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Discussion in 'Test Update Notes and Bug Roundup' started by EQ Dev, Aug 6, 2018.

  1. Jhenna_BB Augur

    I saw a post pretty much echoing what you say in the TLP forums and I just wanted to ask: Do players on TLP servers understand the chance to trigger head shot is based directly off your Heroic Dexterity score? If I'm not mistaken, 400 Heroic Dexterity (or was it more like 150 or 250? I'm blonde, I forget) is the price of admission to have head shot trigger twice every 2 mins. This has been the case since the Heroic stat Mods patch during Tier 3 RoF era (level 100). As Heroic Dexterity score grows, the rate of head shot firing increases. Once a player gets to TBM gear and gains type 5 augmentation slots, the fire rate increase becomes very reliable as in group gear a player can get to like 1000 Heroic Dexterity. You would also need all the games best type 7/8 Dex augs and full 32 Dex type 5's plus the 3 40 Dex drop augs to reach a score like that at that level. A quick peak to Phinigal Server rankings on Magelo (as that server is at the level for rank 4) show the highest Heroic Dex score as being 82. That's why at rank 4 it's a terrible fire rate. The fact that rank 1-3 is firing more is the actual bug, I believe. It's not that ranks 4+ are necessarily broken. Make sense? :)
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  2. gotwar Augur

    HT can hit for upwards of 5,000,000 damage. Granted, it's on a long recast, but that's still "Dedicated caster DPS class burning with Chromatic Haze running" levels of damage. I wouldn't call that insignificant.

    Not that I'm complaining, but let's not minimize the usefulness or power of Harm Touch. Also, this crit rate change isn't all that significant, since SK's are running at/near 100% crit rate when they HT anyway (on raids).
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  3. Leigo Augur

    the trigger rate as i see it is unchanged. Live and Test I am getting the same rate. Though my HS is max level I suppose the rate is most likely higher in ranks 1-4
  4. Angahran Augur

    I don't play a caster so I don't know what levels of DPS they are putting out.
    Personally, if I HT a mob, for 5 million damage, and it's HP bar doesn't even register movement, that's insignificant.
  5. Sancus Augur

    Both of these have already been mentioned, but I really want to emphasize two points:

    1. 40 AAs is too much for Glyphs, especially with a cap of 220 banked AAs. Top end raiders don't need glyphs to win events, and many of them are just not going to bother given the 40 AA cost. Those that do won't be able to use them on every event. In either instance, the marginal upgrades don't outweight the cost increase, making this an overall DPS decrease for us. Mid tier raiders often don't even have max AA, and as such the significant cost precludes them from benefitting from glyphs. Even for those that do, wasting 40 AAs on multiple raid attempts for progression is going to be incredibly frustrating. I don't really see the target group for these new Glyphs, they just aren't worth the cost as is.

    2. Malaise and Wind of Malaise are getting resisted way too often. Having them cast a stronger rank of Malo is nice, but it isn't worth the additional resists. Really at this point, the Malo spell line needs its resist modifier adjusted significantly. Needing a resist debuff to land your resist debuff makes no sense, especially for Wind of Malaise, given all of the mobs it hits need to be debuffed before it'll even land consistently.
  6. gotwar Augur

    If you're Harm Touching a 50 million hitpoint named NPC for 5 million damage, it's HP bar is going to drop by 10%. There is no group content mob that wouldn't see "significant" movement from 5 million damage.

    If you're talking about raid content, then there is no single ability that moves a raid boss's HP bar like that.

    Harm Touch does a lot of damage. Not really sure why anyone would argue it doesn't.
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  7. sojero Augur

    HT does a good amount of damage in 1 hit, but because of its recast (18-21 min? cant remember exact off my head) it is not that big of a deal for overall nightly dps. It can boost a single quick burn sure. But when you consider most the DPS class fulminations are doing 2-2.4 mil dmg every 60 seconds (including SK) HT is not that big a deal at all. All about perspective.
  8. Baldur Augur

    A lot of us tried to say this when TSS first launched on phinny and we noticed the HS decrease with the new tiers of HS and that it was most likely because of the low hdex on TLP servers.

    We were met with most of the player base and the devs saying we were wrong. Hell, the devs didn't even believe that ranks 1-4 were procing way more than 5+.

    As it stands all ranks of HS are now worthless on all current TLPs after this patch. It really needs to be reworked when you have low hdex to proc at a somewhat decent rate. 4 procs every 15 mins is just dumb.
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  9. Daedly Augur

    I didn't mean that it should be or anything. Just when I read something like that, I expect there to be some kind "catch" added as well that results in an overall nerf. Hope there wasn't though.
  10. Fnyanea Augur

    So im guessing this is gonna go live without being addressed? Malo too i assume?
  11. moogs Augur

    Raid invites while zoning. More chat filters. Banestrike animation removed. Improved druid spells. I like it.
  12. HappyPanda Augur

    It would be nice if it could key off of some stat that was more available for the first few ranks. We already know the logic is separate, it shouldn't be too hard to modify I wouldn't think. Making it dependent on a stat that you can't really get at a time when you can get the first ranks is unfortunate.

