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  1. Gorehammer Journeyman

    Sorry I didn't post this sooner, but I have a small request: While we're on the topic of the Dragorn War Mask, may I ask that you please make the clicky (and other illusion/effect clickies people tend to use) cast two separate buffs like many others do? There's a half dozen illusions I've got my eye on in marketplace but I don't want to lose the effect from the War Mask =\ I've grown sick of the Dragorn illusion and sound fx and I'm sure many others have too, hehe. Thank you.
  2. Senlronia New Member

    I'd just like to point out, to those saying the only way to clear your target window is to push escape, you are incorrect. Click on an empty spot in your group window, this will clear your target. Granted if you have a full group this doesn't work but I just wanted to let you know that there is another way to do it. Still doesn't excuse binding escape to another function unless they give us the option to toggle the function.
  3. Baramos Augur

    You can also click on an empty slot on your extended target window to clear your current target.
  4. Gladare Augur

    Whenever I click an empty slot in the extended target window, I target myself.
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  5. Chandrok Augur

    It was intended to be Conqueror. Rather than making unhelpful comments like "this is impossible", perhaps you could let us know why you think it can't be completed. Informative posts with details are what gets us looking at things, not hyperbole.
  6. Axxius Augur

    ^ Killing Vulak while offtanking 2 other dragons sounds fun. :)

    So does killing Xorbb while kiting all 6 of his minis, including Brantun.

    Or not having anybody dotted by Findlewill's fireballs (unless you do approve of gating to avoid raid mechanics).

    I also suspect that the AE in Calling Phantasm after failing 5 guesses might be a bit too much for RoF T2 raid gear (but probably will be doable in T3 gear).
  7. Ronak Augur

    There are several that will not be doable at level 100. But, the one that sticks out the most is Flame Resistant. The only current way to get it is to exploit the mechanics to make the fireballs not spawn in the first place. The other ones not doable at 100, and likely not at 105 either (at least not unless you find a way to bug the scripts, I'd hope that's not the intent here), are:

    Procrastinators Unite
    A Little Help from my Friends

    Those just off the top of my head. A couple others will be quite difficult at level 100, and may only be done by 0 to 3 guilds tops.

  8. Hatsee Augur

    Nah, Procrastinators is doable as we did it last night, A little help from my friends is also probably doable and if you can do it to perma rooted dragons and summon tank them it might be pretty easy.

    I see the following as being nearly impossible though.

    Flame Resistant, as you stated, but I should add that it always hits the tank so the only way to avoid that is to kill Findlewill before the first fireballs which I would deem impossible right now.

    Impressively Bad, the powered up AE should basically kill almost everyone right now, T3 gear may help a bit.

    Avoiding Explosives, tight tunnels, during a phase when half your raid is trying to recall the way to the top again, trying to dodge explosives that likely pretend the Z axis doesn't exist and will hit you from the room above or below? I'd guess it's impossible.

    Sneeze Guardian, no pets, no familiars, and everyone with an aura on and paying attention, wont happen, ever.

    A few others are questionable but I'm excluding them if I think it's only due to us playing poorly that we don't have them.
  9. Ronak Augur

    Yeah those others are the ones I expect 0 to 3 to ever complete. As for Procrastinators Unite, I thought you had to kill Xorbb before the minions, so my bad there.
  10. krozman Augur

    As a raid leader of a guild that has finished the expansion, let me give you some achievments that likely will never work out:

    1. "Impressively bad" is very very difficult AE wise now. MIght want to retune the damage when you fail to identify the murderer even once.

    2. Sneeze Guardian: putting 54 people in that room and expecting them to avoid an aura they cannot see (due to effects being off) is unreasonable.

    3. "Flame Resistant" Requires you to basically use gating exploits to win. IMO not possible whist attempting to do normally.

    4. Avert your Gaze. Yes i know it's an emote and following one shouldnt be hard, but some of them on the RAID come like a half second after you see them. Dunno why the mechanic isn't like that for group version, but the raid one it's almost inevitable that you get 10+ charms per event even with a good crew.

    Others i think are "possible" but you're really asking a lot to get a raid leader to get everyone all of these achievements for something that is pretty important to some people. Isn't it possible that you make it 2/3rds PLUS having "master of the rain of Fear" PLUS the group conquest? Thats pretty hard by itself.
  11. Trajet D'Or Augur

    It's a 40sec timed AE, if you wanted to try this DA is probably a key part of the strat.
  12. Badname0553. Elder

    From the sounds of this change you intended at least the top 10-20 guilds to have an alternative means to getting some of the very very rare items. However, based on the difficutly of Conqueror be it the challenge itself just being very very hard or because some are simply impossible for at least another 5-10 levels for all but 1 guild. So the 1 guild that already has had the most opportunity to farm these rare items will be the only guild able to finish off Conqueror while the items hold value. If that was the intent then why not just grant them these rewards for being the gamewide first.

