Test Update 01/11/17 - Patch Notes and Discussion

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  1. EQ Dev Developer

    Updating the Test server today.

    January 11, 2017

    *** Items ***

    - Increased the spell damage on some pieces of Selrach's armor so there is not a downgrade on the set between it and Cohort's armor.

    *** Quests And Events ***

    - Maestro of Rancor (Raid) - Damaging Maestro will no longer prevent him from using his mechanics. For example, the accompanists will spawn at the organ even if he was reduced from 100% to 70% health in one tick.
    - Innoruuk (Raid) - It is no longer possible to kill the large version of Innoruuk without also killing the Evangelist of Hate first. This will prevent the raid from getting into a state where the untargetable Evangelist of Hate would spawn adds indefinitely.
    - Atrebe Sathir (Raid) - Ultimate Siphon Pulse now drains mana and endurance instead of endurance and endurance.
    - In the task The Last Grove, The Majestic Water Bucket can now be used in load balanced versions of Scorched Woods.
    - The first step of Drogan Toes will no longer suggest that you should get Drogan Toes from the quest giver, Vasyryx Teken`tlar.
    - Queen Velazul in the Chardok raid event will now make it very clear when she casts Reflective Scales.
    - Removed dozens of bad LDoN adventure definitions that could send you to kill a low level Miragul's Menagerie spider in a high level Balancing Chambers Takish-Hiz dungeon.
    - Fixed the hand-in of Drogan toes to Vasyryx in Frontier Mountains.

    *** Spells ***

    - Improved messaging when a spell that you have cast has been overwritten:
    - - Two new filterable chat colors have been created for beneficial and detrimental spells being overwritten.
    - - The message 'Your Spellname spell on Target has been overwritten.' replaces the message 'Your Spellname spell has worn off of Target.' when your spell is overwritten by another spell.
    - Bard - Increased the damage dealt by all four "Chant" DoT/Debuff lines of spells.
    - Bard - Added a cast time and duration to Soothing Psalm of the Sunrise so it will now work like most other songs.

    *** Progression Servers ***

    - Corrected some Progression-server-only requirements for Planes of Power zones. They now behave as they did from the first time zone access was increased (just after Legacy of Ykesha) until we again lowered their requirements during the Dragons of Norrath era. The 85/15 rule remains unchanged for these zones.
    - The Plane of Valor can now be entered at level 55 without other flags. This requirement lowers to level 46 when Dragons of Norrath opens.
    - The Halls of Honor requirement of level 62 to enter will now lower to 57 when Dragons of Norrath opens. Previously this would never be lowered on Progression servers.
    - The Temple of Marr can now be entered at level 62 without other flags. This requirement now lowers to 57 when Dragons of Norrath opens. Previously there had not been an alternate level requirement for this zone on Progression servers until DoN unlocked it.
    - Drunder, the Fortress of Zek can now be entered at level 62 without other flags. This requirement will lower to 57 when Dragons of Norrath opens.
    - The Bastion of Thunder can now be entered at level 62 without other flags. This requirement will lower to 57 when Dragons of Norrath opens. Previously this would never be lowered on Progression servers.
    - The Tower of Solusek Ro can now be entered at level 57 when Dragons of Norrath opens. Previously there was no alternate level requirement available at any time on Progression servers.
    - The Elemental planes (Air, Fire, Water, EarthA and EarthB) can only be entered via flag until Dragons of Norrath opens. At that point any level 60 will be able to enter these zones.

    *** Miscellaneous ***

    - Made an adjustment to how NPCs on flight paths animate in order to reduce unnecessary pitching as they traverse through the air.
    - Updated attack messaging for a number of NPCs races so that some creatures will 'sting, slice, maul, or claw' rather than 'hit'.
    - Fixed an issue with fear spells that would often result in a zone crash. Most occurred most notably in the Revisited Plane of Fear.
    - Added missing direct address comma to many canned phrases.
    - - Added missing comma to set off speaker's tag for say and shout.
    - - Corrected several misspellings of Cazic-Thule.
    - - Added terminating punctuation to /yell texts.
    - Many Planes of Power zones now have load balancing enabled.
    - Addressed an issue where fellowship leaders were sometimes randomly changing when a world was restarted.
    - Addressed an issue that was causing standard guild halls to not properly spawn.
    - Fixed a typo in the faction name Drusella Sathir.

