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  1. kenmei Augur

    Truebox was a solution in the right direction for a game that had taken a ton of wrong moves, like..
    1. ending GMs
    2. ending enforcement of play nice policy and 3rd party software use
    and the nail in the coffin..
    3. addition of krono and its corrupting ramifications on staff and player.

    the game became playable only if you were going to box and nothing less.
    further a business literally came up from staff and 'elites' within EQ, thats the majority of current player base, the workers of this 'industry'.
    and since then nothing has changed, those who are on this thread pleading to end tlp, you are just hastening the end of eq (i.e. you're pushing away any chance of new players, nor returning players who are not boxers and are sickened by the concept, its f****n cheating!)
  2. kenmei Augur

    boxing is cheating.
    as it was in the original eula. but you say you pay them money so it's ok to cheat...
    well EQ agreed...
    and thus they stopped goin after boxers and lost their GM staff because they were cut off at the knees to do their job. cant enforce policy when you clearly allow it to be broken for money. then later claim you dont have the money to support a GM Staff. Nah, truth is, it wasnt a role someone could fill. it was too chock full of hypocrisy.
    and in the end, thats what happened, a short term greed killed what obviously was a great long term game, but this company decided to make this long term an insufferable experience (where a few think they got rich) instead of trying to make it one for the actual masses and experience true success in gaming.
    It was Brad's vision, prolly shoulda listened to him.
  3. Hdizzle Augur

    Heres the thing though. MoTM was put in place to stop the 40 man mage raids. AOC's were put in place to deliver access to the content that was being farmed (literally the only reason people complained about boxing)

    Truebox was the face (And you won't see mage armies anymore either!). It worked, there is no denying it is a popular attribute. And you def don't see any mass boxers anymore right? But try and boot up that druid on the same PC! Lol.

    And then this part:

    I don't disagree with the spirit of your comments. I think its important to understand the evolution of the customer though.

    If I have 3 hours for EQ at the end of a long day of kids, work and life... I am wanting to spend zero amount of that 3 hours doing nothing. Nothing being defined as running to place, waiting for a person, standing around... doing nothing.

    To play out your conclusion of boxing is cheating, the game woulda turned off a long time ago.

    That is why boxing is the greatest asset EQ has. It lets people do what Diablo 4 does. I can log in RQ, do something for 30 mins and bounce if thats all I have today. You can use Overseer if you are hell bent on "one toon per person".

    Truebox is fantastic for folks who only know Wow and want to try EQ.
  4. Pikollo Augur

    Truebox only blocks the people that do not want to cheat to get around it. Was it easier back then? Sure. Is it still possible to do this now (AoC/pick aside) yes. Because cheaters still cheat.

    Not saying you are right or wrong about the original EULA as I can't remember it. It would be interesting to see it though. Still the point is pretty moot now as boxing is acceptable.
  5. Pikollo Augur

    Hows that data coming along? Was relaxed truebox on Yelinak awesome so you should look at TB next??
  6. Vewdue Elder

    If they want to stick to "Keeping the rules the same", they could just unlock it on Thornblade, which could use the extra boxes more than Mischief, and keep mischief as is. That way they can say, if you want to play with the launch rules, move to Mischief. If you want to try out the new relaxed truebox go to Thornblade. It would be a decent compromise imo. The devs can still say there's a server as originally promised while still giving players the option of playing with relaxed or no true box.

    I keep my fingers crossed that the do something, but I'm not holding my breath for it, given their track record.
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  7. Skuz I am become Wrath, the Destroyer of Worlds.

    Yeah they certainly could do that, and your rationale is completely sound, but if I were a betting man I would lay odds that they do not budge.
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  8. Pappasalt Augur

    Well there's no chance this year we will merge, most likely no chance next year we will merge as auto afk kick hasn't even been removed from Mischief yet. Leaving us almost to live before we would even think of merging so I'd much prefer to see relaxed truebox enabled.
  9. Yolan Lorekeeper

    Did we get truebox yet?
  10. Monstarz New Member

    Mischief server, a few days ago I saw someone on twitch boxing 18 characters.
    Either enforce your rules or lift the truebox rule.
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  11. Pikollo Augur

    But if you ask him he will swear up and down that he has 18 computers!
  12. Pappasalt Augur

    Big surprise, the truebox removal I've been fighting for 3-4 years now on dead servers is nothing more than an ini file change true to false I've been stating...hard headed devs.
  13. Pikollo Augur

    I was picturing it more of an allowed clients - 1. Since they have relaxed truebox.
  14. Pappasalt Augur

    "Leave blank for infinite value"
  15. Waring_McMarrin Augur

    And the reluctance to change/remove it never has been about the work involved, rather a design decision about having it enabled or not.
  16. Pikollo Augur

    From what I remember the original issue was "we don't know how". Which basically meant they didn't want to take the time to figure out how to change it. So all along it was just the fact that one person had to agree to it. And despite basically a whole server asking for it to be removed they never did. History is repeating itself but now we know someone is just saying no and its not a technical issue.
  17. Captain Video Augur

    No one said that ever. It has been clearly understood since Truebox was first created that it was/is a policy decision. It serves its purpose when a TLP is in the Classic-LDoN run. I am personally in favor of the so-called relaxed Truebox at GoD, the devs prefer OoW. Of the recent servers that started in Classic, we have the relaxted truebox rule in effect now on Yelinak, and it is scheduled to take effect at OoW on Oakwynd.

    The argument has always been about changing the ruelsets on older serevers, which they have long resisted. There is concern about settting a precedent, and as I'm sure you already know, certain player factions have a list of other rules changes they will try to foist onto older servers once the door is opened. There has to be a better argument presented than "our server is dying", because they haven't bought into that at all.
  18. Yinla Ye Ol' Dragon

    Looking at server select the only server listed as True Box is Andune.
  19. Pikollo Augur

    Thank you for seeing my point. My comment was the excuse they gave us. It wasn't the reality. The reality was it was an easy flip of the switch. But they told us it was much more involved. I assume to deter us from requesting truebox being removed.

    "Our server is dying" is plenty of reason for them to listen if they care about their player base.The problem is, like Warring, they don't play these servers so have no personal feelings about it. Its easy to toss aside, overlook, not care etc.

    As far as certain player/factions. I don't disagree with you to an extent. On Selo there was only 2 guilds. They both seemed to want boosted flags and truebox removed. Would have been a great change for Selo. For Mangler and Thornblade we just want truebox removed. Which, at this point, follows rules of newer TLP's therefor can be done justifiably. And any other requests can get that same old cold shoulder they are good at. It won't be the first time there was a change and certain factions asked for more and was ignored.

    Now they said they'd let relaxed hit (yelinak?), gather data, then let us know. No one believed it but thats the current point we are hooked on.Yeli has had OoW for over a month now. Don't you think they have the data now? You don't need years of it. You need to know how big the spike is, if there was one, and if it effect the server negatively. Because that last bit would happen at the beginning I am sure. Because as a TLP ages it dies. So it gets to a point where the datat doesn't matter anyways.

    In the end Thornblade can be the guinea pig. We are much smaller in number then Mischief. The raid guilds rarely get new recruits. Most recruits are recycled as they leave their current guild. Thornblades numbers will not rise with new people but it could rise with new accounts at this point. Just flip the switch.
  20. Pikollo Augur

    Don't worry. They are very much still truebox.