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  1. Meredyth Elder

    If charm breaks on teleport this change is not needed. Don’t let it happen and do not support it.

    Why should we just accept unnecessary nerfs?
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  2. I-WANT-IT-NOW Elder

    I don't see the big deal but if all those things still work why waste limited dev time on this? What benefit is it providing for whatever time was taken to make the change?

    Its the same with the charm blur whatever change. If person x kills 51% of mob then its blurred by someone ganking it who then kills 51% and blurs it again and kills another 51% who gets credit? Or does the first 51% always win no matter what? If not seems like people will still be able to do what they were doing before with just an extra step. But time was wasted making the change and other incidental related things were nerfed, that were around a lot longer than the TLP's.

    We are constantly told there isn't time for this, there isn't time for that, I didn't have time to add more AA, I didn't have time to add this focus, I didn't have time to make another item, I didn't have time to tune or add this spell yet its constant time thrown at problems that are not really problems or that are not really fixed. Literally hundreds of meaningless unfinished changes through out the year instead of what many consider core stuff first. Not core stuff shoved into 1 month or 2 time constrained months at the end of the year.

    Right now they should be creating, tuning and accepting feedback on new and old spells. Right now they should be creating, tuning and accepting feedback on new and old AA.
    Right now they should be working on the debuff cap problem or necromancer and shadowknight dot revamps even if its handled by people other than just aristo. People who have all this time to make the 300 random changes through out the year instead.
    Right now they should be making scripts, plans or whatever for raids so that the entire beta process isn't creating, figuring that out and finishing raids with everything else thrown under the bus because of time.

    Plan ahead.
  3. Moege Augur

    Imagine you sitting deep in a dungeon, hearing the patter of multiple creatures then seen a rush of them past your camp lead by a bard that has a bored expression on his face.

    What will your though be
    1. That bard is going to die
    2. I'm going to die when those creatures go back to their assigned location

    Now imagine your satisfaction when you both end up next to each other and the bard tells you: I expected to be instantly translocated to safety when I pressed a magical Yes button.

    In short translocate was being used to grief people at no risk.

    Go test the memblur change waiting to see what the result is of you experiment.

    We constantly like to complain about any change even when we don't understand the reasoning. Stop it. (yes me included)
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  4. Ghubuk Augur

  5. Derd Augur

    I never play on TLP Except at start up Just to put my character name on it. I am still happy they put these changes in , even at the expense of time on live. If you don't understand that those players are just as important as you , you don't understand business.
  6. I-WANT-IT-NOW Elder

    I fully admit I don't know all the reasons for many changes. I have zero issue with well thought out and constructive changes. I do have an issue with constantly wasting time for changes that are not well thought out or that don't really solve anything and just appear to be a bone tossed. When dev time or helper time or whomever it is that makes these changes is so limited these days. I could rattle off at least 20 changes in the past few months that while having good intentions could not have been thought about much or only looked at from one persons viewpoint. The devs as a whole need to get better at understanding they don't know it all and need to really think about things from multiple angles and have lots of eyes take a look before pressing done. This applies to AA, spells, items, tuning, content, messages, filtering, progression, nerfs, etc.

    I don't have issue with them fixing concerns for the TLP. But eye balling this problem you lay out quick and people still have evac, succor, fade, feign death, totems, zoning, gate, DA and other clickies at their disposal. So I fail to see how any problem was actually fixed but do know a lot of annoyance that was created. As far as I know training is still about the only thing they say is not allowed even if they don't have the resources to enforce it. If the problem is a toxic individual or culture then address that directly.

    Same with blur. I am not wasting my time testing anything but I imagine there are ways around it and if not a whole new way to grief people. Either with single mobs or even massive clumps of mobs sitting there that already were damaged 51% and someone blurred them to have some fun watching others kill them. My problem is not that they are trying to address it but that it more than likely isn't fixed, will just add another step for griefers, or another entirely new form of griefing was just added.

    At the expense of limited time.
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  7. phaeril Elder

    A better fix for Translocates would be to remove the confirmation box or just shorten the time from "so long we pre cast it on raids to reset without risk" to "i'm going to have to recast it on our afk shaman who is peeing for the 400th time tonight".

    Will have to test the rez confirmation and mechanics this evening, specifically:
    - Does accepting a rez count as a "teleportation spell"? If not, then charm-rez will still be king as it works in zones and locations you can't bind in.
    - Can you click yes on a rez while in combat? Seems low risk, you're still hovering when getting a battle rez but it feels like a place where mistakes could be made.

    Most mobs regen health after dropping out of combat (ie. after blur, fade, etc.) so if someone takes them to 51% and blurs them and waits around for someone to kill them they still aren't going to get credit. Credit is not assigned when a mob reaches 49%, credit is assigned at death based on amounts of damage done. So 51% means 51% of the total, when all is said and done. To blur steal from someone you'd need to blur then wait for the mob to regen enough that you can overcome the damage done, which just isn't happening in a contention scenario. On the other hand, bluring mobs just before cheal lands to get them all killed will still be a thing, so I guess it only raises the skill barrier to griefing a little.

