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  1. Zellic Elder

    Which is why I wrote almost limitless ;) I regularly raid with very good wizards, and play one in group setting myself. I am very well aware of their sustained DPS levels.

    Edit: I'm not sure how much of an impact arcane fusion changes will have on wiz burst, was this available for parsing on test, and if so did someone parse it?
  2. iniari-TR Augur

    sure if all you did was to chain cast gosik's fire and claw. and hope for refresh procs , a wiz could go a long time before going oom. however the dps will be real low. and is not real world other then when mana is already extremely low.

    fusion was a cool perc. I liked seeing it proc for the big nuke. however its all ready been greatly nerfed from what it was originally , as well as the decrease of damage against raid mobs that we had.
    not sure how much dps is reduced with removing fusion. from a player standpoint , I wouldn't miss it much. its not something im watching for when casting.
  3. Teferi_Zebuxoruk Master

    Suppressed Etheric Mindlock Robe does not extend Illusions of Grandeur AA like the focus claims.

    The point blank AE mezz enchanters get call Perilous Disorientation will not let you cast the spell if you have yourself targeted. You get the message "That spell can not affect this target PC." Well it's not a targeted spell.

    The enchanter AA Glyph spray will not cast if you have an NPC targeted. It gives you the error message "This spell only works on other PCs." Well it's just an AE spell rune.. who cares who or what I have targeted?
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  4. Zellic Elder

    I phrased it poorly, I admit. Wiz sustained is high compared to other DPS classes, is my point, and this is because there are so many ways to regain mana now that you can keep a very high level of DPS up for the duration of any raid clear, or any raid event. Or until any group XP zone has run out of mobs to pull, or until the HA ends.

    Also, between claw, gosik´s, Force of X, maybe one ethereal in the weave and add in ethereal weave on GoM procs... such a weave should be able to be sustained for a very, very long time and I don´t think it would produce a low sustained DPS at all. But I havent parsed it either so I cannot be sure.

    Edit: Then again, its early in the expansion. Things will inevitably change somewhat later on, with melee weapon upgrades. Still, I feel like DPS in general is just getting out of hand. Or mobs just have too little HP. Guess it's more an issue of the game being to much of an easymode zerg fest atm, when you can just walk in on most named and blow it to smithereens (and this i can do with my monk as well, though he is raid gared).
  5. Naugrin Augur

    I'm guessing the arcane fusion changes will take away those rare "Omg did you see that parse?!!" moments. Kind of sad.
  6. Naugrin Augur

    I can't speak for melee or chanters, but I can tell you that wizards rank behind the other 2 dps casters on long single target raid fights.
  7. Zellic Elder

    Really.. I wouldnt have thought. Though I never know with necros of course.
  8. Brogett Augur

    Wiz obviously don't have (prenerf) limitless mana currently. Neither is it correct to say when they're oom they have zero dps. Instead they do indefinite dps in proportion to the sum of their mana regen. Increase regen and you increase their indefinite sustained. Decrease it and you decrease their indefinite sustained. It's not really rocket science, so the only discussion is how much indefinite dps should they do?

    As for melee, I do actually agree with the devs that Rest is plain broken. It was used for the wrong thing from a design point of view (regaining endurance after death or between waves of fights in a group situation), and ended up favouring those who had fast fade/escape abilities. However endurance regen is *woeful*. It's so unbelievably low it may as well not even exist. My base regen rate allows me to use perhaps 1 of 6-7 spam abilities at maybe 20-30% of it's refresh rate.

    So yeah, nerf Rest, but give a major (eg 5 fold) boost to innate endurance regen. The consequence is when ooe we have to pick and choose which ability to use. We shouldn't be able to spam click everything indefinitely, but we should at least have enough regen to give us the option of what we do want to use (rather than essentially none at all). Rest was being abused to work around another problem basically - fix both or neither.
  9. Lily Augur

    Like many others, I too would be interested to learn what's going on with the chanter runes. Nerf or no nerf?
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  10. Delbaeth Elder

    There is a lot of sense in your post but some annoying quantitative work remains. Endurance and mana have wildly different effectiveness. The spell parsers tell just half the story so I can't give precise numbers but a point of endurance does a lot more damage to the mob than a point of mana.
  11. Astran Elder

