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  1. Sancus Augur

    Do you know that (due to some private communication), or is that an assumption? To the uninformed onlooker, the wording of that note is extraordinarily ambiguous and does not at all indicate that it's specific to wave mephits (especially given it explicitly mentions armors as well).
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  2. code-zero Augur

    What does remember hate credit when blurred even mean? Are fade and FD and all the other aggro dropping abilities going to stop working?

    If I've charmed something for crowd control and we evac is the former pet going to come tearing across the zone after us?
  3. FawnTemplar Augur

    So that explains mephits but not armors, which are specifically mentioned. I know that several of the guilds who have beat UEE lock down the animated, wave, and rock hallways with CC after 25%. So, if it is the case that that is no longer a viable strat, that seems to make the event harder.
  4. svann Augur

    I can tell you that bard fade works, and bard silent displacement still clears hate. Though it may be a bug that silent displacement also drops hate even for people not in your group. Seems like ideally it should only work for people in group, if I understand the intent of the change.
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  5. Tadenea Augur

    Banner costs 10k
    Campfire Costs 1k
    for new special effects

    Also not mention in patch notes Ranger BP clicky has had its hate reduced (no more out agroing tanks bowing)
  6. Wulfhere Augur

    Wow, the last time I thought a patch nerf was this egregious and game breaking was ... the Bard PBAE movement nerf. A total over reaction to clever (not smart) players that destroyed the game play of a class for generations.
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  7. Riou Augur

    It's damage not hate, so people cant spam blur or charm your mobs and steal them from you
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  8. Warpeace Augur

    Knee jerk reaction to TLP complains yet again?

    RIP mass TL to facilitate raid a wipe and recovery.

    Fade abilities sound like they are getting another huge nerf thanks to TLP?

    The DoT change was horrible to start with and already was eating into some classes ability to fade agro if things went bad.

    So instead of dealing with a few bad players the masses will now be punished. Great plan.
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  9. Kahna Augur

    None of this will effect a player's ability to fade off mobs if the aggro goes bad. The mobs are just "remembering" who dealt the most damage purely for determining who gets credit for the kill. Mobs will still drop hate and not reaggro if you fade. Just now, if someone mem-blurs your mob after you did 80% of the damage and kills it the rest of the way, it will remember that you did 80% and give you the loot.

    And considering people have been complaining about this on TLPs for at least the last 3 years, this is hardly a "knee jerk reaction". If you aren't trying to KS people using mem-blur or charm this change is unlikely to impact you at all.
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  10. josh Augur

    People use ae tl to escape a wiping raid? you seriously sit there while a raid is wiping and wait for someone to cast ae tl? you know there are like half a dozen clickies that will get you out of their way faster right? not to mention, evac. this literally doesn't matter.

    also, there is no nerf to fade, fade isn't even mentioned. it says nothing about hate, it is about damage. For the purposes of determining who gets kill credit, you can't just blur the mob when its almost dead and then nuke it real quick and steal a kill. This has absolutely nothing to do with fade or aggro.
  11. Koryu Augur

    Yes, people literally do use an AE TL to leave a wiping raid. It's possible to recognize the signs early, or even expect it because you're trying a new strat. You can leave the TL confirmation box up and not acknowledge it for a long time before it expires. Just because this is a tool that you don't use does not mean it's a tool that nobody uses.
  12. Intenso Augur

    Pretty sure can use aetl to escape raid mechanics like in final ros raid bit late nerfing but
  13. kizant Augur

    The problem is you cant trust TLP players. They just want new ways to abuse mechanics so they complain about fake issues hoping the 'fix' will create more.
  14. svann Augur

    Back in TDS days (in my previous guild) we used to put up a TL window just in case. I forget which one, but one of the versions the accept window lasts 5 minutes so it was fairly easy to apply. That said, it wasnt really much of a tactic since if enough are dead that you have to call get out, then you still have to wait out their res timers. And as you say, there are a ton of clickies to substitute.

    But then if you arent using it to "get out" anyway then its no loss, right?
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  15. Monkman Augur

    I don’t play on TLPs but I use the “most recent” tab to sort my forum posts and the amount of posts relating to people on TLPs complaining about enchanters/bards charming and gating away rare mobs/key mobs/quest mobs is insane. It’s a pretty grimy tactic if you ask me and I’m glad they’re changing it. As for the AE TL i cant remember the last time we used that method to avoid wipes. Now if my stein doesn’t work during combat we got problems.
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  16. Tucoh Augur

    Glad to see the evolving item soothing augs get fixed! Will be interested to hear if they stack.
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  17. Wulerdar Elder

    I's assuming that campfires won't stack with guild banners right ?
  18. Meredyth Elder

    Devs: the teleport nerf making them only work out of combat is a significant nerf and should not be implemented. PLEASE RECONSIDER and do not push that change live. The damage credit persisting through memblur and charm is good, charm breaking on Gate Teleport COTH Res TL is good, but making teleports work only out of combat is a major quality of life nerf that is not needed.

    Now people will simply get left behind if a mob walks up and hits them while a port is being cast, that is going to be majorly annoying. Some raids will be different now like Vishimtar if people can’t TL out to avoid Creeping Doom spawning an add. Sometimes the eggs bug out and keep spawning and nobody will be able to port out now if an egg breaks while loot is being done. I am certain there are other raids that will be affected too. Also, you could now grief someone by training a mob on them before they can port out.

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  19. Hadesborne Augur

    Thank you for the changes!
  20. Moege Augur

    Calm down: Teleport is not getting touched Translocation is the culprit, cast by druid/wizard. You know the one that pops up a little box that says SuperWizard wants to teleport you to AwesomeGuildhall Accept Yes/No

    Evac will still work
    Gate will still work
    Drunkard Stein will still work
    Mage doors will still work
    Brick of Knowledge will still work
    Talisman will still work
    All teleport spells that do not give you an option box will work

    Clicking Yes will not.

    Translocation spells have a long cast time 12s if I remember correctly. If you are trying to escape a train with translocate then you already failed
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