    *** UI ***

    - Added a velocity label to the stats page of the inventory window which will display your current movement speed.
    - Adjusted the formatting of AA ability descriptions to reduce the amount of scrolling necessary to view relevant information for most abilities.
    - Changed the display of the 'Attack' statistic to show its component parts: 'Offense' and 'Accuracy':
    - - The Offense stat increases your likelihood to deal more damage when you land a melee attack and is countered by your opponent's Mitigation stat.
    - - The Accuracy stat increases your likelihood to land a hit on your opponent in melee combat and is countered by your opponent's Evasion stat.
    - Changed the display of the 'Armor Class' statistic to show its component parts: 'Mitigation' and 'Evasion':
    - - The Mitigation stat increases the likelihood for you to take less damage when you are hit by a melee attack and is countered by your opponent's Offense stat.
    - - The Evasion stat increases the likelihood for you to avoid being hit by a melee attack and is countered by your opponent's Accuracy stat.
    - - Spell descriptions that report the amount of Armor Class granted by buffs should now report a more accurate value.
    - Inspecting a mount, illusion, or familiar item that triggers an additional blessing buff will now list that buff as a 'Blessing' rather than a 'Focus Effect'.
    - - Inspecting an item with an activated effect that requires you to be able to equip the item to use will display 'Can Equip.' before the casting time. This label will be highlighted in red if you cannot activate the item you are inspecting.

    - Changed -

    - The EverQuest Team
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  2. mackal Augur

  3. Ratbo Peep Augur

  4. -wycca Augur

    Omg, after 18 years we have seperated values for AC and ATK! So much <3.
  5. Hellboy007 Augur

    Hate to sound un-pleased but i wish you would have just listened and dropped the push from the primary damage nukes.

    I do find though DoTs are used on a couple event raids in EoK. Because we cant use mana or have to manage mana.

    Unfortunately dots do nothing for Sticks and Stones and the Synergy AA line.

    Also i am not sure, but i don't think raids really want bards using 4 debuff slots using our weak dots (if subing 2 nukes for 2 dots)..

    Also can we combine all the Type 3 augs to work on all the dots rather than having to have 4 type 3 augs for these dots?

    On another note.. No push nukes..

    The type 3 augs do not work on them right?

    Irae Faycite Shard: Fjilnauk's Insult
    Irae Faycite Shard: Kaficus' Insult

    Also i find it rather annoying we are forced to use these and have to get a rune from EoK to even be a lesser nuke. Not to mention a Level 105 rune.. Would be nice if this was just changed to a TBM or TDS nuke. And to get the lower level no push nuke we have to go and find a CoTF rune..

    Sorry i just do not understand this entire need to have a push nuke and a no push nuke. it is not like the DPS is OMG so good. All it does is piss off Raid Leaders. So on some events we have to use no push just to prevent getting stuck with the push blame.

  6. Vindicate Elder

    I noticed after the patch BST warder's ability to mitigate incoming melee damage has been dramatically reduced, if this was intentional, fine, would be nice to put that in the patch notes. If not, maybe there is something wrong with the companions sturdiness AA being applied now? After parsing it out the evasion seems relatively the same, but the damage mitigation has been cut in half. examples...

    5 identical EoK goblins prepatch.

    Tanking summary for: Triqs`s warder --- Total Melee --- Damage: 1284197 --- Avg hit: 6204 --- Attempts: 320 --- Riposted: 3/320 [0.94%] --- Parried: 7/317 [2.21%] --- Dodged: 6/310 [1.94%] --- Blocked: 17/304 [5.59%] --- Defended: 33/320 [10.31%] --- Missed: 20/287 [6.97%] --- Hits: 267/320 [83.44%] --- Absorbed: 60/267 [22.47%] --- Real Hits: 207/320 [64.69%]

    5 identical EoK goblins after patch.

    Tanking summary for: Triqs`s warder --- Total Melee --- Damage: 3107874 --- Avg hit: 10535 --- Attempts: 455 --- Riposted: 7/455 [1.54%] --- Parried: 12/448 [2.68%] --- Dodged: 5/436 [1.15%] --- Blocked: 20/431 [4.64%] --- Defended: 44/455 [9.67%] --- Missed: 25/411 [6.08%] --- Hits: 386/455 [84.84%] --- Absorbed: 91/386 [23.58%] --- Real Hits: 295/455 [64.84%]

    All buffs, debuffs, focus, and pet gear where the same.
    EM XVIII focus
    Lvl 103 Spirit of Avalit pet
    No pet gear or items applied.

    The difference in attempts came from me having to heal a lot more to keep the thing alive and considerably cutting into my dps.

    I have no idea what actually changed as a result of the AC patching, I was under the impression it was just a breakdown into what it actually stood for visually with no change in function.
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  7. Tevik Augur

    Good news! The dots didn't actually get improved anyway, so you still won't see them!
  8. Jyve Augur

    Appears they did get improved. In the last patch to live.
  9. Slipdiggity New Member

    Did a test on skellies in lceanium. My beasty pet who used to tank these easily got killed in like 2 or 3 rounds, I stepped in and got killed in about 5 rounds.. mm so pulled out mage tank pet on mage. he tanked them easily like he used to. My necro pet tanked as usual, slightly harder to do then normal but not to bad. I myself could tank these also and now I get slaughtered on trash lceanium mobs. Somewhere beasty pets and beasty got a major nerf in tanking ability while mage, and necro pets remained the same in tanking these mobs. I have no stats cause I don't have those programs that tell you these stats. We were finally coming in to being a usefull class and now this. Please fix it.
  10. Tevik Augur

