THE worst raiding guild on Coirnav

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Glykus, Dec 19, 2018.

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  1. Piznut Elder

    In before the lock.
  2. Gromph Elder

    Start at AoC? Are you sure? I mean according to Coirnav kills, Didn't TFC kill OW Vulek first in era? Didnt they get OW Lord Seru first in era? Do you just make up stories and scenarios to inflate your own ego? Like a v.i.a.g.r.a for your epeen?
  3. Pleefun Journeyman

    I think the only one that wants this to attract recruits is RI. You will see in era content with every guild on the server. Don't let this post fool you.
  4. Fumi-chan Augur

    Yikes, some of the stuff posted in this thread is pretty juvenile and a bit embarrassing.

    Here's a fun fact about Luclin; all the loot you get will be replaced in PoP within a week, just like every. other. expansion. That shiny AHR kill and loot? Replaced by 200 hp/mana items off Quarm. Here's the other fun fact about PoP; Quarm is instanced! Meaning (you guessed it) no batphone advantage.

    I cannot stress enough how standing on a hill and screaming, "JOIN US IF YOU WANT LOOT" sounds incredibly hollow. If that is the only thing holding your guild together, you won't make it past the launch of the next TLP server, let alone past PoP.

    PS - Friendly reminder you still have two more months of this "fun" RI. Please enjoy the multiple VT clears running to 1-2am during a weekday. Most of this server is perfectly content with their AoCs and OW content on a set schedule because it enables us to do other things we enjoy.

    Merry Christmas!
  5. That0neguy Augur

    Wait you replace gear when PoP comes out? My mind is blown? What about when GoD and OoW open? do you replace that 200hp Quarm item?

    The things people tell themselves is so funny. The fact that you still think about that Trak kill and claim we trained explains why you think we trained during the 2nd fight. Lack of understanding of the game. Let me explain it to you. You have 1 or 2 people out in the field kiting while your guild kills Xakra by the zone in. What happens if a few mobs in the kite group are damaged?.... No one trained you, your kiter died.

    Anyway, please continue until this thread gets nuked. At least when the RI guys troll they know how to not break the forum rules.
  6. Fumi-chan Augur

    Did we not play the same game before now? You 100% will be replacing everything you get in Luclin with 6 months of Time/Quarm loot (again it's instanced, the thing you keep on looking down upon). Or are you guys trying to ignore those glaring fact right now because many of RI are planning to jump ship when the next TLP drops?
  7. Pleefun Journeyman

    In all the years of playing this game. No one has tried to defend themselves more than any other guild. Its like everyone else doesn't know how to play this game just RI. And when they lose its the fault of the other guild. When they win its the fault of the other guild. Trains never happen from RI, its the other guild not knowing how to kite, or pull or whatever the case is. You guys can say and do what ya want it doesn't matter, you only kid yourself. Everyone else knows the truth about RI.
  8. DanstonQ_ New Member

    I am already surprised they did try to do a regular DPSRace on the first target instead of just griefing right away as usual
  9. Veshzan New Member

    Ri spent most of velious and even some of luclin training Reckless to stop them getting OW.

    Same dance different guild. Wonder why nothing is ever done about it.

    Also looking forward to this thread getting nuked!
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  10. ExoticCheese Journeyman

    I don't think anyone's denying that RI lost the first Xakra in a mostly fair DPS race. We were coming from another target, and, as is typical, there were a gadjillion mobs at VT ramp, including see invis Dark Assassins that needed to be dealth with. So in between working through those and getting zoned into VT, TFC had already engaged, hence my "a dozen more" comment. We were still showing up.

    What, you think because we're a batphone guild that we're going to be everywhere at the same time, all the time, without question? Don't be delusional.

    That said, when you guys come on the EQ forums here, and go off on your "generic RI sucks" rants, you sound ridiculous and braindead.

    You are overjoyed for beating us in an OW zone, but simultaneously mock us for doing OW content... nice logic there.

    I hate to break it to you, but none of us care =) We're all doing pretty well, and I don't think anyone in RI was truly that we lost... as I've said, the competition keeps the game interesting.

