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  1. xxGriff Augur

    Up drop rates and then remove summoning reagents from vendors in the GL... /facepalm being told this will be "fixed" on next true up to live with no timeline/ETA is simply unacceptable.
  2. Prathun Developer

    Mephit waves can't spawn during the "flee to the halls" mechanic.
    Mephits inflict less melee damage.

    How would one pronounce Likeee? :eek:
  3. Heavy New Member

    Is there any chance you can prevent others from dispelling charm on enchanter pets? I can see this happening more frequently with the charm-gate adjustments on TLP's. My pets are dispelled anytime a dps race is happening already.

    Also, what happens if my charm does 51% of the damage to a mob, then someone dispells it, do I retain the damage the pet did?
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  4. Mintalie Augur

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  5. FawnTemplar Augur

    Outside of your word, there is no evidence that this change is limited to only wave mephits. Since armors were specifically mentioned it seems reasonable to assume that armors will also be effected. Armors not being effected by CC is what will make the event harder. Wave mephits not being rootable will actually be a nice change since they are constantly getting rooted out of line of sight. What we want to know about is the armors.
  6. Gemdiver38 New Member

    Still no fix for Wraith of Shissar and Broken Golem to appear in instances on TLP servers with Mangler going into Kunark. Just changing the initial spawn of each of those mobs to be 2 hours after zone creation instead of 24 would make them appear in instances of Plane of Fear with no impact on live servers. 5 of the top 7 player-voted issues on dgcissuetracker.com are related to this over the past few years. https://dgcissuetracker.com/browse/EQ-780. Every other classes' multi-day respawn raid mobs necessary for their epic 1.0 quests are able to be spawned and killed within instances to avoid grief and bottlenecking that instancing on TLPs was intended to avoid.

    Why is such a fix that is so simple to implement, with minimal impact to live servers, and that TLP players have been asking for for years still not implemented ? When can enchanters and wizards finally join the rest of the TLP player base in getting their epics within era instead of just a few dozen players all because of the scripting for these two mobs was done at a time when the idea that a zone could exist for less than 24 hours did not exist in the game.

    The reason that delayed spawn was put into the game was to AVOID mass training and griefing at server-up, but it works the opposite way on TLP servers, since instances are the mechanism there to allow players to experience contested content and these mobs dont spawn in instances.
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  7. Arkeal_Rathe_Bots Journeyman

    one long extended like in question format with one half raised eyebrow and a puzzled look on your face.

    p.s.s Can we have a picture of you trying to say this?
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  8. Prathun Developer

    The mephits and the armors use the same spell landed scripts. The only difference is that the bane types don't inflict damage on the armors until their health has been reduced first.
    The change for the upcoming update prevents slow, root, and stun from landing. And while it was not originally intended that snare and mez stick, the goal of of the upcoming changes is to make the UEE raid easier overall, so that will continue to work. I believe the sum total of the changes will make the raid easier overall.
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  9. Kahna Augur

    You have these changes completely wrong.

    Blur/charm removes hate, the mob will still forget you, it just keeps tabs on who did dmg to it for the purpose of determining who gets kill credit. Kill credit is not hate, and will not make a mob aggro you.

    If you gate far enough away from the mob you have charmed distance will get it to drop aggro, and it won't come chasing after you. If you only gate a short distance it will, most likely, chase after you. Typically "the entire zone" is far enough to drop aggro.

    It means no translocate spell during aggro, other forms of teleporting that aren't translocate spells are unaffected.
  10. globeadue New Member

    Here's a thought, strip a teleported charmed pet of its items? Easy, simple and done. Existing honest/good gameplay using teleportation+charm doesn't change, bad/abusive teleport+charm behavior has no incentive to do so anymore.
  11. Prathun Developer

    If you have an NPC charmed, then charm will break.
    Nothing else.
    Overthere (spell 1199) does not use the Translocate SPA (104). It uses the Portal SPA (83).
  12. FawnTemplar Augur

