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  1. Piemastaj Augur

    So, if you clear the expansion in 1 raid night you are penalized by not being able to glyph for every event currently. And that is because of the AA cap. Seems legit.

    Figured it would be some absurd number. Did not think it would go over 20 a glyph though. o_O
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  2. Jhenna_BB Augur

    I wasn't sure of the feedback glyph AA cost would receive, so I waited for others to complain first haha. While I'm grateful for the improvements 40 AA cost on these glyphs is a bit excessive. 10 AA's per rank is much more in line with prior ranks - 15 at the most.

    It's seems silly to make the improvements and then make cost so high as to make players reconsider using the glyphs. While Rangers would have considerably less trouble than other classes raking in the AA's (see? I luff you all!) it's really sort of mean spirited to expect classes that can't solo as easily to top off the AA's between raidst. The player base has been practically begging for these glyphs to be made viable at 110 since beta. This is dangling a carrot to a starving horse. Who wants to be mean to such a beautiful, majestic beast as a horse. Who doesn't love a pretty horsie!

    Oh shush, I'm a Ranger, remember. We love animals! :p

    Edit: An idea that popped into my head after posting:

    When 100 AA's was the cap, we could bank 20 glyphs. At 220 AA's banked cap, that's 11 AA's per glyph to again be able to bank 20. Banking 15 or so glyphs would seem more fair than 40 AA's per and in line with how things had been prior to level 110. I know things really became out of whack banked AA's wise since Synergy AA's caused such a large increase in potential banked AA's but at 40 points per that's 5.5 glyphs banked. That's a really annoying nerf.
  3. Warpeace Augur

    I thought Rangers were going to start AA PL groups the day before and after raids to solve this problem.
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  4. Wulfhere Augur

    I think it's only a max AA market anyways. I've never had a max AA character and have never spent AA on a glyph.
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  5. Wulfhere Augur

    This is the same nerf bat that was swung at the Ward of Tunare line of spells 10 years ago to nerf paladin swarming ability: limiting the frequency of the heal procs. I doubt that it will impact the overall mechanics, only the heals per second.
  6. svann Augur

    Any chance of getting glyph of arcane secrets to work on bard songs that cost mana?
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  7. Kinadorm Augur

    I like the idea behind the Malosinete and Wind of Malosinete changes but the spells are resisted frequently because they have a low resist check compared to the AA. A lot of times I have to land the AA before I can get the spell versions to land. Can the spells be changed to have the resist checks that the AA version had? Maybe even unresistible like our Malo/Malos spells were.

    What is the reason for changing the Turgur's Swarm AA? You are wiping out a decade of our AA Slow development and reverting us back to using a RoKunark level spell. The original spell has no resist mod, shorter duration, and lower slow percentage than the live AA. Over the years the AA line was continually upgraded in lieu of an upgraded spell version. It is a bit ridiculous that we are expected to go back to using a RoKunark spell now. Please undo this change and leave Turgur's Swarm as it was.

    Turgur's Virulent Swarm - Just make this cast an AE version of the live Turgur's Swarm AA instead of making it cast Turgur's Insects.

    The cast time on the Lupine Spirit AA is excessively long. I think it should be 3 seconds max.

    Soothsayer's Intervention recast time is not being affected by the "Improved Ancestral Intervention" focus AA. To be comparable to the spell it needs to have its recast dropped down to 1m30s like the spell.
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  8. Jondalar Augur

    So why add an AA shaman intervention that is worse than the existing spell and locks the spell out? Why would it ever be used? Or are you removing the spell or changing the spells recast timer to nerf it to match?
  9. Bigstomp Augur

    Thank you for the reply sir. I'm just struggling to see an event it would be useful now.

    Previously the rat raid (plane of health), and lcenium it was useful for the aggro lock.

    Without aggro lock, I can't see anything recently we'd want to move that normal aggro moves wouldn't work on. (that are affected - soon as rares/raid bosses are excluded, it was only useful for aggro)
    Especially if we're dragging it around without the aggro lock so it hits random people we drag it past.

    Edit: Maybe golems on vault raids? Beyond that it feels like a nerf. And that takes some impressive timing so you can pull them before they pull you.
  10. DaciksBB Augur


    We will very rarely get the first part of the ability but I have a few situations in mind for the minimum damage modifier (even though it is tiny). We just have a lot of abilities that increase minimum damage and rage doesn't exactly fit the theme of monks. Just feels kinda lazy.
  11. Sinvianne New Member

    Still having issues with being booted to the desktop. It is happening when i zone into a zone - happens when i pull a mob - happens when i click illusion - happens when i try and loot with advloot.

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  12. Nilwean Lorekeeper

    Let's not forget that the AE version has a better resist check and hits more targets.
    In the single version you missed Fixation of Ro (fixated blessing of ro casts both...) so the loss is higher.
  13. Ruven_BB Augur

    40aa is to much. In addition, the max aa cap should be raised if its going to stay, since guilds that raid several days in a row, versus guilds that break up raid days through the week are now disadvantaged.

    If the max gets boosted to 1000 aa, give folks a reason to log on an grind some more I guess, but as others have stated it hoses classes that are unable to solo effectively. At a minimum, the banked aa should be able to handle the number of raids in current content. 9 raids at 40 a pop is 360aas to keep an even playing field.

  14. Quickwind New Member

    Saw someone else mention the issue with crashing. It's a bit insane and I hope it can be looked at quickly. Can't really test anything if I can't keep eq running for more than a few minutes.
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  15. Quickwind New Member

  16. Qbert Augur

    For it to be useful does not require it be useful on raids.
  17. gotwar Augur

    I think it's good to take a step back and look at what glyphs are currently used for. Players and guilds use these so that we can see what our "maximum potential" is. They're largely used to point to a big number on a parse. This has the side effect of speeding up raid events by a few seconds.

    It's not a game breaking increase. It's a fun thing for maxed out players to use to squeeze that extra bit of pewpew juice from their class.

    And let's be honest: any guild that is struggling to complete content isn't suddenly popping glyphs to destroy events they were otherwise incapable of completing.

    Having the glyph cost be so prohibitively high doesn't really do anything from a balance or design perspective; it just limits the amount of fun players can have min/maxing on a given raid night, and encourages more mindless grinding in order to have that fun.

    That's an unnecessarily punishing design feedback loop.

    Something in the 10-20 range makes a lot more sense, given the consolidation of glyphs. This reflects the (sort of) added power of the consolidation without making glyphs feel punishingly expensive to use.
  18. Spellfire Augur

    15 - 20 would be reasonable, the upgrade is not worth 40 aa's imo.
  19. segap Augur

    10 should be the max. You're all falling in to a trap. Raise the cost to an obscene amount, to maybe drop it to something still stupid like 20 to look like we're getting a great deal.
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  20. Spellfire Augur

    I didn't want people calling me a filthy casual if asking this to cost 10 :oops:!
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