Test Update 05/09/17 - Patch Notes and Discussion

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  1. EQ Dev Developer

    May 9, 2017

    *** Items ***

    - Corrected a bug where some types of throwing items could not be placed in bandolier containers.
    - - Bandolier containers will now increase the speed of throwing attacks in the same fashion that quivers increase the speed of archery attacks.
    - - The 'Bandoleer of Luclin' has been renamed 'Bandolier of Luclin' and has had its weight reduction reduced from 100% to 10%.
    - Corrected a bug where 'Darkened Blackburrow Trinket' could only reach 98% of its potential power.
    - In classic zones (Velious and earlier), many weapons, shields, and other held items have reverted to their classic appearance.

    *** Tradeskills ***

    - Non-Progression servers can now create Imbued Black Sapphire Silver Necklaces.

    *** Quests & Events ***

    - Fixed an issue where a number of achievements (primarily those from The Rain of Fear expansion) would not complete as expected.
    - Atrebe Raid: Everything Reborn achievement fix. Reworked the way the event works to ensure that this achievement will function and the event will be easier to understand. Now there will only ever be 4 Haulers. They will try to pick up every ancient iksar or iksar skeleton corpse, rather than leaving some as they did before.
    - The anniversary decorations in the Plane of Knowledge will take no more than one minute to populate or depopulate when the anniversary has started or ended.
    - Demi Lich Skullcap (Quest) - It is no longer possible to have quest or dialogue interactions with Ixpacan or Harbinger Glosk related to this quest until you have handed in the Necromancer Skullcap to Ixpacan.
    - All Necromancer Skullcap (Quests) - Quest steps that require handing in a skullcap can no longer be multiquested.
    - The details and dates of many seasonal, anniversary, and other special events have been changed. See the in-game calendar for details under EQ->Alerts->Event Calendar or by using the /calendar command.
    - - Nights of the Dead events will now run for four weeks instead of two. The festivities begin two weeks earlier and end at the same time.
    - - Hardcore Heritage events have been consolidated. The newest zone runs for four weeks and the eight pre-existing Hardcore Heritage events run for two weeks in two distinct phases.
    - - Living Legacy has been consolidated into a single event.
    - - Stone Cold Summer has been consolidated into a single event.
    - - Hardcore Heritage, Brew Day, Living Legacy, Stone Cold Summer, Death Death Death!, Nights of the Dead, Raid Raid Raid!, and Bristlebane Day now end on a Tuesday instead of a Wednesday.
    - Hardcore Heritage events now begin on June 7th.
    - Atrebe Mission: Everything Reborn achievement fix. Reworked the way the event works to ensure that this achievement will function and the event will be easier to understand. Now there will only ever be four haulers. They will try to pick up every ancient iksar or iksar skeleton corpse, rather than leaving some as they did before. So to get the achievement you must allow them all to be animated by Atrebe. As a minor fix, the haulers will visibly pick up their burdens rather than just making them disappear.
    - Bane of Decay - The skulls will no longer have a massive amount of hit points.

    *** Spells ***

    - Most lower level Druid and Shaman DoT spells now do as much or slightly more damage as the equivalent spell plus the two spells before it when the spells originally stacked. Mana cost of these spells have increased accordingly.
    - - These changes apply to the shaman Curse, Blood of Saryrn, and Breath of Ultor lines and the druid Sunscorch and Stinging Swarm lines.
    - Corrected a bug that prevented some combat abilities that trigger a short-duration buff on the caster from being usable while a discipline was running. Ex: The Monk ability 'Drunken Monkey Style' or 'Breather'.
    - The Fulmination component of EoK Alliance spells have been adjusted to generate less aggro.
    - Monk - The Doom component of Curse of the Thirteen Fingers has been adjusted to generate less aggro.
    - Berserker - Frenzied Resolve has been changed to function as a discipline and has been renamed 'Frenzied Resolve Discipline'.
    - Necromancer - Converted Chaotic Contagion, Corruption, and Liquefaction to cast the highest ranks you know of the component spells. Ranks 2 and 3 now have higher chances to cast both DoTs in addition to the base debuffs.