    Oh. Huh. Shows how often I checked them I guess. Curious what the mechanism is that determines where on the scale between the listed min/max damage the spell will fall, because the values I'm seeing don't match up with what I'd expect given my instrument modifier and my dot AAs for either the listed minimum or maximum.
  11. Jhenna_BB Augur

    Great update!! :)

    Now that you've cracked the door open a little on re balancing some stats on EoK items - can we talk about Grace? https://eq.magelo.com/item/148776

    The Heroics on a Ranger only bow are a bit confusing.

    HStr +28
    HSta +29
    HInt +29
    HWis +21
    HAgi +20
    HDex +24

    Why does a Ranger only Bow have high HInt? And why am I taking a 2 HDex hit upgrading my Range? Can we realign the stats like this:

    HStr +28
    HSta +29
    HInt +20
    HWis +24
    HAgi +21
    HDex +29

    Please? Pretty please?
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  12. Sirene_Fippy Augur

    If my math is correct (it's at least a little off), bard EoK DoT upgrades look like so:

    30 ranks Improved Chants = 300% focus
    + 360% from instrument mods

    Base Dmg * Instrument Focus * AA Focus =
    1255 * 4.6 * 3.0 = 17319 base damage/tick
    current bard DoT crit mod is 340% = 58883 crit damage/tick
    bard DoT crit chance is 34%

    So each DoT is 0.66 * 17319 + 0.34 * 58883 dmg/tick = 31451 dmg/tick (avg crit rate)
    31451/6 sec per tick = 5242 DPS per DoT
  13. josh Augur

    It does not seem like you are going to decrease the number of recipes required to get a skill up in the new tradeskills. If this is the case, that is fine, but if you are, i would really really like to know before i start working on maxing out my skill if you are going to make it easier in an upcoming patch.
  14. Glandga Journeyman

    The ENC pet (animation) is also weaker.
  15. Vindicate Elder

    I posted my parsed data on Test One Hundred Three in the bug only forum.


    For right now the only result I can consistently come up with is, Purchasing the EoK Companions Sturdiness AA decreases mitigation on a level 103 BST warder Spirit of Avalik with the EM 18 focus. As far as I can tell ,the AA up to and including TDS expansion increase mitigation.

    I can not speak for enchanter, mage or necro pets as the only account I currently have EoK on belongs to my BST. If you feel there has been a change in your pet and you have the ability to parse the data and post it here, please do so.
  16. Quixotic Journeyman

    Are you sure that's the increase they are referring to? Because well...

    Chanters received a more than 5x increase on their dots.
    Beastlords received a more than 5x increase on their dots.
    Even Ranger Blisterbeetle Swarm received more than x5
    And those are all before AAs

    Yet Bards don't even get doubled?
    I realize bard dots do not cost mana, but that's not really a relevant issue. Heck, If we use -all- of our song power on DoTs, they still do less than a single chanter dot... which increases their mana.

    I'm really hoping this is an oversight, and the last live patch increase wasn't just it.
  17. ~Mills~ Augur

    So let me get this straight. Bards now have 17k base dots (with a raid focus of 360%?) for zero mana cost and you are complaining? At this point if necros don't get 20k base dots that are instant cast and go down in mana cost compared to what they are on live then necros are getting severely boned.

  18. Quixotic Journeyman

    That's just it - bards do NOT have 17k base dots. That's 17k after gear, AND hundreds/thousands of AAs. Which apply to everyone else, as well.
  19. Sirene_Fippy Augur

    Bard DoT base damage is 1255.

    Focused it is 1255 * 3.0 (30 ranks Improved Chants AA, at least 600 cost) * 4.6 (Instrument Mod) = 17319 dmg/tick (roughly)

    All bard instrument focuses are hard capped at 360% and have been since SoD. 9 years. Many of our songs have a lower cap, or are not focused at all, by anything.

    They last 12 seconds, 3s cast time. So bard can maintain 4 of these for 20968 total DPS, but, they can't play anything else. Each bard DoT takes 2 debuff slots.

    Personally I am 0% interested in bard DoTs. Some bards might use them, I never have, I didn't even buy the Rk. I spell scroll from TDS. IMHO bard DoTs are just an avenue that doesn't lead anywhere really productive for the bard, even if made extraordinarily powerful. If I wanted to run around and DoT stuff, I would play a necro, and bards will never come close (nor do we want to).

    Bard DoTs not costing mana is sort of meaningless, as almost nothing bards do costs mana. Our mana regen is terrible and virtually nothing increases it (aside from Rallying Call and Divine Rez), not even Staunch Recovery.
  20. Tucoh Augur

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