    Thank you
  13. I-WANT-IT-NOW Elder

    Wasn't expecting a reply but thanks. You guys do some amazing stuff and for every ten things you guys do well there will always be the one thing that isn't that gets a 100 times the "chatter". I realize we are not privy to what you guys do in many cases and that we don't fully get who works on what because you guys wear a zillion hats all at once based on choices that are out of your hands. However in my bubble people are retiring in droves because of what they keep "seeing" comes from your guys time at this stage of the game. Its an old game so it has its own natural decay regardless but most were people that were probably here for life or at least a good while longer who finally saw enough and said that's it for me. They played for decades, not the people who play 2 months make silly demands and quit repeatedly, and have been dropping like flys since beta opened due to no time for this, that and the other "core" thing the past few years and instead see that there is time for constant nerfs to 5, 10, 20 year old stuff, that there is time for constant TLP related stuff, that there is time for fluff additions like faction windows, luck stat, chat tabs which no matter how you slice it while nice come at the expense of something else. Or the timing of stuff. Really broken or off an it sits. Just someones pet peeve and its changed 5 times over multiple patches or hot fixes immediately.

    To most who handles what doesn't matter its what ends up in game and what doesn't that matters. Interns, non devs, helpers, assistants whatever could spend time helping on core stuff like AA, spells, major problems like the debuff cap or dot revamps instead. If some things are viewed as "core" to the game and other stuff is fluff, when people constantly see there is time for all the fluff or un-needed nerfs, choices are being made that they don't agree with and after seeing it a few years now they decided enough was enough. You guys can't say there wasn't time for more AA and their tuning during beta and then spend the rest of the year nerfing AA which 9 times out of 10 were not needed, with people fearing patch notes like a hunger games reaping. Or say there wasn't time to add this item, focus or make this change during beta and then every other month make 20 different adjustments to items or their drop rates or their qualifying xp, the following month reverse it, the next month jump it back, over and over. Or have us hear that "fixing the advloot process is a priority" when the debuff cap and dot revamps have been pending for over 3 years and continually get worse and are back burnered.
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  14. josh Augur

    I'm aware of that use of it and think that is probably the use of it that is causing it to be changed.

    in tbm on the achievement where you get the dot and can't be healed to full health or you ae the raid, its a lot safer if you just leave an ae tl up and have the people who get the dot leave, can't ae the raid if you aren't there anymore. Not the best strategy but its a cheese that can be applied in many situations. I have no problem with them removing cheesy strategies by altering something that barely matters.
  15. Imak Augur

    Found your problem. Welcome.
  16. Sokki Augur

    They've said before that they can't make these universal changes only affect 1 server type or the other. I agree some of the changes that have come about from TLP's suck on live but you can't deny that the TLP's are bringing in a lot of money. These changes are very much needed to keep the TLP players happy and paying even if it is a slight inconvenience to live, they have to weigh the options and the minor inconvenience to live doesn't outweigh the benefit to TLP.
  17. NameAlreadyInUse Augur

    Are you suggesting that a charmed named mob would lose it's potential loot if is teleported? That wouldn't stop griefing at all, it would just prevent the griefer from profiting as much. They are still going to be an *** (and gate that mob just to make sure you can't get any loot if they can't get it).

    I think the point people miss about contested content is that it is contested. Now that the people who would use this tactic can't use it any more, they will just go back to the other tactics (like straight out-dpsing) and develop new tactics.

    Charm gating was never the problem. The problem is contested content and the competitive nature of humans. The answer to that problem seems to be private /picks. Making adjustments to the open-world PVP meta won't fix the real "problem" that the TLP and anti-bot/box crowd cries so loudly about.

    But it will make things interesting for a minute.
  18. Windance Lorekeeper

    I'll say it again. The only way you are going to be able to stop people from being asshats to other people to enforce some kind of play nice rules. Honestly you should be able to record a video of the problem children and get them suspended for a few days. After 2 or 3 times at bat start banning the accounts.

    No matter what changes you make to the game play these people will find a way around what ever system you put in place.
  19. Hadesborne Augur

    I will say it again. Thank you for the changes. I enjoy changes to the game that make it harder to cheese encounters and grief other players. This is a great step in the right direction.
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  20. HoodenShuklak Augur

    These are largely just good common sense fixes that address charm gating.

    Now what about fixing the raid tool or at least get rid of the lock unlock portion. That would be huge itself...
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