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Discussion in 'Test Update Notes and Bug Roundup' started by EQ Dev, Aug 6, 2018.

  1. xxGriff Augur

    All of this is moot if you cannot stay connected beyond banking, TSing or just standing around. Disconnects/Crashes are still plaguing the server. can this be addressed? as it stands Test is simply a chat room at present status.
  2. Horyuken Augur

    Well that's the purpose of the test sever?! I'm sure they are working on it and will have it fixed as soon as they can. I'm glad the problems showed up on "TEST" first and hopefully won't impact "Production" servers.
  3. xxGriff Augur

    Your attempt at devils advocate fails. this has been an issue for days, and yet the debate rages over Glyphs. test is not a reliable testbed for anything if clients crash on seemingly any random action. viewing inventory in the GL> poof to Desktop. Zoning, same effect. some semblance of attention and.or progress is too much to ask?
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  4. gotwar Augur

    The patch was yesterday. Here is one of the developer's responses in regards to the crashing:

    This was regarding data and crash reports posted by players.

    This was the last update we received, near the end of the work day. I would assume any potential solutions will make it to Test sometime Soon (TM).

    Developers usually respond to bugs (like the instance crash one) in the "New Bugs" thread, rather than the "Patch Notes Discussion" thread. The former is for bug reports, while the latter (this one) is for arguing about balance, glyphs, and which class is the new OPness.

    You can find the New Bugs thread for the 8/8 patch here:

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  5. josh Augur

    It really is quite a bit worse than that though even, two different buff sources of the hit damage SPA don't stack, even if they are both on you, only the strongest is applied. so for instance, if you have 11% mammoth's force on you, the 15% boost from the glyph is only a 4% increase. warrior's and berserkers both have battle leap warcry, which is 45% of that particular spa and it is permanent, so that part of the glyph would be utterly useless for them. Every melee class and most hybrid classes have a version of that SPA. Its non stacking nature makes it kinda sucky for it to be on a glyph, especially considering mammoth's force is already 11%.

    Nobody really complained about this when the glyph was 5 aa's cuz,whatever, but at 40 aa's? you gotta be joking.
  6. drEvil Journeyman

    - - The Stoneservant golems are now body type Construct instead of Humanoid.

    Devs, what do you think about changing body types on a lot of raid mobs that are Humanoid and made trivial with "out of era" AA's by rogues and rangers doing huge damage with assassinate/HS due to the NPC level being quite low in relativity? A few that come to mind: A Rathe Councilman, a lot of Gates of Discord golems in Ikkinz raids, Tacvi raid trash, a corrupted construct, an elite mastruq destroyer, an elite mastruq berseker, an elite mastruq crusher. I don't think the previous expansion raid content should be made completely trivial by a few overpowered classes.
  7. TesterQuest1 New Member

    Just popped a dz on test for temple of veeshan - none of the dragons have motm on them. Is this going to launch on Coirnav this way? I'll check Kael and report back soon.
  8. Monkman Augur

    What about allowing shaman epic to stack with glyph again? I wouldn’t mind 40 per if they did that
  9. TesterQuest1 New Member

    Kael dz does not have motm on any mobs either.
  10. Leigo Augur

    So ran HS'd a few mobs on test today.. the root break isn't as bad as everyone thinks. 1/10 mobs i got a break. Now able to use Fire,Ice and Poison arrows... More dps! I think it was a fair trade. 1 mob broke and i punted it, it was dead before fluster wore off.
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  11. Jhenna_BB Augur

    I did the same on Test for about an hour and I concur. 1 mob out of every 10 is a pretty realistic guestimate to how much the arrows break root. Some of it might be headshot beats down FM blues efficiently, but really what else are people going to do with headshot?

    I'll add that the arrow procs go off a lot and as is stated in the patch message, it was clear they don't break root.
  12. Piznut Lorekeeper

    While i do applaud the changes to the SK epic to make it more tolerable, please consider changing the enchanter epic as well.

    I'm not an enchanter, but every time I go through Neriak there are 15-20 people sitting in the room waiting for Verina Tomb to spawn. That's not even counting the same thing going on in Cabilis, and then the Wraith in Fear.

    There are just too many bottlenecks for a TLP for those poor guys.
  13. Kinadorm Augur

    The new Turgur's Swarm AA says it has a passive resist mod added to the spell to make it more comparable to the replaced AA version it is replacing. Can the same be done with the Malaise\Wind of Malaise AA changes?

    On Live the AA Wind of Malosinete is currently unresistable and the AA Malosinete has a negative 200 resist check. It would be nice if you would make the new AA's unresistable but at least a passive neg200 check is warranted I think.
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  14. Raptour_MT Elder

    I tested the arrow proc spells for a while and this is what I found.
    1. The spell tooltip damage is lower than the AA tooltip and the DOT portion of Flame and Poison arrows are doing about 60% less damage per tick than labeled.
    2. The overall mana cost increased On live, Poison arrows costs you about 1075 mana every 6 secs. On Test if you proc once every 6 secs you spend 2400 mana, you proc more than that with a 400% proc rate, it costs you more mana over time if you are constantly shooting your bow.
    3. With Scarlet Cheetah Fang active, they now use charges, which means if you proc while Cheetah is active you spend 4800 mana on Poison arrows for a non-focused nuke with a DoT that gets overwritten. Making these horribly mana inefficient on a burn.
    Can you look into increasing the proc damage, removing the dot, thereby saving already limited debuff slots on raid mobs? Also, can these be affected by our Focus Effects? These would be useful with some mana preservation and damage focus effects from gear, as it stands now, they just cost Double the mana than live.
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  15. Jhenna_BB Augur

    I second the removal of the DoT damage from Poison and Fire arrows. Those have to be completely banned from casting on raids because the DoT damage is a compete and total waste of a debuff slot. (Increasing the buff slots on raid mobs would also be acceptable for this).
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  16. kizant Augur

    Even worse is that pet class got a nice buff with the new AA. The ones that needed it least lol.
  17. Kiadan Dakine New Member

    A lot of instances seem to be down or unresponsive.
    Sunday 21:31pm EST - Unable to zone into Plane of Life from Health. Also clicking Secondary Anchor [Housing is in Woodcoast] shows a successful cast and cooldown but my character is left standing where it was in Life.
    Saturday PM no instances raids were spolling up (Sanctus SOmnium, than Old Man McKenzie Vox/Naggy - than Citadel of Anguish for other stuff)

    Kiadan Da'Kine-Primal Brood
  18. Angahran Augur

    Why ? It's not like HT does any significant damage to anything current.
  19. HappyPanda Augur

    Is it possible this is broken or had unintended consequences?

    I tested for 15 minutes with headshot rank 1, had 28 triggers or close to 2/min.
    I then testcopied and tested 15 minutes and had 4 triggers.

    Maybe this was intended, I'm not familiar enough with the higher levels 5-31 of headshot to know if 4 triggers in 15 minutes is normal, but 4 triggers from 28 is a pretty brutal nerf.
  20. HappyPanda Augur

    Would you be willing to comment on my prior post just to let me know what sort of results one might expect from higher levels of headshots?
    Just looking for some input from someone who may be better aware of what the levels 5-31 trigger rate actually is in case the results were normal or expected.

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