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  1. Wulfhere Augur

    Right, I see you're right about that. The cap prevents people from buying to finish all the quests per rotation, no matter their duration. They can still buy them up to 10. So it does impact revenue for those users who were spending DBC. Apparently DPG doesn't want Overseer to increase EQ revenue very much or disrupt its economy. Overseer is just a mini-game after all. Curious-er.
  2. Waring_McMarrin Augur

    Or it could be that the rewards for finishing all the missions was more than they had intended so they chose to limit the number you can do each rotation rather than nerf the rewards for each mission.
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  3. Evurkvest Elder

  4. Nennius Curmudgeon

    Nice rewrite.
  5. Hegsheoshed Elder

    I'm not sure which post to reply to on the limit of Overseer quests per rotation. Hopefully the limit applies to the finish now button vs making it harder for people that can't afford the finish now. Since conversions would need you to be really fast to click the finish now it seems rather mean spirited to make it harder for people that have been waiting for bugs to be fixed to have it be even harder to catch back up.
  6. mailithin New Member

    When using merc rogues again is detrimental to playing content TOV and beyond, can we revisit this again. Rogue mercs at 115 with all AAs were still average in the group, "nerfing" them smells bad (will wait to see the effect).

    Mercs are key to many of us casuals, if anything balancing them should be bringing caster and tank (done) up, and not bringing rogue down...

    imho, hope you guys see this and we can have some check in down the road to correct if the nerf bat hits too hard

    thanks for hard work otherwise!
  7. Sokki Augur

    So from the Patch Notes, the conversion quests do not count towards the Cap Limit on quests. So you can still do all 6 hour quests without restriction. That's good news at least! And for those that want pay to win you can still get all 12 or 24 hours quests with big rewards and just use finish now until you hit your 10 quest limit.
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  8. Deathly Lorekeeper

    I am an avid tradeskiller, I get all the semantics being used to describe these items, the containers they are combined in and how they are used. The fact that they are used just like every other tradeskill flagged item in the game, just points to how this change is incorrect to me. The logic used to change them to NON-Tradeskill flagged items is NON-Logical.

    Not a game changer or breaker, but just silly it was even revisited or changed at all. Damn that Oil of Frog for not playing by the tradeskill flag rules.

    The bottom line is the items are used in tradeskill subcombines that are used in making tradeskill items. Therefore they are tradeskill items and should be flagged as so.
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  9. Waring_McMarrin Augur

    It is unknown at this time if conversion quests apply to the limit or not and without those the only way to be impacted by the limit is the finish quests now button. Not counting conversion quests or the finish now button the most you can get done during a rotation is 10 quests. That is if you do 2 full sets of 6 hour quests.
  10. Vrinda Augur

    Scornfire's schedule:

    Monday: Raid as usual
    Tuesday: Extra shift at SPCA due to 24 hour patch
    Wednesday: Show Aristo the error of his ways Extra shift at SPCA due to emergency maintenance post patch
    Thursday: Show Aristo the error of his ways
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  11. Riou EQResource

    They did not count on the Test Patch to your limit of 10, there is also a note in the Live Patch with it specifically calling out they don't count
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  12. Venau Augur

    Just wanted to say thanks to Aristo for changing necro play style. I haven't tested anything but wanted to mention that I didn't see anything about a reduced duration of DoTs. Perhaps this may fit somewhere in the altering of the initial revamp.

    Monster damage per tick with more casting required seems OK. This will reduce the amount of spell swapping required which was a pain with all the laggy stuffs happening these days!
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  13. Sambenx New Member

    Log in sometime! Going to be a lot of tears this month. :D:D
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  14. ShadowMan Augur

    Except he hasn’t changed anything. Necros still will weave 16 or more dots. In another month when he changes more dots to not stack we still will use 14-16 dots. Still a ton of debuff spaces and spell swapping only now he has added more damage.

    He is repeating what he did for everyone else exactly. So expect his response in a few months to be exactly what he did for others. The current mana costs will remain, a bunch of the damage will be taken back and he will add clunky recast timers to dot lines that never had them. So it will be back to where we are currently only more confusing for most and mana problems.
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  15. Tuco Elder

    Would you not expect that as these DoTs continue to get revamped Necros will start to experience mana conservation limits?
  16. Mesil Journeyman

    Yes, and that will limit our dps in itself.
  17. Venau Augur

    Unless the duration is reduced which will reduce the amount of DoTs in a rotation.
  18. Waring_McMarrin Augur

    The revamps are not changing the duration of dots, just the damage and mana costs.
  19. Deathly Lorekeeper

    After reading this by Cragzop: https://forums.daybreakgames.com/eq/index.php?threads/patch-removing-tradeskill-flags.266392/. I understand more thoroughly the definitions and agree with Ngreth on his decision (Like he cares what I think).

    The rational reason behind the disagreement with him is it just seems NON-Logical (or maybe a Bad Precedent to set) using quest items to make items that turn into TS flagged items.

    Lol, then I read what I just wrote...... and it doesn't really sound Non-Logical at all.... I hope the items are now at least marked as quest. They are quested items use to make Tradeskill items....
  20. menown Augur

    He has not done exactly the same as he did for every other DoT revamped class. I've gone back and compared previous revamped DoTs from druids, shamans, enchanters, rangers, beastlords, and clerics when the level cap was still level 105. I then compared DoTs from these classes that most closely compare with the necro DoTs revamped this month via duration, resist type, and level.

    You will notice that the longer duration DoTs received a larger boost, but the shorter duration DoTs were well below what was expected from previous DoT revamps. Also to note, we did not expect to see a reduction in the duration of any DoTs. This was a welcomed changed and could use more of it.

    There is no doubt that there are still problems with this system. First, we have too many DoT lines, negating any potential to reduce the number of debuffs. This can be easily fixed by prohibiting 2-3 DoT lines from stacking with each other, essentially requiring the caster to make a choice of which DoTs to use. Second, the class is sustaining too much DPS with these revamps. The above change would reduce the drastically OP sustained potential. Another option is to remove the OP enhanced XXX AAs. Now I know many people are against this second suggestion. I am not going to push an unpopular agenda. I do have problems with how it skews DPS towards the shorter duration DoTs.

    I think that several people are jumping to conclusions on how the nerf will come. Mana is the least of my concerns. I'm actually a bit excited that I will have to manage my mana. We have some nice mana return abilities that I don't even need to use because of how little we used up to today. Likewise, every class that received a DoT revamp has more powerful DoTs compared to prior any revamps. I don't expect a nerf in damage. I don't really understand where the recast timer concern came in.

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