    *** NPCs ***

    - Fixed a kobold that was spawning outside the world in Nagafen's Lair.
    - Classic monsters across Norrath, celebrate! In classic zones (Lost Dungeons of Norrath and earlier), many creatures have reverted to their classic appearance. This change affects the following models: skeleton, bat, rat, snake, spider, drake, orc, goblin, puma, lion, kobold, zombie, mummy, basilisk/alligator, spectre, and wolf.

    *** Mercenaries ***

    - Mercenaries will now automatically get suspended if you join a raid.

    *** Progression Servers ***

    - The Enchanter spell Apathy is now available when Planes of Power unlocks.
    - Agents of Change on the Agnarr server will take on a more thematically appropriate appearance.
    - Calendar events on the Phinigel and Agnarr servers will show when future expansions will unlock.
    - Maestro of Rancor (Raid) - Pre and post revamp versions of Maestro will now have Mitigation of the Mighty and can use Mark of the Old Ways.
    - Innoruuk (Raid) - The post revamp version of Innoruuk can use Mark of the Old Ways.

    *** Miscellaneous ***

    - Addressed an issue where sometimes Replay Timers were improperly increased.
    - Addressed an issue that could cause Real Estate Anchors to not properly function.
    - Hunter and Raid achievements have been added for original EverQuest and Ruins of Kunark zones.

    *** UI ***

    - Added an event calendar that displays all of the event alerts for the year:
    - - The event calendar can be accessed via the command /calendar or via the EQ Button in the Alerts sub-menu.
    - - The event calendar lists all active events with beginning and end dates.
    - - The event calendar displays (your localized) start and end time for each event.
    - You can now toggle the potion belt UI on and off using the EQ menu.
    - Added the following commands to the menu that is displayed when left clicking a player's name in the chat window: Send tell, invite to group, invite to raid, task add, and add to dynamic zone.
    - Setting a custom chat timestamp color will now automatically cause timestamps in that chat window to display in that color, rather than also requiring you to disable the 'Match Chat Color' setting.
    - Made a number of adjustments to heroic stat labels in the item display window:
    - - Corrected a bug that prevented items that have negative heroic stats from displaying these stats.
    - - Heroic stats increased or decreased by power sources will now display their value in green/red the same way that base stats do.
    - - Adjusted the spacing of base stat and heroic stat labels to better support items with 3 digit heroic stat values.
    - Fixed an issue where newly created characters weren't properly loading their default Hot Buttons.

    - Changed -


    *** Previously Updated ***

    - Magician - Fixed a bug that prevented Monster Summoning pets from being reclaimed.
    - Valdoon Paladin 2.0 (Raid) - Lowered the minimum number of players necessary to request this raid from 10 to 6.

    - The EverQuest Team
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  2. Fanra Augur

    Very nice.

    Can we also get the event calendar to be at https://www.everquest.com/calendar ?

    Also, is the calendar on the Test Server now showing the correct events and dates or is it still a work in progress as far as the events shown?
    Nniki likes this.
  3. Sancus Augur

    Unless I'm misunderstanding, these appear to contradict each other.
  4. Kunon Augur

    I get the reason why this line of spells is being changed. It prevents stacking of different ranks of the same spell (only reason it was used) and makes it like all the other combo DoT lines. What I don't get is why the DoTs are still chance based instead of 100% like all of the other combo DoTs. Shaman have 2 combo DoTs, both of them cast both DoTs 100% of the time. One of them also has a chance to cast 2 different DDs. Necros also have another combo DoT that casts both DoTs 100% of the time as well.

    As it stands, once the spells are updated there is no reason to actually use them over simply casting the individual DoTs due to the low chance (18% at Rank III) of both DoTs being triggered. This was the first DoT of its kind and this issue is why all the other combo DoTs created after this line were made to cast their DoTs 100% of time.
  5. Talladore Journeyman

    I'm not sure if it's intended or an oversight, but I noticed goblins, drakes, and basilisks in Lavastorm still use their new models. There's a lone "an orc centurion" in South Ro using the new model at the Orc camps at the southern end of the zone. He seems wildly out of place considering the other orcs in the zone are using the old model lol.

