Test Update 05/19/14

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  1. crieger Journeyman

    May 19, 2014

    *** Quests & Events ***

    - Beyond the Barrier - NPCs involved in this quest in Dead Hills will no longer ignore pets or mercenaries.

    *** Spells ***

    - Melee Classes - Reversed the changes to Respite, Reprieve, and Rest. These spells will no longer be removed if you take offensive action.
    - Wizard - Reversed the changes to Syllable of Refreshment. The spell will now refresh spells that grant mana.

    *** Miscellaneous ***

    - Illusioned AFK players will no longer display as dougs with the Hide AFK option on.
    - Internal server stability fixes.

    - The EverQuest Team
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  2. Ravengloome Augur

    I dont mean to be a negative nancy:

    But are you going to put the door back up to Tower of Rot so we can zone in now?

    Also thank goodness for the reversal of those nerfs... However does that mean something else, possibly even more nefarious will be coming down the line?

    On a positive note: Thanks for the stability fix !
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  3. EverChanter Augur

    So, the changes to Rest and Claw lines were removed; what about the changes to Enchanter Runes? Two patches, two changes to them and not a single discussion thread from SoE to address any part of it. Why is this?
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  4. Marton Augur

    What he said.

    Why is everything being reversed except for ENC. At least change recast time to something more reasonable please.
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  5. smash Augur

    Can only say thanks to that the reverse of the nerfs of those discs.
    Directly said, in my case, I had prepared to stop EQ, because it would have been bad for my gaming that change, and for raiding mostly.

    I had prepared to play a few days to get the feeling, and if bad ....

    Now I can continue to play, and thats I am grateful for.
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  6. Corak Elder

    If this means the nerfs are no longer in the works, thank you SOE for listening to us!
  7. ~Mills~ Augur

    So if burstained is allowed to stay for one class can we expect death bloom and swift dots to be unnerfed along with the standard dot power increases that were skipped the past few expansions added in? These all occurred because one class was told they could not burst well while also being good at sustained. If that logic no longer applies than make that the case for everyone.

    I just don't see how one class was repeatedly held back or nerfed for bursting for to much, while they still were behind burst classes by a good margin to begin with, since they were told they were "only" a sustained class. But now a burst class that is only rivaled by one other burst class if they have support in burst also is the best sustained class in a group setting and the second best in a sustained raid setting. Losing only to the sustained class that has been repeatedly been nerfed, stagnated or forced by design to trade most of their burst away for the benefit of what is now being granted to everyone without any tradeoffs from their prior realms
  8. Sumteeng_Wongwifme New Member

    maybe while your ' fixing ' class's burt and sustained DPS, ya show rogues some love. our burst and sustaind DPS are both pretty crap-tastic and has been for years compared to other DPS class's.
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  9. Feradach Augur

    Still no access to Tower of Rot? A blink of an eye for beta, and so far no access on test server. We can only assume that either the release is being delayed, or confidence on the update in general is through the roof. Any chance we could get some information on which one it is?
  10. feiddan Augur

    In game, Crieger had mentioned that the door will likely be hot-patched in. The zone is in, but there's no zoneline to enter.

    Need the art team to get around to putting it (back) in.
  11. Tobynn Augur

    I see the door on live (Bristle). Plain as day, top of the scaffolding. Clicking on the door gives a message about cannot be opened, but its indeed present.
  12. feiddan Augur

    We, too, had the door, until it was removed during Friday's patch (the same one that unlocked the zone).
  13. Random_Enchanter Augur

    So wait, let me get this correct . . . you open up the forums for input on the proposed melee rest and wizard claw changes as stated, leaving out the changes to enchanters on both the mention and the raising for input. Many Enchanters post on the thread stating there massive dislike for the new long recast time. We don't get an explanation as to WHY it needs to be changed this way (but its the same for all classes) but the other classes get there changes reversed with less complaining than done by the enchanters (i think). I for one want an answer as to why runes are considered so game breaking as to warrant this massive change with out any communication, input or consideration other than others possibly calling for the nerfbat on it.
  14. Kathylynn_Unity Augur

    Still beyond confusing what the direction is here regarding wizards. The patch is set to nerf Fusion, which is our one chance at having at least some kind of comparable burst DPS. Then leave our sustained more or less untouched, when that is arguably more of the problem?

    Break what's not broken. Check.
    Then don't fix what needed fixing. Check.

    --a wizard of little faith
  15. Underbrush Elder

    Dougs? Not 100% that's a typo.
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  16. Brogett Augur

    Doug was the model name given to the generic standing human. It seems to be a default model when nothing else has been specified, so crops up all over the place. Eg chests looking like doug. I also had every mob in dreadlands look like Doug once when I had a corrupted zone file.

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  17. feiddan Augur

    A certain male human model is a "Doug."

    It's a common bug that you see from time to time. For example, when the Plane of War was first introduced on test, many of the NPC's lacked data for their race - so they showed up as Dougs.
  18. Zellic Elder

    The original changes to rest/claw were a bit too harsh under certain conditions (like after death for tank/melee) but the game could benefit from some amount of resource management. Are there other, similar changes planned? I personally hope there are. As a monk I literally have endless endurance as things are now, and that really seems kind of broken. Just as wizards (who I'm not sure really needed a nerf to burst, but got one anyways) have almost limitless sustained DPS through claw, and a sustained DPS that is a lot higher than many of the traditional sustain classes.
  19. Diptera Augur

    A great solution was already suggested for the "chanter tanking" issue - remove the hate generation from the runes; if a chanter is then still able to hold agro, there is something seriously wrong with the dps of the rest of the group...
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  20. Ravengloome Augur

    No Wizard has limitless sustained DPS through claw. Seriously have you ever grouped with good wizards? Sure they don't go OOM in 5 minutes anymore, but that =/= limitless.