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Discussion in 'Test Update Notes and Bug Roundup' started by EQ Dev, May 9, 2017.

  1. EQ Dev Developer

    This thread is for new bugs and how to reproduce them only. Please keep all opinions, discussions, posts about balance, and anything else in the other thread.

    Patch notes and discussions thread
  2. Bobbybick Augur

    "a cursed recluse" type NPCs in Deepest Guk LDoN adventures are using the Doug model instead of what i presume should be an oldschool spider. Confirmed to be at least affecting the zone "Ritualist of Hate".
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  3. Tiqou Elder

    The distance of the punt of the enchanter AA Banishment reduced with the last patch is not fixed.
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  4. Rayzen Elder

    There is a bug in the patch notes. It gives a detailed description, of Hardcore heritage events, start and end dates, beginning on may 16th. A few lines below all that it says, Hardcore heritage will begin on June 7th. I'd like to believe the detailed list of dates is accurate.
  5. Orbital101 Augur

    Curious if classic raids from Old Man McKenzie will count for Conqueror of the Permafrost and Nagafen lair
  6. Orbital101 Augur

    Kinda sad that the system doesnt see us kill any of those old world nameds for hunter in the last few months... I jst did a intense farming session to max tradeskil and none of these name show up.
  7. Kunon Augur

    Guys, this has to be a bug.

    Hunter of Crushbone
    orc warlord
    orc taskmaster

    Missing Emperor Crush and Dvinn. Probably the first rare/named mobs a sizable portion of the EQ player base ever saw and killed. There are a few more from that zone, but those two are important...
  8. Tyreel Augur

    Can confirm the distance/height in the air is noticeably less also mobs used to ' slide/ be pushed ' on the group to make the distance punted 'right', now there is no or very little slide/push on ground after they land.

    Plenty of npcs will have a melee range greater than what punt distance is now and will still be in instant agro range after 1 or even 2 punts now, before 2 punts in almost any area would put almost all mobs out of instant reagro range.

    If any changes happened to be intentional i can confirm that when the Root portion of Beguilers Banishment fades if an existing root is on the mob cast either before or after using the AA the npc still runs free as if no root spell is on it.

    Unless i am missing something all that we really needed done was having Beguiler's Banishment Root ID 13513 effect moved from slot 12 to slot 2 would have fixed the long standing bug with the AA letting rooted mobs run free. Without the need for changing the spell from prepatch state.

    TLDR: nothing was fixed with enchanter Beguilers Banishment AAs and the distance has been nerfed(intentional or not).
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  9. Ngreth Thergn Developer

    the detailed list of dates is off by 2 weeks. They do start on the 7th.

    That comes to a definition. What is a rare? While they are a "famous" named mob, they are a 100% spawn chance at a set time. Our definition excluded NPC's that are not "rare" because they always show up.
    NOTE: This thread is not the correct thread to continue the discussion of "what is a rare." That belongs in the discussion thread. While it is okay to note other NPC's that may have been missed.
    Another example of an Oddball is Haden, of the fishbone earring. The earring is rare, but Haden is 100% chance to spawn every 2 hours. So, while there is a large gap between when he is available, he is not "rare."
  10. Mithra Augur

    Speaking of rares, the current achievement for South Karana lists 13: Grizzleknot, Knari Morawk, Kroldir Thunderhoof, Lord Grimrot, Marik Clubthorn, Mroon, Narra Tanith, Nisch Val Torash Mashk, Quillmane, Rosch Val L`Vlor, Synger Foxfyre, Tesch Val Deval`Nmak, and Tesch Val Kadvem.

    It appears to be missing: Shaman Ren`Rex, Shaman Lenrel, High Shaman Phido, High Shaman Grisok, Kurrpok Splitpaw, Groi Gutblade, Gnawfang, and Coloth Meadowgreen.

    Also quite a few of these are "tabbed" underneath other achievements which needs to be fixed.
  11. Mithra Augur

    I believe these are purely visual errors as I did not receive an extra checkmark after the "Hunter of Befallen" achievement completion. "Hunter of Freeport Sewers" is tabbed underneath Befallen in "Adept Hunter of Northeast Antonica" achievement but it was NOT erroneously marked. There was no issues completing either achievement. Other visual errors:

    One: In "Adept Hunter of Northeast Antonica" there are multiple tabbed achievements.

    Two: In "Adept Hunter of Northwest Antonica" there is a tabbed achievement.

    Three: In "Adept Hunter of Odus" there are tabbed achievements.

    Four: In "Hunter of The Feerrott" there are many tabbed achievements.