    I haven't gone through every zone but it appears there have been some areas that haven't been looked at. I'm sure there's more.
  6. ~Mills~ Augur

    Necros have been waiting 14 months now to see whats going to happen with their class. This just shows its gonna be a show for sure. Rather than fixing this dot line so that it doesn't do what wasn't intended AND making it work in a manner that gives it value. They just nerf it and make it worthless because as you point out there is zero benefit to having only an 18% chance of saving a cast but having no control over which one fires the other 82% of the time.

    IMO they have already drained the goodwill with the necro community with stalling for this long, making the debuff cap issue even worse, fade nerfs, etc so rather than getting close and people waiting around for fixes of the fixes of the fixes its basically a one shot deal. Get it right the first time, which won't happen or people are gonna peace the out as any patience has long since gone out the window.
  7. fransisco Augur

    Peronally, I LOVE the new models of goblins, snakes, beetles, ect.
    Can you leave them in? OR just add an option for people to see the 17 yr old models instead?
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  8. Behelit Augur

    LOL nice try guys, swing and a miss...

    But seriously though if you want some help on fixing Zerkers hit me up sons.
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  9. Cleaver Augur

    Cant fix a class they don't understand or ask input from. One PM telling me what the end goal of what they're doing is and I could tell them in 30 seconds how to do it better.
  10. Tucoh Augur

    I don't even know what the intent is of the frenzied resolve change unless they plan on changing disconcerting to have a 10 minute (or whatever) timer or something similar.
  11. fransisco Augur

    What exactly did the berzerker change do?
  12. Ngreth Thergn Developer

    Believe it or not, putting it on the website is MUCH more difficult for logistic reasons. Additionally, the in-game calendar has some server specific stuff that makes a web calendar even more complex.
    You are correct. The second date (June 7th) is the accurate date.
  13. Tucoh Augur

    Made it such that berserkers can't stack frenzied resolve and disconcerting discipline. Where Disconcerting Discipline is an amazing discipline that berserkers can keep up with 100% uptime unless they die.

    I'll test the DPS differential between it and disconcerting when it goes live, but now my guess is that frenzied will be chucked into the pile of "use this if you die" disc's. This is disappointing from a game design perspective because abilities like blinding rage / frenzied resolve are part of a berserker's culture of damage above all.
  14. Prathun Developer

    Thanks. :) We're very happy about the calendar, for a lot of reasons!

    The dates shown on the calendar on the Test server are correct for Test. Many events have an offset that causes them to run early to allow the Test server to see content before it goes to Live. For existing events that have not been intentionally changed, we could remove this offset, but there's always the possibility of Test catching an old or recently introduced bug with an existing event.

    The calendar has been tested extensively on the Beta server and appears to be working correctly.
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  15. Fanra Augur

    Hopefully, it can go on the website some time in the future, and the server specific information can either be noted as such or it could be noted that you have to check in-game on each server for that.

    At this time it appears that nothing is publicly released except for the start date for HH.

    I have thus removed the information that I had gotten from various sources from my HH calendar here: http://everquest.fanra.info/wiki/Hardcore_Heritage and am awaiting an announcement from Daybreak in order to provide it to those who visit.

    Thank you.
  16. Tucoh Augur

    I believe it.

    Drop the website calendar!
  17. nantalbus Elder

    with the adding of hunter/raid stuff for older world zones. are you going be removing the level limit on naggy/vox so we can get them or making it so other versions of them(such as old man mack raids or dragons/dragons/dragons) count for kills. atm with the level limit of 51 on them anyone over that can't get them.
  18. Prathun Developer

    Well, there's no better time than now to start using the in-game calendar.
    1. Hardcore Heritage starts on June 7th.
    2. The Test server calendar shows all the details of the Hardcore Heritage events except that it starts early.
    When you combine #1 and #2, there is enough information to deduce when and where the Hardcore Heritage events will run.
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  19. Coronay Augur

    I'm excited to see the old model NPCs!! Please make this permanent / feature we can toggle !
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  20. Janakin Augur

    In other words use June 7th as the start for live and use the test Calendar as a basis for how long each event lasts from start to finish. ;)
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