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  1. krozman Augur

    I respectfully disagree with your opinions on the SL raid Axxius. A standard SL raid will give any guild, at a minimum, 10 AEs. If all you are dealing with is the AE, surviving it with a raid force might be achieveable. However, there are also tanks tanking the named and a significant number of adds at 30 and 15 percent which require CC and DPS. If a tank cannot manage the damage of a standard AE while taking hits that normally are not significant, the AE is simply too significant to achieve.

    I don't accept the argument that you can DA through it or "bring 5 enchanters" because no guild of quality has 5 enchanters in a raid. That's a waste of DPS. I think I have 3 guilded.

    My opinion on the change: Keep the AE the same as the original, but make Remorse V a significant DEBUFF on the ability to heal, mitigate damage, snare, etc. Heck you can even do an AE root that forces you to kill the barrels instead of dodge them. anything is better than forcing you to avoid a guild wide Death touch.

    The elephant in the room in this entire discussion is that these achievements are difficult, but also that with 54 people only about 1/4 of the people even care about the chase loot. I have to drag everyone through the mud trying to get a check mark, and even if I win it will take three wins for the majority of the guild to get their checkmarks. No guild has 100% attendance every raid day. Most people at my stage just want their 10 chits per raid. Failing over and over on conquest is something that only the most retentive elites will try for, much less achieve.

    Again, I think it's reasonable to change the unlock to EITHER the raid conquests, OR also getting Master of the RoF with the Group conquests. That is very difficult by itself.
  2. Trajet D'Or Augur

    Right, but making one or two runs a week at an achievement makes sense to me once you're farming all the raids. Anytime a raid day goes smoothly, long refresh abilities like Divine Rez are mostly available, in the last half hour or so of the raid day head to Shards Landing and have 5 people confess without even killing a witness.

    If you fail either raid a little longer that night or the the next day beat it without picking a wrong murderer.

    I wouldn't expect people to fail over and over. I wish I was surprised that guilds who have atleast a vocal minority of players who often complain about how the raids are too easy show so little interest in challenging themselves for even half an hour a week while in farm mode for months.
  3. krozman Augur

    Yes Trajet, but we're not just talking about the SL raid even though it's the subject recently. Of all the raid achievements, a dozen of them require planning and special raid instructions, and a lot of luck as they currently exist.

    Plus guilds change when they get into farm mode. Tier 1 raids like SL, even if I find time for them, are no longer fielded by the "A team" of guildmates. That particular raid is locked and if I don't bring alts in, basically everything rots. That raid is run for easy chits. So when I challenge the guild to do the achievement, not so many can rise to the occasion. Plus when guilds get into farm mode, even the highest end guilds get the most turnover of guildmates in the year.

    There are just so many factors that modern guilds deal with that make these achievements very difficult to obtain. Requiring all of them is darn near epic.

    Unlocking these items should be an individual achievement, not a guild one. Thats why it should be changed to group conquest.
  4. Axxius Augur

    The damage done by the boss in SL is insignificant in this case. His dps is very weak. The adds will require a lot of coordination from the CC teams. The 4 enchanters that you bring for the runes will be a major help there, the adds are very CC-able. And killing most of the 10 mezzed mobs within 30 sec shouldn't be a problem at all. The challenge of this achievement is surviving the AE. As I said, that would be VERY hard. But doable in RoF T2 raid gear (and I mean the whole raid in full T2, not just some pieces here and there).

    Of course, having 4 raiding enchanters is very rare. But boxed ones will do. Enchanters themselves don't have to be raid geared. 65k worth of self-runes on top of Legion of Xolok means they won't be in any danger from that AE even with RoF group gear.
  5. boukk_sebilis Augur

    can't be done with DA, period, stop trolling on subject you have no idea about.
  6. Rainbowdash Augur

    There seems to be a bug with the ToFS monster mission "A Different Perspective". From what I can gather it's only bugged on Test, not Live. But on the fourth floor Cara Omica will consistently crash the zone. Usually immediately upon spawning. It seems to be related to her AoE. This alone makes this mission unable to be completed and the flag for ToFS raid and the achievement for 13th solo/group tasks unobtainable. Also someone in group dying seems to crash the zone occasionally.

    Would be wonderful if this could be looked into :)
  7. Vaft_Gnome Lorekeeper

    A Different Perspective

    Objective "Discover how to reach the fifth floor" is not doable.

    when Cara Omica spawns, shortly after the zone crashes (all toons go ld, the netstat goes from 100% to 0% slowly then goes to character select screen).

    i am able to fight for a second, then when spinstun hits (Magi Curse) the zone crashes. all toons (have had someone on first floor, third floor, and 4 on fourth) crash. Also have done this with 1 toon in pok ready to zone in and run to the forth floor, with all keys to get agro and try to keep the fight alive. upon saying ready to sam napth, the person gets ported to pok with the message "the destination zone denied entry..."

    Cara Omica,

    update: tried again, and was attempting to stop cara omica from casting any spells (by using silence/fear/mez..), was pulling 1 mob at a time, nice and slow, group crawling thru the level. the moment cara omica spawned, i immediately swapped to maestro to silence, but whole group was already crashing. the crash happened so fast that Cara did not even show up on everyone's extended target window, however she did cast Magi Curse once, i assume right as spawned.

    i believe Magi Curse is crashing the zone.
  8. Zzlaarr Elder

    May I suggest to make a sparate thread requesting those details if you really care for this?
    I have seen a lot of details, reasons and discussions about this, not only in this thread but all over, just not consolidated and might have been missed.

    My personal stance on this: Making an achievement to unlock gear you won't need anymore once you are able to beat the achievement requirements seems a bit ... let's say "unreasonable".
  9. smash Augur

    Dark Belikos.
    Could this be so it first cast the buff, and then the illusion.
    Reason, you cannot block illusion. If you do, you will not get the buff.
  10. Rainbowdash Augur

    And yet as of the emergency hotfix patch last night...all anniversary content is gone. One exact MONTH in advance of the promised removal date.

    I'd understand it if Test got it early...but even though the patch went in on the 5th...the content wasn't put in (npcs, merchants, drops etc) until the 15th on the same day as Live. And even then 10 days doesn't really equate to an entire month.

    I gotta ask...was the Anniversary removal an oversight/accident, or intentional? And if it was an accident...will it be put back? Or are we just shafted an entire month of content?
  11. Ishtass Augur

    I thought only the 14th anniversary stuff was supposed to be extended, maybe it was different for test.
  12. Rainbowdash Augur

    That had crossed my mind as well, so I checked. 14th stuff is down on Test too, nothing relating to any year of anniversary stuff is still up. Besides it's ALL still up on Live...and the way they worded it in the promo honestly makes it sound like ALL tasks stay up, imo at least.

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