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  1. Cadira Augur


    Or some guy who's played the class for years who actually knows what fixes are needed for the class and goes completely ignored, resulting in the devs making the same mistakes with the final dot revamp on the most important class affected, yielding game breaking dps that is so enticing it'd force all current dps classes reroll cause a heroic Necro can out dps them?
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  2. Tucoh Augur

    The explanation for why balancing the necro DoT revamp took years:

    What actually happened

    Devs, you could probably just ask Scornfire or any other top necro for what to put into the spell values.
  3. Darchon_Xegony Augur

    This is test, things are subject to change. You're free to provide the values you think are appropriate on each DoT line in the event they aren't stackable with previous iterations of that line.

    But one thing I hope stands is the prevention of stacking multiple DoTs from the same line together. Greatly reducing the debuff load on raid mobs is a good thing. It just will take a few months to balance out the values on the damage and the mana cost.

    Also I was sort of expecting whenever the Necro DoT revamp came in they would take that opportunity to fix the Necromancer 2.5 Epic from increasing DoT critical chance by 18% for all spells to cap that increase for spells level 75 and lower, like every other caster 2.5 focus does. This doesn't really matter in a burn where critical rates exceed 100%, but for sustained / regular grouping this 18% is still quite huge.

  4. Mesil Journeyman

    Wrong, I will instead be casting dots from different lines. So debuff-limit still a problem.
  5. Help02 New Member

    Any word on Test server?
  6. Help02 New Member

    Finally! Test in Lock mode. :D
  7. Triconix Augur

    Unless the end result* means those different lines are still inferior to other class DoTs. Then if you cast them, all you're doing is hurting overall raid dps to fulfill your dps ego :rolleyes:.

    *this doesn't mean the initial revamp. It literally means when it's all over - potential nerfs and all - in case people have trouble with the English language
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  8. Blackenedseoul New Member

    By this logic, no raid should have more than 1 necro there at a time then. With this nerf they F-d over every other Necro in a raid or group setting. Since spells can't be landed on a target from the same spell line. And of course, most people would prefer to use their most powerful spells. So all necro's would be using the same ones most likely.

    This nerf is stupid AF and breaking something that didn't need "fixed"
  9. Stephen51 Augur

    Can you just expand on this a little please?
  10. Blackenedseoul New Member

    Stop trying to "fix" things that aren't broken. Stop going in and wanting to change things that have been there for ages. It isn't necessary. Just leave crap alone. Necro 2.0/2.5 has been a staple and been the one item a Necro must have since it came around. Don't go messing with it now
  11. Velisaris_MS Augur

    The glazes are made in a non-tradeskill container, but the results are used in pottery recipes. I suspect they were all lumped into pottery because they felt the combines had to be sorted somewhere. The glaze mortars are not tradeskill containers.

    I suggested they just put the tradeskill tag on "oil of a frog" (which is what started all this), which I believe is the only one of those glaze materials to not have it. Apparently, Ngreth decided to go the opposite way and remove the tag from all the others.


    Seems like changing the tag on one item would be a lot less work than changing several others, but dev logic is a mystery to me these days.
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  12. Forcallen Augur

    Once again another post from someone who doesn't understand but wants to seem like they do.

    Necromancers have 16 different dot lines plus the swift dot lines. So even with him preventing the stacking of old dots we will continue to use 16 dots, but now we have even more damage stacked on because he is just repeating the same mistakes he was making 4 years ago. Debuff issues remain and necromancer dps skyrockets. It shouldn't take months to balance out anything as he has had 4+ years of feedback on the subject (I personally posted how the 106-110 dots should have been revamped back during RoS beta to avoid these mistakes, it was ignored. And even offered to do all the data work going backwards for him if my time wasn't going to be ignored/wasted). If they want to fix the debuff cap now they need to consolidate everyones debuffs (like 2 debuffs from each class that cover everything they do), change what things use a debuff and stop giving out things that require debuffs.

    There is nothing wrong with the necromancer epic. Its been parsed out and proven that the worn critical mod from Cleave at this point provides equal or more of a crit mod to anyone who melees. Yet it continues on stagnated year after year without anyone threatening to remove it or not carry it forward on current items for reasons.
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  13. German Elder

    Scornfire is hardly someone I would call an idiot when it comes to his primary class.
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  14. MyShadower Augur

    Well...at least we are not surprised the DoT revamp would go down this road. It will be interesting how this plays out for raid teams that suddenly have 10 necros since this is going to help that debuff slot issue oh so much. :rolleyes:
  15. Boze Augur

    Didn't you blame me for nerfs like an hour ago?

    Someone please post some juicy before / after necro parses please. Very curious to see the data!
  16. Tucoh Augur

    Note that for a lot of these DoT revamps they released ridiculously strong DoT lines that missed the mark by like 2x and after the community said

    They pushed it to live and shamans especially got to rain DoT destruction for MONTHS before they were nerfed. There's no reason to expect that anything that hits test won't go to live unless there's a huge outcry about it.
  17. Darchon_Xegony Augur

    The necro DoT revamp is going to rebalance the entire class. Now is the perfect time to fix the necromancer epic so that players can permanently replace the item with current era primary weapons and still keep necromancers at their current power level by changing the spell values to offset the loss of critical DoT chance. No other item has been worn for such a long period of time by any class and now seems like the best opportunity to fix that.

    I do agree that it is extremely unlikely the DoT changes will not reach live and its unlikely this is the final tuning pass on these DoTs. But I don't see them not following through with the Necromancer DoT changes at this point and dropping it like some people have suggested.
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  18. Waring_McMarrin Augur

    On beta it lists 10 quests as the cap
  19. Draxton New Member

    Well of course it’s untested... they put it on the Test server, so it can be tested. We are the guinea pigs,we are the ones who test it. If they shot it straight to live then yeah, it’s a problem. But they didn’t do that. They put it on Test, to get tested.
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  20. Yinla Augur

    I always asumed the Glaze mortars where a tradeskill container the same as mixing bowl, tool box and mortal and pestal are.

    If it isn't a tradeskill container what is it? And what do you call the skill that is being used to make it. What skill is used to make a tradeskil item?

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