    If the rest line is ultimately doomed, I'd ask that spells like Spritual Evolution and Paragon of Spirit restore endurance at the same level they restore mana. As a beastlord, my mana and endurance pools are roughly equal, yet Paragon restores 9 times as much mana as endurance, and SE Rk. III restores more than 15 times as much mana as endurance. Boosting that part of those two spells would allow for more cohesive endurance regen and as a result not be as dependent on the Rest crutch.
  12. Brogett Augur

    As a melee I see regen potentially coming from 3 sources. AAs, gear, other players. We already have a very significant dependence on other players so I'd prefer more endurance regen to come via AA or gear. Gear is probably the best choice as right now the stats mean so little.
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  13. Zellic Elder

    Perhaps endurance regen would be a splendid way to motivate people to buy dps gear rather than tank gear (which has more HP/AC and better heroics currently).
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  14. sojuu Augur

    Only problem with that is rest nerf hurts wars too. So wars get the short end again there.
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  15. sojuu Augur

    Im starting to believe more and more best fix is to have discs not cost endurance and we should only manage timers. Leave endurance tied to short duration things though such as the monk mez thats a pulling tool for example.
  16. Makavien Augur

    Some classes have to spam click everything at their disposal to survive. So again it has to be something that is different based on each class.

    Warriors would get hurt very bad in almost any endurance nerf. Playing the class right requires at least 7 abilities/aa mixed together with attack on just to start a single npc encounter. And that is just hate and the debuffs we have.

    krondal's Roar
    Gut punch
    Unbroken attention/warlords grasp
    Phantom aggressor
    Projection of Fury
    Ae taunt / ageless/ taunt
    knee strike
    Last stand/stalwart defense
    Harassing shout
    Rage of rallos
    Roar of challange
    Blast of anger
    Resplendant glory/hold the line
    Anguish breastplate
    Field outfitter/flash of anger
    Stormwheel blades/ Forceful attraction
    First spire of the warlord
    Mark of the mage hunter
    no time to bleed
    Imperator's command/charge
    War cry/rampage
    Warlord's tenacity
    Warrior epic

    This is a list of things dependent on the npc we are engaging that we would use to start a fight some of which would be used against a spell caster , some against hard hitters , some against multiple weaker npc.
    A big chunk of that list is pretty much required to survive.Most of which need to be activated in the first moments when we start fighting or within a very short time frame.

    I know they are not all endurance using abilities but managing timers and all the above (we already manage timers too) would be another game of memory just like we already deal with in remembering as many npc mechanics as we can to warn the group on what could/will happen on any named or the raid when we see something.
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  17. silku Augur

    I'd also like to bring up the enchanter rune issue, since we aren't getting any feedback from anyone at SoE from it. What's the deal? Are the changes not going to happen at all? Where they unintentional? If not why aren't they being discussed?
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  18. Killstrike Journeyman

    guys.. you know the enchanter runes were way overpowerd.. ive seen with my own eyes an enchanter tank in powar tier 2.. without issue using runes... that shouldn't be at all..
    everyone should know by now.. when something seems too good to be true, it usually is..
  19. Dandin Augur

    Enchanter runes ARE NOT overpowered at all. The high mana cost prevented an Enchanter from using them to be "invincible" as the person above me is claiming. Not only that. But, if you where in a situation where you needed to absorb damage you had to chain cast the rune. Literally preventing you from doing anything else.

    We are silk casters. With a low mitigation table and low AC returns. Yet we are expected to crowd control 5, 10, 15 NPCs that flatten raid geared tanks?
    Enchanters need our runes to preform our most basic function. There is no other way I can state it for you.

    If you really want to prevent an enchanter from tanking. Remove all agro from the runes themselves. Leave the recast time alone.
    We need the defence. Especially looking at this new Raid your launching
  20. Zellic Elder

    Well, could be slightly less end regen on tank gear, but slightly higher ac/hp, and the other way around on dps gear, and then remove rest line entirely since currently it's just a button that needs clicking and doesn´t add much really.

    But of course, it would be better if the dps gear actually added some dps.