Test Update 03/05/13

Discussion in 'Test Update Notes and Bug Roundup' started by JChan, Mar 5, 2013.

  1. Elricvonclief Augur

    Looking forward to this patch!
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  2. Straahdx Augur

    /em wonders if he is the only one who hotkeys his bandolier so he never has to open it unless he changes a piece of gear in those 4 slots... Seriously, why the uproar over that when it can all be hotkeyed... People just complain for the sake of it...
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  3. Gnar Augur

    I dont understand why they are changing bandoleer.

    If anyone didnt want it up they just had to push B, and to get it back push B. I can see why people are complaining they like me prob got used to how it works now. I dont hotkey the bandoleer, i have enough hotkeys, the bandoleer in its current form works just fine for me. Also I do use the esc key out of habit to quickly clear my target, i guess with this new change that option is gone. Is there a reason why this is being changed?
  4. sojuu Augur

    Guess no monk dps fixes yet?
  5. Hatsee Augur

    I can close any optional elements by pressing esc, and the bandolier is optional.

    They should probably put in a toggle but I'll use the heck out of this feature change.
  6. Gnar Augur

    Im naturally resistant to change, i still use the old spell gems.
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  7. Kaylord101 Elder

    Your not alone! I do the same.
  8. Lighteningrod Augur

    I bet you would sing a different tune if /bandolier activate was changed to clear your target window.

    One would have to wonder, "Why was this changed after all these years?" "What was the purpose?" "Who made this arbitrary decision absolutely no one asked for?"

    Then you could come to these exact forums and state your opinion there was no need to change /bandolier activate, said change interfered with your game play, and request the change be undone.

    At which point proponents of the change would generally mock you, advise you quit whining, that your style of game play was irrelevant, and direct you to arcane workarounds.
  9. Hatsee Augur

    Not at all, it's probably a good idea to ask for a toggle on it or the ability to just pin the windows. I use the bandolier rarely but I'd love to pin the tribute window so I don't forget it.
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  10. Makavien Augur

    So why make the bandolier close everytime you hit escape ? If you don't want it open don't hit B and hitting B every time you hit escape to clear your target or to close windows that should close when you hit the shortcut key Escape while leaving windows that are important to certain classes open is a vey important part of ui design lets make pet windows close when you hit escape also and spell bars. You can hot key all that stuff too or open them every time you hit escape with thier quick key. And to the ones that are gonna say hotkey it then .. I already have 6 hotbars open I don't need another thanks.

    Changes to the over-tuned broken xorbb 1 where are they ?
  11. Gorehammer Journeyman

    I understand where they are coming from, but personally, all my important bandolier setups I have hotkeyed llike Delete for 2H, Home for Sword/Board, End for Slow proc, etc. I also have Alt + (same key) for my alternate key combos to do things, in case I'm in the middle of typing something and need to do something time-sensitive or otherwise uninterrupted. Again, I see their argument, but I think if changing weapon setups is a repetitious part of your combat experience, you should really invest in hotkeying those setups most important to you. /shrug

    Also, if you can memorize an assortment of hotkeys, then you don't need those hotbuttons displayed, ever. My bandolier hotkeys are on hotbutton window #9 and remains hidden at all times. The keys still work. The only things that I've found don't work when tucked away in windows are item clickies they haven't been 'displayed' in the UI since logging in. For that I keep a hotbutton window with a couple clickies in it, hidden underneath my pet window.
  12. Lighteningrod Augur

    I think if changing weapon setups is a repetitious part of your combat experience, you should really invest in mouseclicking those setups most important to you.

    There. That has just as much validity and weight.

    This has absolutely nothing to do with /bandolier activate. It has to do with consolidating the ONE and ONLY method of clearing the target window with other functions in the game that ALREADY EXIST.

    There is no other way to clear the target window other than Escape. None. Zero.
  13. Endiment Augur

    Originally, the bandolier window closed with escape, then was later changed to it's current state. I still sometimes try to close it with escape.
    Personally, I don't really care which way it goes, as I don't use the window very often.
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  14. RainbowTest Augur

    Am I the only one who thinks people who need the bandoleer open while they play are the same people who leave their directionals on while driving or sit stopped in a street while they adjust their GPS instead of read street signs?
  15. Caudyr Augur

    To be fair...just about everyone's done the former at least once, I'm sure. :p

    That being said, I can understand why people would wanna leave it open, I guess...though I wouldn't do it myself, as I just use my hotkeys. ;)
  16. Lighteningrod Augur

    For the record, I use /bandolier activate also. I leave my bandolier window open so I can see the red and green background. At which point, when my bags are full I can tell when it stops swapping, or even worse, sends my blessed shield to the blessed parcel merchant and I die under Deflection due to the shield being gone.

    No, vendoring more frequently is not an acceptable workaround for a change which wasn't asked for and didn't need to be made. Nor do I have any control over whether the EQ platform randomly decides to let me zone with an item on my cursor versus sending it to the parcel merchant.
  17. Sinestra Augur

    You mean like those same people who find using the "B" button too hard to remember or too hard to use to close the bandolier? Yeah...

    They need to put in a toggle for it, along with the achievement and quest windows. I want to decide what I keep open and what I don't want Escape closing.
  18. Ronak Augur

    It's more just a habit thing, you know? Those of us who used /escape to get out of bandolier window for years, then that option was suddenly removed for some reason one day, now it's back? It's a silly thing to fight over, regardless.

    I'm more interested in why time was spent putting the rare T2 items on the vendors, while requiring an achievement that is not possible to get. If it's an accident, and it was supposed to be Vanquisher instead of Conqueror, then fine. If it's intended to be Conqueror though, that time was completely wasted, and will not be used. Some sort of response stating either way would be great.
  19. Savok Journeyman

    I don't understand why a common title button cannot be added that pinned the window open? (a pin icon like the '?' for help). Let me choose which windows I want to stay open or close (Some windows should always stay open of course - like the main chat window for example)

    Edit: Make it a pin icon AND a right click context menu option for those windows we don't need and/or want a title bar for.
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  20. Endiment Augur

    running through the warrior portion of the epic ornaments quest and I've found some issues.
    The abilities proc'ed from our skills can sometimes be twincasted (twinproc AA), causing the order to fail and need to start over.
    Kicking on a riposte (Warlords return kick AA) can also cause a proc at the wrong time. need to constantly swap between weapon and non-weapon setup to finish the skill order then attack.
    in the part where Suteng becomes bored, I didn't know what to do at first, and was trying to attack/use skills on him etc. until after like an hour he finally got me down to 35% hp. well geared warriors are gonna have to strip down to make this go faster.
    the next phase seems to be bugged (or I just really don't know wtf to do). I've killed enough skeletons to get the 2 infantry guys down, but then they just keep spawning until Suteng eventually kills the Decorous Commander and then attacks me (he hits for 20k o_O). I managed to kill him after a couple tries, but the event just stalls there, he never switched to the part where I'm supposed to generate aggro (as seen in the preview video)
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