    Carry on with the flames though!
  11. FIsh Lips Augur

    Stop talking about EQ, I'm trying to follow the sportsball debate. Who kicked the most stanley cups?
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  12. Fumi-chan Augur

    RI has the audacity to insult other guilds for enjoying instanced content, while doing Seru and Khati instances last night and trying to blame said instance on why you *may* have lost the first DPS race. You seem like a smart cookie so I'm sure you're aware of the hypocrisy and karma.

    Real question... Why didn't you do OW stuff first and then your instance? Would have taken all of an hour to zip over, pull, zip out and do splits. And if you try to tell me it's because they don't drop anything worthwhile, why even bother trying to run over in the first place if you were at a disadvantage as you claim? Alternatively if this was your "instance" night, that's cool too. But again, stop insulting the rest of us for enjoying instanced content when you're doing the same bloody thing.
  13. Ohfuggle Elder

    Woo boy, the amount of salt generated from winning what? 8 pairs of what would be rot loot for us? We were only hoping for rings! Lmao.

    Congrats on your 2-groupable Xakra kill pals. Remind me again how many OW Aten's or VT bosses at all you've gotten? Think this technically makes 4?

    Versus our.. 30+?

    You're winning! Congratulations again!
  14. Lortl Journeyman

    Your point is actually the nonsensical one.. you just took my example of a team vs a team within a game and turned it into a player on a team within a game. Maybe you view yourself like Dan Marino, a good player on a bad team. I don't know. But your example is very different from mine.

    Open world Vulak? Lol. That was the only open world vulak you got all expansion. We didn't even contest for it. We were too busy getting into VP without petitioning half our raid force trak teeth(aka participation teeth). Ow seru.. lol. VT is all that matters and you guys were a full 2 days behind and haven't killed a single OW target in VT beyond yesterday's encounter. That's the reality. I personally couldn't raid like that, but that's my personal preference. It almost appears by your guilds comments that you strive to be a more competitive guild. I hope this happens. We could really use the contested dkp bonus and it might make the game a bit more entertaining.
  15. Ohfuggle Elder

    P.s. lol, if that loot drops for us again (and you know we will have the next handful of spawns) ... they'll be rotting. No need to even dps race us! Just hang out imo.
  16. That0neguy Augur

    The Audacity!!!111....

    No one insulted anyone for doing DZ's. Pretty sure they insulted you for claiming to be the best.

    To answer your question though. Because we don't care about the Xakra's is why we didn't do them first. 99% of that loot rots or goes to alts. As one of the few people who made the call to rush to VT instead of going to ssra instance. It was simply because you were there and it would be fun. No other reason, if you hadn't been there. The other TFC would of killed them early this morning.
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  17. Fumi-chan Augur

    So if it's so pointless why did you even bother showing up?

    Let me make it abundantly clear; you're the self proclaimed "BEST BATPHONE GUILD EVER". We're a guild that does instance content and the odd OW target. This entire thread is tongue in cheek. At you. You guys need these wins WAY more than we do because at the end of the day, whether we win or lose doesn't change the core of what our guild is. We still have fun because our guild isn't built upon the pressing need to feel number one or get all the loot.

    But yeah, you guys keep batphoning and calling in the calvary for the next 2 months of grinding through VT. Have fun with that.
  18. Innyman New Member


    TFC is still able to beat you guys on raid encounters with the same amount of people? That says a lot about the caliber of your high aa, million hours logged, geared out player base.

    What a sad situation.
  19. That0neguy Augur

    Where did anyone claim this? The only claims I've seen recently is from you claiming to be the THE top guild. If these OW targets don't mean anything to you, you sure like to talk about them and twist the numbers and messaging that you are the best at killing them. Sounds pretty core to your guild.

    We will keep having fun. Thanks!
  20. Gromph Elder

    No, I took your example and your punch line of results matter and showed you how they dont. Also according to both guilds websites and trackers, TFC looks to have killed a couple more than the mobs yesterday. Also, I am not associated with either of these guilds. So with that, basically almost every single statement you made in this comment, is demonstrably false. Thanks for the laughs though. Any other made up stories you would like to add?
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