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Discussion in 'Test Update Notes and Bug Roundup' started by EQ Dev, May 9, 2017.

  1. Ishtass Augur

  2. Vindicate Elder

    The Ancient Destroyer event in Frontier Mountains does not seem to be responding to the trigger text on Test.
  3. PathToEternity Augur

    I am not sure if this is intention or not but Re: old school models in old zones:


    Thought I'd check to see if wolf pets get the old wolf model or not; it's still the modern one.

    Steps to reproduce: create a level 61 shaman, scribe the True Spirit spell, cast the spell to summon the pet, compare side by side in EverFrost (likely true for other level pets in other zones, but for reproductions sake this is how to produce the above picture).

    Not really a big deal, and possibly intentional? But noting it just in case.

    Same also appears to be true for druid wolf form:


    To reproduce, create a druid on Test in surefall glade, /testbuff to level 25, mem wolf form, zone into qeynos hills, cast wolf form and go stand next to any wolf.
  4. Chantill LeeLace New Member

    Sanctum Somnium's quest Morell Ascendant is bugged. The issue has been duplicated. I am able to get the quest and get to the second phase with God of Dread having spawned. After which you are to kill 8 trash in the yard which is easily done. At the phase it says to "Defeat Morell Thule, God of Dread 0/1" the MOB cons agro but you can not hit it, cast on it or otherwise engage it. We attempted it 4 or 5 times with the same result. All group members had the of Staff of Arcane Dispossession. I went through all quest text thoroughly. We attempted it without merc's, with no spells and just beating things to death so they would not die to quickly, no pets (although I did have a pet during the first phase) and killing all trash when we had nothing else left to do.
  5. Cyanogen New Member

  6. Chantill LeeLace New Member

    Please ensure you are testing the group mission and not the raid. A raid version of Morell-Thule Ascendant exists but that is not the version we are attempting. I am on Test. First we hail Twerus, get inside the mission and then hail him again. The mission begins. We then hail the God of Dreams, his 6 wispy things agro. After they die he is hailed and he fights with us until he hits 45 percent (or around that) and he boots who he has on agro away. Then he despawns and becomes God of Dread. The next line says to kill 8 mobs. Done. At this point in the quest it says to defeat god of dread and we go to him and he cons agro but we are unable to cast on him, hit him, click on him with the Staff of Arcane Dispossession and Hails do nothing. We have sat in the zone for 20 minutes just waiting to see if he would activate. The mission locks at this point you can not add people but does not lock you out so we are able to try immediately afterwards. Please ensure you are looking at the correct group version. We have attempted this twice again today with the same results. I have all quests and achievements - Hunter included - in this expansion and this is the LAST group mission.
  7. Cyanogen New Member

    Oh, my comment was an edit to something else Chantill, not your post. Sorry for the confusion
  8. Zuno New Member

    Test copies currently aren't working. Any update on this?
  9. Chantill LeeLace New Member

    Ah :) Thanks for the clarification.
  10. Alekzandre Augur

    The /testcopy command is not working. I tried it on multiple servers. You get a message that states it is not functioning. Mentioning this in case this is not intentional or broke on the last update.
  11. Orbital101 Augur

    Hunter of the Rathe Mountain is in both Adept Hunter of Southwest Antonica and Hunter of The Rathe Mountain in Kunark while Shardwing is in both tab is maybe why there is some issue?

    NEVER MIND: I should have read everything that as been said here!

    Also nameds that show up multiple time are different nameds. They just have a different spawn location.
  12. JChan Developer

    /testcopy should be working again.
  13. drEvil Lorekeeper

    Hludwolf, Prathun, Ngreth: were high risk LDONs just eliminated? Everytime I try to get the "high risk" version the mobs are extremely puny only hitting for ~543 damage max. Shouldn't the high risk version be hitting for 800-1000? I have tried with level 90s and then 3 level 70's who all got the easy version. Others have noticed this too.
  14. Orbital101 Augur

    Hunter of Chardok: The halls of Betrayal
    The third 'a rabid chokidai did not update from killing 3 different spawn locations.
    Everything else did.

    None of the Conqueror of Veeshan's Peak updated
    [Wed May 10 00:00:41 2017] Phara Dar has been slain by Goodurden!
    Magma Basilisk is underworld on Xegony!

    Hunter of the Temple of Droga
    [Sat May 13 17:40:40 2017] Dirt Criminal Vakov has been slain by Pradish!
    Did not update... Everything else did.

    Maybe it is just bad luck but after aprox 8 hrs total of killing hunters and foragers in Trakanon's Teeth with a group of 5 trackers perma killing them we were unable to pop Crusader Zoglic. You might want to double check the spawn on that one. Everything else spawned a few time over. Unless its not part of the hunter/forager cycle but info i have tend to make you think it is. I will eventually get to dig this out deeper!

    Done on Xegony if that is a problem. I'm crazy but not enough to do it all on test.
  15. Orbital101 Augur

    Hunter of Castle Mistmore
    Mynthi Davissi or a werewolf
    was 3 a werewolf in her room with one been on top of her PH, none updated it. Everything else did.
  16. Chantill LeeLace New Member

    Any info on the Morell-Thule Ascendant group quest?

    All group members have the staff of arcane dispossession.

    We attempted the quest again yesterday with the same results. We beat things slowly in order to not kill to quickly.

    We hail the God of Dreams, his 6 wispy things agro. After they die he is hailed and he fights with us until he hits 45 percent (or around that) and he boots who he has on agro away. Then he despawns and becomes God of Dread.

    The next line says kill 8 mobs. Done. We have both attempted killing just the 8 choleric horses as well as everything in the zone.
    This is where the bug occurs. At this point the quest says defeat god of dread. He cons agro and and we have attempted to cast on him, beat him with our hands/weapons and click on him with the Staff of Arcane Dispossession. Hails do nothing. We have sat in the zone for 20 minutes just waiting to see if he would activate. We have even called his Mama names and demanded Phat Lewtz,
  17. Imak Augur

    Some Rain of Fear meta-achievements are not updating. Examples:


  18. Zyba New Member

    Ashengate north raid is bugged on test as of last weekend. I /bugged this but wanted to put here as well just in case (what's preferred method)
    I tried 6 or seven instances with various combinations: having all 6 characters on agro, all 6 in the zone but only some on agro, zoning out and back in after the first wave of dyn leths army was down, having a 7th come in, killing as fast as possible, dragging the fight out for 15 minutes before finishing... Everything I tried the door stayed shut and wave 2 refused to spawn.

    Separately, also on test, agent of change temple of veeshan east drakes lockout is bugged. It appears to be cumulative instead of individual locks for the drakes as I got something like a 56Day lockout from one clear. I realize these probably aren't the highest priority for testing since they're older content but until rok is unlocked for testing we're relegated to testing older stuff, just a question of how much older...
  19. Ploww Lorekeeper

    Working through cotf progression have ran into a few issues.

    Overcoming the Cataclysm Partisan in ethernere wk, the skirth razers that you have to kill for the 2nd step arent spawning.

    The Brother Estle HA Life after death bugged out on us twice. The step where raiders were suppose to kill innocents, the raiders never ended up spawning. Then the 2nd time where you have to drag the corpses and dig the graves, graves could not be made. Clicking the shovel had no effect in the correct areas.
  20. Kamor Lorekeeper

    Atrebe's Vault is not starting when you enter the room with the four golems.

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