    The real bummer is the effect this has on some of the best power leveling. Will have to see how well it still works if you do the damage in group, blur, drop group, then finish the mob off. There is probably a way, just won't be as quick and easy as it is currently.

    To charm steal mobs without gate/rez, duel a member of your group and go charm the mob you want and then /pet attack Duelee it will immediately take off (or always has in my limited testing, even great distances) before anyone knows what's up.
  8. Moege Augur

    Not the thread for moaning and groaning.
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  9. KronoKing Elder

    dang what will all the people do that like to charm a froglok illis wizard and coth back to juggs?! the quality of life..cant they just flag named npcs as non charmable? or only apply the transportation fix to named npcs? being able to setup your group deep in a dungeon, then evac out your ench, charm your preferred pet that could be on a different floor then coth back to the group was so convenient.
  10. Angahran Augur

    Just want to make sure I'm understanding these changes.

    So, blur now does nothing ? The mob will now chase off after anyone who has damaged it ?
    And the same with charm, once charm breaks it will chase whoever has damaged it ?

    Along with the previous change, if you teleport away from a charmed mob it will now charge across the entire zone to get to you ?

    So basically every raid will now either be a success or a total wipe ?
    Does this mean no gyrospire clicky, brick of knowledge, etc if you have agro ?

    Someone please tell me I have these changes completely wrong.
  11. I-WANT-IT-NOW Elder

    Except it is the discussion thread related to changes in the patch.
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  12. Mintalie Augur

    Yes. Regardless of semantics, the outcome of this change is that it makes UEE harder, period.

    You realize that not everyone has these things, right? Kind of the reason that wizards are able to cast AE TL in the first place, isn't it?

    As a mage I have a million ways to gate out. Doesn't mean I am or should be insensitive to those who do not. I think this is a poor change.

    Indeed. Why have devs invested their admittedly limited time on making UEE harder when there is a 20-page thread where the overwhelming majority of posts have been begging and pleading for the polar opposite?
    I don't get it. I don't understand anything.
    AFK to off myself.
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  13. Shelda New Member

    Yes, that would be great, but at this stage of the game, I'd settle for campfire only requiring 1 or 2 people to be made. I mean, I make campfires alone all the time in real life....
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  14. Jordis Augur

    - Teleportation spells will now break charm.
    - Translocation spells can no longer be activated or accepted while in combat.

    The idea that translocation spells can't be activated or accepted is HORRIBLE. Cast a TL to evac from a raid that is a wipe or soon going to be is a standard raid practice and has been from the beginning. That is a lot different from a TL (gate?) to take you to a safe spot in the zone and if this is a result of someone figuring out a major exploit using charm and a translocation to a safe spot then running back it's a gross over-reaction. I would assume that it also refers to the spells and aa that enable certain classes to get to the safe spot in order to help with raid and group recoveries.

    I am willing to bet that someone found an exploit that involved a TL to a safe place in a zone and charming. TL that zoned the charmer (regardless of class) always breaks charm. Gating or zoning breaks charm. So it has to be the ability to translocate to a safe spot in the zone isn't breaking charm and we're going to get another massive nerf to the game as a whole.
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  15. Cragzop Augur

    Not sure I like the change and I am all for hyperbole but...

    ...on Live...if your melee and hybrid haven't found a way to port themselves (stein, bulwarks, gate potions, etc.)...then they should die in zone.

    It's 2019. Time for melee/hybrids to step up.

    Also, it wouldn't hurt to learn what a TL is vs a gate/evac/port.
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  16. Jordis Augur

    Also..what happened to the REBALANCING that made Night's Endless Terror wipe out the buff from the Illusion Benefit Greater Jann and vice versa? Why aren't these stacking?

    That was a great raid buff for melee classes that are not at the top of healing priorities giving them improved DPS and healing benefits. It isn't an easy one for an enchanter to maintain on a raid as it involves refreshing the buff every 18 minutes (with max aa extensions) and a 45 second refresh (again max aa). As a raid enchanter I kept that spell up for additional healing and damage on melee characters and my own pet if I am using one. I doubt many enchanters protested that or even used it on raids it seemed to me that DBG had given us a solid utility spell to use that benefited quite a few people. I have assumed that our dps "balancing" downwards has been to encourage us to use the mitigation and enhancement abilites and spells that we have, but this just makes no real sense at all.
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  17. Cragzop Augur

    ...but are you porting to the middle of them in real life?

    The devs have been pretty consistent about fellowship/campfire (min 3, only 12 in fellowship). They want people to use them as temporary groupings (which is not the way they are mostly used on live - semi-permanent groupings/boxing port assistance).

    Never hurts to ask again though I guess.
  18. Darchon_Xegony Augur

    Campfires definitely should be placeable with just two players, maybe even one.
  19. Meredyth Elder

    These changes are not limited to servers on TBL they include all the TLPs
  20. Meredyth Elder

    Bard might not be the best example since they can still just train you then fade. The problem here then becomes, when those mobs run by and aggro you can no longer teleport out.

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