    Please reconsider and change this to Vanquisher of Rain of Fear or water down Conqueror (kinda defeats this bonus ach purpose to begin with) so that in fact the top10-20 guilds can actually complete it.
  13. krozman Augur

    You can't DA 54 people every 40 seconds. Nor would it be reasonable if theoretically possible.
  14. Tegila Augur

    as far as escape closing bandolier, or tribute, or anythignelse..i wish theyd jsut make first escape clear target only, then the rest 1 at a time in order of opening. bandolier and tribute should have a toggle option to allow/disallow them closing like this. i dont use bandolier myself, and as mentioend it always used toclose this way anyway, i hotkey mine in other places like near the other buttons i use at that time..2h by dps clicks 1h by defensive clicks and inside my deflective hotkey, but it's extremely annoying that hitting escape to clear target closes SOMEthing always. and no, clicking empty spot in etw doesnt clear target, it targets your toon, which doesnt help when talkignabout stupid little things like the npc race-change clickie for housing, which you must clear target to change what it's changing, and even as someone with 40+ houses nd 3 halls, i dont put this thing in my hotbar, even with all 10 open plus socials page, combat abilities, and potion belt.

    idk why they changed it in the firstp lace nor why changing it back..they shoudlve jstu added hte option to NOT close it, ortribute window, and left the keys alone
  15. Trajet D'Or Augur

    Not 54, your 150k-ish tanks don't need DA and if a wave is up they couldn't DA. But you can DA most of your raid every 40 seconds, even having 2 DAs (Potion of Divinity, group them with Bard) lets them survive for 2min. While players with 1-3 of the 8 hour DA clicks, can cast DA, Shiny Brass Idol, Dain Ring or a couple of other options can live longer if they can react to /rs DA NOW.

    If you have 30 people up for the wave of 10 you have a pretty good chance of winning the raid.
  16. Axxius Augur

    Enchanter runes is another solution. 1 enchanter can cast Legion of Xolok on 1 group every 15 sec, i.e. 1 enchanter can keep 2 groups safe. A raid of 48 people that includes 4 enchanters can do this.
  17. Trajet D'Or Augur

    [37517] Remorse VTarget: Caster PB
    Range: 1000′, AE Range: 1000′
    Resist: Magic -10000
    Casting: 0s
    Duration: 18s (3 ticks)
    Dispellable: No
    1: Decrease Spell Haste by 30%
    2: Increase Melee Delay by 35%
    3: Decrease Movement Speed by 30%
    4: Decrease Current HP by 153813
    5: Decrease Current Mana by 600
    6: Decrease Current Endurance by 600
    9: Inhibit Effect: Spell Damage Focus
    10: Inhibit Effect: Healing Focus
    11: Inhibit Effect: Flurry
    12: Inhibit Effect: Combat Stability
    Text: You are overcome with feelings of guilt.

    Runes help mainly for tanks but it's a 3tic ~100k damage DoT after Shielding and if it lands on the Priests they have spell slow and no healing focus to deal with the damage.
  18. Falos Augur

    Based on that spell data I am pretty sure the damage is only applied upon landing and is not per a tick, the 3 ticks only matter for the purpose of the debuff effects duration (inhibit effects, and the various forms of decreasing haste)

    Also I dont really mess around with spell stacking to avoid effects and I have't personally tested this but there is a chance that you might be able to nullify the AE entirely by utilizing this buff:


    I strongly doubt it was intended but if that works it would make the event so cheesy to beat.
  19. Trajet D'Or Augur

    [435] Venom of the SnakeClasses: SHM/37 NEC/34 BST/52
    Skill: Conjuration
    Mana: 172
    Target: Single
    Range: 200′
    Resist: Poison
    Casting: 3s, Recast: 1.5s, Rest: 1.5s
    Duration: 36s (6 ticks)
    Dispellable: No
    Push: 0.5′
    1: Increase Poison Counter by 7
    2: Decrease Current HP by 40
    3: Decrease Current HP by 114 per tick
    Text: You have been poisoned.

    Does look like the damage is only done once on Remorse V. Still think DA would be a key part of the strat if a guild wants to get this achievement.
  20. Axxius Augur

    The AE damage in Calling Phantasm is DD and not a DoT. The standard 35% spell shielding will mitigate it down to 100k, and enchanter runes will mitigate another 25-30k (not sure about the order the mitigation is applied in). A cleric with +hp aura in each group, Growth powersources, 3 +hp guild tribute effects, plus that trophy from VoA that mitigates some % of spell dmg. Lots and lots of group/AE healing. This should be already possible with RoF T2 raid gear, just VERY hard.

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