    I wish they would leave it like they seem to have intended at 2ppm like it currently was in Rank 1 with raid gear.
  13. Angahran Augur

    It really says something about the state of the game when anytime there is any positive improvement to something we are all looking for the nerf to go along with it so that it's actually worse than before the 'improvement'.

    Does anyone know what the increase actually is for a 'critical' ? Is it double, triple, or some hyper-convoluted formula that requires advanced knowledge of quantum theory to figure out ?
  14. Greymantle Augur

    Question for clairification on the changes to rangers AA arrow spells. You indicate they will no longer 'consume' mana while running, and will only consume it when they trigger. These are proc's on the sucsessfull hit of an arrow.

    The original version consumened from 300 to 1075 mana per tick while active. One tick = 6 seconds, i know i can shoot a lot of arrows in 6 seconds, plus the chance of trickshot going off. If these things take the same amount of mana per proc we are gonna run out super fast if we ever use them.

    So what is the mana cost per proc on the 3 types please?
  15. gotwar Augur

    It's not really that complicated. The number is listed in your AA window for Destructive Fury. For Shadow Knights your base is 275%. This can be modified by critical damage modifiers like Illusions of Grandeur.

    It's not as simple as (base)*(3.75), but it also doesn't take a math degree to figure out. It's all basic adding and multiplying, taken in steps.

    I'll bite for giggles and grins.

    Taking our top parsing SK from a full RoS clear last night, he did just a hair over 256 million damage for the whole night combined. That's not going to be even close to entirely accurate, because parsing a combined evening never is, but it's a decent relative baseline. We raided for just about 3 hours.

    I was able to quickly pull 3 large harm touch casts from my log. Two were for 4.75 million and one was for 5.9 million (!). He had 7 other casts (we had a long, laggy Sathir Line event, don't ask) of Harm Touch. Since I didn't pull data for those 7 other casts, I'm going to assume an average of 1.5 million each. That's well within the damage range for Harm Touch casts. I'm conveniently picking 1.5 because it makes the math here easy and fits this narrative, but it's a safe average to use regardless, especially with strong raid-wide ADPS coordination.

    This would put his total damage for 10 harm touches at 25 million damage.

    That's 10% of his entire combined damage from ten casts of a single ability.

    Note that this doesn't even include the additional 100k DoT ticks that Harm Touch creates after its been cast. We're also using a pretty low average for those other 7 casts, given that harm touch base damage is already 900,000 all by itself. The 6 ticks for 100,000 are already putting us at that 1.5 million average, assuming 0 crits.

    It's not hard to see how the total harm touch damage for an evening could exceed 30, even 40 million. I wouldn't be surprised to see top-tier SK's self parsing at around 300-400mil for a full RoS clear (Drogbaa, care to chime in?). That would still be 10% of their damage.

    Don't worry, I'm not trying to argue that Harm Touch is OP. I think it's probably fine where it is. I'm just showing that, from any perspective, Harm Touch does a lot of damage. You can't really argue otherwise without looking silly.
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  16. Waring_McMarrin Augur

    Gotwar, how does that 256 million damage from the SK rank with everyone's else damage? In the end does it really matter how much of the SK's dps comes from HT if they are still being outparsed dps wise by the dps classes?
  17. gotwar Augur

    Not really, no. But the argument isn't "Are SK's doing a lot of damage?" It's, "Does Harm Touch do a lot of damage?"

    Yes, Harm Touch does a lot of damage. Again, compare its damage numbers to what you see from the biggest hits currently available - full burn Chromatic Haze'd caster nukes. These are generally considered to be one of the strongest sources of burst damage in the game, and the damage between them is comparable. You're not going to find a single DPS caster main who would try to argue "Well, relative to XYZ, Chromatic Hazed nukes aren't that significant..."

    I'm kind of bewildered that anyone would argue otherwise, to be honest. It's a very strong ability.
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  18. mmats Augur

    Im going to have to disagree with this, based on the likelihood that your parse simply didnt catch the majority of his non-HT damage. By your own admission, you only detected 3 of his 10 HT's. So youre missing 70% of the data.

    If an HT every 20min is doing 10% of an SK's total damage, then they are probably afk for 15min between HT casts.
  19. gotwar Augur

    How much damage do your Shadow Knights do combined for an entire RoS clear? I already admitted that I missed a large portion of his damage. But I also greatly underestimated the amount of harm touch damage. Unless your SK's are doing quite a bit more than ~500 million damage in an evening of raiding, my 10% figure is likely still going to hold. Maybe they are doing that much - now I'm genuinely curious!

    Not that it matters - even if it was only 5%, that's still a significant portion of damage to come from a single ability. Harm Touch does a lot of damage.
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  20. mmats Augur

    I almost never parse anymore, and I dont have any saved for reference, but look at it this way. Assuming you are very lucky with your HT casts, maybe you do 10 million damage every 20 minutes. Thats just over 8k dps in best case scenario.

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