Augur

    If there are dots on the mob ... every tick, it reinstitutes that "will fade/fd be 100% or not".
  17. Silv Augur

    Since you all fixed Geomantra stacking (<3), I've had to find some new bugs to rant on about for the next few years. So, here we go:

    -The effect from "Arcane Disjunction Aura", "Arcane Disjunction Aura Effect", is classified as a beneficial buff instead of a debuff. This means Eradicate Magic or other 'beneficial only' dispel effects will remove the aura-totem debuff. Please change the spelltype: beneficial tag in the spell data to spelltype: detrimental. Please see "Idol of Malos" for an equivalent example that is properly flagged.

    -Ward of the XYZ & Damage Shields. This bug has been around since... forever. Basically, if an Enchanter is buffed with Ward of the Enticer [Lv. 105 or any variant], and they also have specific damage shield spell lines on, combat will calculate the damage shield hit in conjunction with the mez-proc, auto-breaking the mez. IE. The mez proc goes off, mezzes the mob, and then the damage shield hits and breaks the mez. I don't know if this is even possible to fix since it seems to be an 'order of operations' issue in regard to combat. However, some documented damage shields which can cause this effect: Druid self-DS/AC buff such as that found on the Conch, Aura of the Void from Memento of the Ungod's Suffering, and Illusionary Spikes ABC line.

    -Bizarre Enchanter AA shared-timer issues. Renaii and others have already posted about these. Dimensional Shield linked to Crippling Aurora is one example.

    I realize these are not patch-specific related but they are ongoing bugs so I'm going to report them. I'm sure I'll find some more as well :)
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  18. Ankarv Augur

    Never had this happen I FD from wipes (group and raid) with dots on mobs all the time. I just wait for the dot to fade then stand up.
  19. Silv Augur

    (More) Enchanter spell bug stuff:

    -Enchanter Perilous Disorientation/Perilous Bafflement PBAE Mez: If you have yourself targeted the spell will not cast and gives you an error message "That spell can not affect this target PC." No other PBAE spell has this limitation. One of the supposed advantages of these types of spells is *not* having to check your target box.

    This one really drives me crazy :mad:
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  20. Pyrite New Member

    An Epic Request - Wizard is broken for the wizard specific portion of the ornamentation quest. Upon zoning in to the instanced version of Freeport, the NPC's that are supposed to meet you at the gate do not spawn and are nowhere to be found in the zone. Restarted this portion of the quest 6 times, no NPC's every time.
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