The 100% anti-boxing TLP dream

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Kramzilla, Jan 30, 2023.

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  1. Maximillian New Member

    Daybreak and the boxers have too much profit at stake to ever support a strict no boxing server.
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  2. zurgar Journeyman

    A fix I see for this is to open 1 truebox and 1 non truboxer. Everyone caught boxing on the truebox server gets booted to the boxing one.
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  3. FranktheBank Augur

    Truebox doesnt mean no boxing. Truebox means 1 client per pc.
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  4. furrykitty New Member

    I am 51. I have been playing since I was 30. I have been 2-boxing almost the entire time. These days it's my PC and my laptop on the same desk.I tried 3-boxing once when I borrowed my wife's laptop but I just could not keep track of all 3 characters when it got intense. I backed out of that real quick.

    I like being able to play when I log in... LFG is not a fun "game mode". 2-boxing a cleric and enchanter almost guarantees me access to any zone to play in. I also rarely see guilds that are not also MUSTRAIDNOWORBEDESTROYED guilds or I SINGLE-HANDEDLY RUN RAIDS box guilds.

    I used to play for the friends I made - I KNEW the people who were waiting for me on the other side of that screen and I knew they were waiting for me so we could all go and accomplish the impossible together!

    Now I play because it's nostalgic and I like the game. It's the same quests and the same zones but it's just not the same game anymore and never will be. I accept it for what it is and play when I feel like it.

    Wow that went longer than I expected. Sorry about that. :)
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  5. Syrune New Member

    I appreciated the read enough to register and comment.

    I feel like this is the typical target TLP player these days. Relatively casual or semi-casual, logs on when they have time, wants to actually play the game in the time they are online. Wants to group with others when available, but realizes it may not always be possible. Rolls up a suitable duo when LFG or for a short play session. Logs on their buffer or supports out of group when actually in a party, etc. We all love these type of players, they're a great addition to the server community.

    However, restricting boxing really limits how involved these players can be and what they can do as the server progresses. Those without multiple computers are likely to fall off quicker as attrition hits. Truebox really limits the feasibility of this casual playstyle for players to be able to log on and go do stuff or be able to start their own groups, especially later into a server's life.
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  6. psybob Journeyman

    I mentioned in another thread but why Not find a way to add Mercs into the game at onset? Dont allow them in ANY raids, or group settings with or more than 2-3 people. I think that would Help the Box haters that have to stand around , that cant afford more accounts , or just the lack of equipment to box, It would help them to do stuff while waiting for groups or needing help with a quest when they cant get help or during Non-Peak hours.
  7. Captain Video Augur

    It already exists, just play on a Live server. TLPs are not for that purpose.
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  8. psybob Journeyman

    Spoken like a True boxer. Dont want nothing to take his gravy train away. FYI i do play on live but i also play TLPs , my right to do so. Just like ALOT of others if you havent noticed past your rose colored glasses that would like to see , either Boxers go away(wont happen) or give casuals, and off peak players something to help them.
  9. Captain Video Augur

    Your tone is needlessly insulting and a violation of forum etiquette. I don't 6-box or even 3-box, and I have never in my life either bought or sold a Krono. My two subbed accounts are paid for the old-fashioned way. I also buy the expansions.

    The reality is that TLPs are not for everyone. You don't have to raid to enjoy a TLP experience, but you can't count on playing at your own slow pace, things are going to move on without you. The company provides all the help you ask for, and then some, on any Live server. And if you're only interested in playing through the Classic-PoP experience, you can do all that for free! You're asking for changes on TLPs that have no chance of happening. The player set you claim to be speaking for is a LOT smaller than you think, and the company knows that, they have these things called numbers.
  10. zurgar Journeyman

    Yeah, but i am not going to purchase more computers just to play multiple EQ accounts.

  11. Zrender Augur

    Agreed and there is far more than just the 2k logged in continuously to consider on p99, man. There is also the fact that even p99 green has been at max expansion for over a year now and it still maintains those player counts and that's not even unique player counts over the course of the day, that's concurrent. Even for streaming and youtube p99 eats live's lunch. People may think that's not largely because of anti-boxing but personally it's the major draw of p99. I say this as someone who has boxed up to 10 accounts on official eq and played at least classic and some up to GoD on every generation of tlps since ragefire. I've grown to think it's lame and I think many people would flock to a no-box server. I certainly would, I'd even pay double sub to cover enforcement.
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  12. Ishbu Augur

    Many people flock to every new TLP that they release in the spring. That is not in question for any ruleset. There is krono to be made if nothing else.