    Five: In "Hunter of The Lavastorm Mountains" there are tabbed achievements.

    Six: In "Hunter of The Rathe Mountains" there are many tabbed achievements.

    Seven: In "Hunter of The Southern Plains of Karana" there are many tabbed achievements.

    Eight: In "Norrathain Slayer" there is a tabbed achievement.

    Nine: In "Conqueror of The Ruins of Kunark" there are tabbed achievements.

    There's also some strangeness in the Kunark category:

    "Hunter of The Rathe Mountains" should be deleted from Kunark -> Hunter.

    "Adept Hunter of the Past" should be deleted from Kunark -> Hunter.

    "Veteran Hunter of Kunark" has multiple tabbed achievements. Also not sure this shouldn't be deleted?

    There should be a "Kunark Slayer" achievement under Kunark -> General.

    "Hunter of The Burning Wood" should be "Hunter of The Burning Woods".

    Some of the raid boss names in Kunark -> Raids category have unneeded underscores between each word (Phara_Dar, Drusella_Sathir, Venril_Sathir).

    There is no "Hunter of Skyfire Mountains" achievement.

    "Hunter of Lake Rathetear" needs to be added to "Adept Hunter of Southwest Antonica".
  12. Bobbybick Augur

    The Yxxta riddle door appears to be broken now. (Note: I'm not sure if this patch is what caused it or it has been a longer issue that has gone unnoticed)

    Clicking ANY of the statues no longer gives any text prompt to start the event, this is affecting both the open world Yxxta as well as the new Agent of Change instanced version. Currently there is no way to access the Primals area as a result.

    The event appears to be running but it is not sending the player any of the event messages so they know which statue needs to be clicked next. Clicking the wrong statue(s) is still spawning Golems.

    Edit: Live servers appear to be working so this is a Test-specific issue.
  13. Ishtass Augur

    Were there new achievements for old content this patch? Did I miss that in the notes?
  14. Kallitank Elder

    A restless spirit in Argin-Hiz does not respond at all, progression is halted.
    Warrior- Flash of anger doesn't seem to do anything for me now.
  15. Cyanogen New Member

    Lesser Hero of Rain of Fear will not update steps upon completion of sub "Hero of the XX" achievments. This is NOT a visual only bug, just completed everything required for the augment via Lesser hero ach tonight and did not receive credit with multiple toons.
  16. Prathun Developer

    Patch notes have been updated. Thanks!
  17. Ismel Augur

    Bug with some Enchanter spells

    [6277] Aegis of Abstraction
    Target: Self
    Resist: Beneficial, Blockable: Yes
    Focusable: No
    Casting: 0s
    Duration: 60m (600 ticks), Extendable: No, Dispelable: Yes
    4: Cast: Aegis of Abstraction Trigger on Rune Fade
    5: Absorb Damage: 100%, Total: 1800
    Text: You are guarded by the aegis of abstraction.

    the trigger for rune fade do not happen.

    [45049/6625] Polyrefractive Rune
    Classes: ENC/105
    Skill: Abjuration
    Mana: 2859
    Target: Self
    Resist: Beneficial, Blockable: Yes
    Focusable: Yes
    Casting: 5s, Recast: 2.5s, Rest: 1.5s
    Duration: 42m (420 ticks), Extendable: Yes, Dispelable: Yes
    1: Absorb Damage: 100%, Total: 86776
    2: Cast: Polyrefractive Rune Strike on Rune Fade
    Text: A glowing shimmer of multicolored runes surrounds you.

    Same problem the rune strike do not happen on rune fade.
    Been asking around and, I haven't found anyone with a log of those 2 triggering after April 19th patch.
  18. Ngreth Thergn Developer

    So the tabbed achievement components are optional. These are optional because they may not be available on servers until particular expansions are open. This is where that Hunter of Rathe mountains in Kunark comes from. Shardwing is not available until Kunark opens. THEN it becomes a requirement, no longer optional.

    Veteran Hunter of Kunark will be renamed to the appropriate Slayer name and moved to General, but that is what that particular achievement functions as. This change may not make it this patch. It's twitchy enough that I don;t want to mess with it this close to the patch.

    Aditional mob's will definitely NOT make it into this patch, as there is a code bug that does not affect current hunter achievements but prevents me from creating any more components (each mob being a component). That code bug is in the queue to be fixed ASAP but won't make it in time for this patch.
  19. Mithra Augur

    Ahh, I forgot about progression servers so that makes sense.

    Thanks for doing this I love achievements and look forward to every single rare being added!
  20. Prathun Developer

    Fixed internally. Many LDoN zones needed CHR changes. Thanks for pointing this out.

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