Update Bugs 04/22/15

Discussion in 'Test Update Notes and Bug Roundup' started by JChan, Apr 22, 2015.

  1. Jaybizzer Journeyman

    I bought one of the new booster packs. When I right click on any of the items I get booted to desktop everytime.
  2. tnot Elder

    Wizard Mercs not doing anything. Very annoying.
  3. Drewie Augur

    They are on her on AB too, but the Buy button is greyed.
  4. Melanippe Augur

    Regarding Caster Mercenaries, until the Dev's get around to checking and fixing the problem, you might try this as a stopgap fix.

    Open Mercenary window. Click on the word "Stance" which re-arranges the stance order. Set the stance you want to use. It seems to fix the problem.
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  5. Swiftpawz New Member

    dps caster mercs are bugged and wont cast unless on burn.When you click on burn both balanced and burn light up as active
  6. Dzarn Developer

    Regarding the caster mercenaries, the dev team has been looking into it since the initial reports on test but since none of the changes that were pushed to test/live from beta are directly related to the mercenary systems it's proven to be a bit of a mystery.
    Regardless, we'll be poking at all the things until its fixed.

    Noted, thanks.

    Thanks for the report on this issue, we were able to confirm and fix it internally.

    Live fix should be incoming soon™.

    Some of the doom stacking changes that went to test arrived there a little early and were intentionally withheld from going live.

    The way that doomed spell effects resolve on their targets had some behind the scenes changes that were intended and did go live but doom effects on spells stacking with one another was withheld until some more data can be updated to ensure spells will stack correctly.

    I tried poking at this on a live client but was unable to reproduce it in my admittedly limited trials.
    My first questions are:
    1. Do you have a custom UI and does this problem present itself if you are using the default UI?
    2. Can you list the full and exact item names of the items that are causing you to crash?
    3. Which of the following causes your client to crash:
      • Quickly right clicking the item (activating, not inspecting it.)
      • Right click and hold on the item (inspecting not activating it.)
      • alt+right click an item (previewing it.)
      • Inspecting the item and left clicking the purple item link text (if this is a pre-converted prize item.)
      • Inspecting the item and left clicking the button to the left of the purple item link text (attempting to convert a pre-converted prize item.)

    Thank you for any additional feedback you can provide.
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  7. Rathbern New Member

    Having the same problem with DPS Melee Merc. Will only engage on Burn. While on Balance it just watches the mobs beat the crap out of me.
  8. Jaybizzer Journeyman

    1. Yes I use a custom UI - Default_Old by Drakah
    2. I bought 6 items from the oathbound packs and they all make me crash
    3. Quickly right clicking causes crash
    Holding right click to inspect causes crash
    Left clicking on the item does not cause crash.
  9. sojuu Augur

    Is it wrong I keep hoping to see a legit fix to dragons punch/dragons balance with each patch, instead of what we got?
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  10. JChan Developer

    If you're not comfortable changing your custom UI, please try the default UI and let us know if you stop crashing.

    If you are comfortable modifying your custom UI, on EQUI_ItemDisplay.xml change "<Label item = "IDW_ConvertButtonLabel">" to "<STMLbox item="IDW_ConvertButtonLabel">" and the next line that says "</Label>" change to "</STMLbox>"
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  11. Nefaria New Member

    I use custom UI default old by Drakah, I bought 4 items, and found that:

    Left click - no crash
    Quick right click - no crash
    right click inspect - crash every time

    I took off the custom UI and went to default and no crash, it would seem the custom UI is doing it. Drakah has done an update to fix it, thanks for looking into it.
  12. Jaybizzer Journeyman

    I switched my UI to the default UI and I can now view the items. It must be an issue with my UI, thanks.
  13. Nenton Augur

    Does anyone remember if doom effects showed their damage against the mob? I know it didn't register to the caster but I thought it was at least visible at one time. Can't find any logs to prove that though.

    Can you give us an insight into what is trying to be done with the doom spells? Bonus internet points will be given for responses involving:
    1. Assigning doom damage to the caster instead of the NPC.
    2. Applying the caster's focus effects to the doom damage (presumably goes along with #1).
    3. Preventing base DoTs from being extended if 1 and 2 are finally fixed (extended necro doom DoTs last 2.5 minutes before the doom proc can go off).
  14. Iila Augur

    No, it took me a while to figure out a way to parse the damage from my doom dot to see if it was using my focuses. I wound up having to duel another PC and get the damage from their logs.
  15. Jaybizzer Journeyman

    I updated my UI and can now view the items. Thank you for the input.
  16. Xianzu_Monk_Tunare Augur

    An issue with the Prizes from the Legend of the Oathbound; when a person other than the item holder looks at a link of the item they have no way to inspect the item one gets from clicking the prize. I would want to be able to inspect the final item if I am trying to buy something in the bazaar.
  17. Benito Augur

    Wizard merc problems severely affect FTP accounts by rendering those mercs useless. Hopefully this will be considered a high priority fix.
  18. Croak Augur

    Morell Ascendent mission - about 10% into final fight the zone crashes and you get dumped back to character select

    May be related to the raid crashes I have seen mentioned having problems.

    (on Fippy)

    Further update: even if you manage to get back to the task giver very quickly, with thetask still showing progression/kills etc, by the time the instance is made active again and you can zone in, the task is reset to the beginning once you are back in.
  19. Zerric New Member

    ToRot raid crashes everytime the first wave of adds spawn when Lord hits 81-80%. Happened to us twice tonight at the exact % each time.
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  20. ranebowz New Member

    yep I was on my char and my mercs are also bugged on cazic thul server...

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