    The question is, do you think people would stay on a no-box server? Not just for a year until the next set of TLPs, but for the long haul?

    Logically one would think that if a strict no boxing server was so appealing, that same segment of the player base would find Aradune, at the very least, enticing, as its a 2 box max limit, and not that far from a no box idea. Aradune still has a long ways to go before it reaches live, yet its been just one of many low population servers for quite a while now, so one would be lead to believe that limiting boxing does not actually create a larger long term appeal.

    Mischief looks to be the only unique ruleset with that kind of long term appeal to a larger player base. No small part of that is that their ruleset is their own, there is no other TLP that comes close to the same rules, and that has undeniably helped its population to remain high. As we have similar rulesets to a no box server, we can reasonably state that the demand just isnt there for one.

    Realistically, Aradune showed how impossible it would be for DB to truly enforce a no box server, while any attempts to do that would be just lowering their own bottom line. I seriously doubt we will ever see another server that actively prohibits boxing past what Truebox already does.
  13. Zrender Augur

    But yes, Aradune was appealing. Right up until it became clear that the 2-box limit wasn't being enforced. To your other points, of course no-box is risky because they would need it to not only add more players that are going to play regardless of the ruleset but also more than they would bring including boxes. A counter argument to that of course is that if people feel more connected to their singe account and are enjoying the increased social interactions from single box then they may spend more in other areas and stick around longer and also it is something that I think would bring in or back players that have no interest in boxing and don't want it at all. edit-Also, your argument for Aradune is a bit strawman because it's not a single box server, it's a 2 box server which is vastly different, clr+enc can clear pretty much anything a full group can in classic, full stop. I'm not against a Mischief type server, it's even included in a post I just made for my top picks but let's not downplay the desire for single box, the fact that WoW is headed that way even when just the boxes in wow probably accounted for 10x more revenue than the entire eq franchise speaks volumes.
  14. Greensealilly Journeyman

    Funny. I have never seen anything in p99 that even resembled multiboxing and though I'm sure someone gets away with it occasionally here and there, the knowledge that it's insta-perma-ban pretty much eliminates it as effecting anyone in the game negatively doesn't it? Meaning if someone came to your camp and thought it was being dual boxed and called a gm you pretty much know both your accounts are done because they are going to make you show you aren't boxing. So basically all you could really do there as far as boxing is very minimal and really isn't going to effect the overall experience for anyone else even remotely. You're not going to lock down a spawn multiboxing on p99 lol. Contrast that to official eq.. I actually prefer official eq but your claim, even if true, doesn't mean anything because, again, even if it's possible to sneak it by in some remote non-named spot in p99, you still know that you'll be insta-banned if anyone finds what you're doing suspect and reports.
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  15. Triconx Augur

    Considering some of the biggest cheaters and most toxic players who played on Aradune are playing P99 that should tell you all you need to know about P99.

    By the way your entire description of P99 really highlights what a steaming pile of manure it is.
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  16. StopCrying2020 New Member

    To get rid of the box armies on these servers you will need to do 2 things.
    1) Turn all xp in normal zone to like.0001 xp per kill
    2) turn all normal zones people xp in to 6 man instances.
    Doing that will make it harder for people to not only sell PL's but will also turn leveling their groups into a task that will take FOREVER to do and in the long run wouldn't be worth the effort.

    I would never play on a truebox server since i like boxing as well as all my friends i have in this game. The problem with truebox servers is it produces an economy for RMT'ers. If normal people that love true box and hate boxers would stop paying for PL's and items from the box armies, you wouldn't have this problem on your servers. The box armies are only there to make money, for which the true boxers pay for.
  17. FranktheBank Augur

    This would stop AE PL groups and nothing else.
  18. StopCrying2020 New Member

    Which would be a good start. Wouldn't it be? Also, When you can only level 1 group at a time it would take box armies a long to level up their groups. Almost to the point where it wouldn't be worth it. So they wouldn't be flooding the market with gear.
  19. FranktheBank Augur

    Thats like... a very small fraction lol
  20. StopCrying2020 New Member

    Then what is the problem people are having with these box armies on true box servers??
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