The real Phinny exp difference

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  1. Frenzic Augur

    I've seen plenty of people, on the forums and in game, talking about the difference between the Ragefire/Lockjaw and Phinny exp rates. Some have said it's as massive as a 66% nerf! Others have said it's only a 33% nerf. I decided to check for myself just for giggles.

    I made a level 1 human monk starting in West Freeport on both servers. I took the monk into the noobie area and killed only white even con creatures. Here are the results.

    1 even con kill = 5%
    10 even con kills = 48%
    20 even con kills = 97%
    21 even con kills = Ding level 2! 0%

    1 even con kill = 2%
    10 even con kills = 22%
    20 even con kills = 48%
    30 even con kills = 70%
    40 even con kills = 90%
    45 even con kills = Ding level 2!, 0%

    I double checked my logs and all these numbers are accurate. What this is showing is that the exp penalty on Phinny is closer to 55-60% slower than Ragefire. Some of the exp numbers are a bit weird, as if the percents were not gaining equally after each kill. I guess that's a product of the in game bar not showing exp rates exactly. What we can determine with certainty is that level 2 takes 21 kills to reach on Ragefire and 45 kills to reach on Phinny.
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  2. Finley Augur

    You are probably exp capped at your almost 5% per kill on Ragefire, see if killing a red gives the same amount.
  3. Dargrim New Member

    In my experience (I just dinged 17) it seems to speed up later. Now, whether that is due to groups being more powerful, or a scaled experience modifier based on level vs RF/LJ, I don't know.
  4. Zorglub Journeyman

    At lvl 14 soloing on Lockjaw (shared potion 10%) :
    Dark blue 1%
    Even 2%
    Yellow 3%
    Dark yellow 4%

    What a relief for me after a week on Phinny.
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  5. Not_Entelion Journeyman

    Nice write up. It felt like the 20s and 30s were similar to Ragefire.. I know they weren't but it felt better than the 1 - 15~ grind.

    I would be curious for a mid 20's / 30's comparison.
  6. Tulgin Augur

    Do the same at level 2, only this time with blue's. That should stop the XP cap of 5%.
  7. Simone Augur

    Phinigel's exp rates are closer to what Fippy Darkpaw and Vulak'Aerr had at launch. On those servers there was a hard 2% per kill that made it so you needed at least 50 kills to get from 1-2(not counting quests like newby scroll, etc.) and another 50 kills to get from 2-3. Plenty of us exped on Vulak'Aerr and Ragefire and managed to enjoy the raiding aspect of the servers as well. Also with the exception of classic and Planes(due to vote fail) most eras on those servers were exactly 84 days.
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  8. Poydras Augur

    There's no 5 percent cap. I was getting 7-8 percent for yellows at lvl 1. In some places I got 10% for kills occasionally.
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  9. Bobbydomino Elder

    That's exactly why. Look it's not rocket science, it takes my untwinked level 8 paladin 2 mins killing a yellow orc because of the misses and no skills. Plus the spawns are heavily contested in CB and other similar areas.
    Meanwhile at higher levels, especially in dungeons like Unrest you have fully buffed characters with some gear killing yellows and reds. I look at my exp bar a lot to see how quick or slow it is. Pretty much very kill gives 1% exp in those groups. Then it's just a matter of how fast you can pull and kill.
    As I said I measured it the other day and got 5 1/2 levels in 9 hours, with potion running for 3.
  10. BulletCatcher Journeyman

  11. Bobbydomino Elder

    Did you play in the first few days? 6-7 instances in CB / Unrest with pretty much everything camped.
  12. Pseudofate Augur

    Crushbone is the only zone in the game after all. :rolleyes:
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  13. Denno Elder

    2 evenings in a row now iwe been falling asleep while playing due to insane boredome over the decreased xp rate. I realy want to play on Phinny, but the xp is so horrible that my body resists playing there.
  14. Lateryn Augur

    You would of been bored no matter what, lets be real. EQ is all about killing the same mobs for hours at a time.
  15. Lucy Elder

    So why make it 68% longer? 68% longer in 84 day unlocks even.
  16. Denno Elder

    Compared to RF, Phinny XP most of all feels like Self torture.
  17. Lyrical Augur

    Nice write up man but it changes a bit in later levels. Full group in runnyeye on lockjaw yellows were 3% and reds were 3% with an occasional 4% bump. Today on phinny its 1% on everything but whites and blues which are 1% per 2 blues. Really good for phinny mind you but not 50%
  18. toasty4800 Journeyman

    I am at level 25, about 40% into it. Started on launch day. I now have 2 days, 4 hours played time.

    The xp rate itself is not bad, it's getting into a group, getting a camp and getting dug in. Which still compared to classic EQ is not that bad at all.

    I work 50+ hours a week, like to play for about 4-5 hours during the evening. All day on days off.

    Doing this it truly is a grind but it works out. Sacrifice your personal life to get ahead.
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  19. Elkay Augur

    That's high playtime and hardly casual. You're an exception, not the norm anymore.
  20. Trevalon Augur

    In fact he has played 50 hours in 1 weeks time...That isn't anywhere close to casual and is actually on the most extreme of hardcore side. Anything over 40 hours is getting into extreme hardcore ranges.