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Discussion in 'Test Update Notes and Bug Roundup' started by EQ Dev, Jan 11, 2017.

  1. EQ Dev Developer

    This thread is for new bugs and how to reproduce them only. Please keep all opinions, discussions, posts about balance, and anything else in the other thread.

    Patch notes and discussions thread
  2. Maedhros Augur

    Keen's Fang from the Queen raid is not casting Might of Stone - it appears to be trying to cast Soothing Breath or Knowledge of the past because I get the buff Shadows of Knowledge.
    When I cast the Keens Fang buff it also removes my AA "Item: Knowledge of the past" but doesnt replace the AA with "Item:Soothing breath", and I do not get the upgraded version AA of "Item:Might of stone".
    Total mess on this one.
  3. Jyve Augur

    Patch notes show : - Bard - Increased the damage dealt by all four "Chant" DoT/Debuff lines of spells.

    For rankII poison dot with rank 4 chant focus, I'm seeing;
    7397 25149 crit
    Which is the same as it was before.
    RkIII cold
    8100 27540
    Also the same as before.
  4. mmats Augur

    The overwritten message is reporting the wrong spell as being overwritten for beneficial spells on PC's. For instance, I cast "Hastening of Sviir" on a group member and then overwrite it with "Hastening of Prokev". The message states that "Strike Fury" was overwritten, which wasnt the case. It just erroneously reported another active buff (Strike Fury) on the receiving character at random I believe.

    The overwritten message does appear to work when casting detrimental spells on NPC's.
  5. mmats Augur

  6. gotwar Augur

    I had the exact opposite result than what mmats has reported.


    Tested by casting Mind Squall on NPC, then Mind Storm. Message reported properly and spell was overwritten.


    Tested by casting Speed of the Shissar on myself, then overwriting with Hastening of Provek. No overwritten message, but buff did get overwritten.

    Tested by casting KEI on myself, then overwriting with Voice of Precognition. No overwritten message, but buff did get overwritten.
  7. Tevik Augur

    This. Different values for me because I don't have the same level of dot focus AAs, but no change on test from what they do on live.
  8. mmats Augur

    Test beneficial overwrites on a player other than yourself. That may be why you saw different results and did not see the overwrite message.
  9. Doucha New Member

    This patch seems to have nerfed the tanking ability of most pets and i was wondering if it is an intentional change or a bug?
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  10. Hellboy007 Augur

    Can we please get someone to look at bard song parsing? I really would like to be able to see what bards are casting other than just sing a song being casted with no named attached to it.

    Could this be a simple fix or is it something that is far to hard and will likely stay the same forever?


  11. gotwar Augur

    You are correct, and after further testing it would seem the "overwrite" message is taking the last buff in the short duration buff (songs) window and using that spell for the message, rather than the one it's actually overwriting.

    The overwrite message still doesn't appear if overwriting buffs on yourself, but does appear when overwriting a buff on someone else - it's just reporting the wrong spell as being overwritten.
  12. mmats Augur

    Indeed it would really be useful to have that message for all targets including self.
  13. Vindicate Elder

    From, a grove guardian, mob prior to patch the morning of 1/11/17

    Tanking summary for: Triqs`s warder --- Total Melee --- Damage: 3639731 --- Avg hit: 5353 --- Attempts: 1125 --- Riposted: 18/1125 [1.6%] --- Parried: 24/1107 [2.17%] --- Dodged: 29/1083 [2.68%] --- Blocked: 49/1054 [4.65%] --- Defended: 120/1125 [10.67%] --- Missed: 86/1005 [8.56%] --- Hits: 919/1125 [81.69%] --- Absorbed: 239/919 [26.01%] --- Real Hits: 680/1125 [60.44%]

    From, a grove guardian, mob after patch the morning of 1/12/17

    Tanking summary for: Triqs`s warder --- Total Melee --- Damage: 19141359 --- Avg hit: 9580 --- Attempts: 2858 --- Riposted: 72/2858 [2.52%] --- Parried: 52/2786 [1.87%] --- Dodged: 72/2734 [2.63%] --- Blocked: 144/2662 [5.41%] --- Defended: 340/2858 [11.9%] --- Missed: 172/2518 [6.83%] --- Hits: 2346/2858 [82.09%] --- Absorbed: 348/2346 [14.83%] --- Real Hits: 1998/2858 [69.91%]

    Today's mobs did significantly more damage than yesterday's prior to patch, everything else to me looks pretty much the same. Dodge parry block riposte etc all look relatively unchanged for such a short parse. I highlighted the absorbed as well, I imagine this figure comes from the prism skin proc from the pet buff. This is a short parse but the difference might be real enough to be given consideration. This was the only consistent prior to patch data that I had to go by.

    Pet focus, buffs, and gear remain unchanged throughout.

    Reporting this as a bug because there was no mention of these changes in the patch notes.
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  14. Ngreth Thergn Developer

    I cannot duplicate this. I tested on both Beta and Test and got the correct buff.
  15. Dreddnaught New Member

    With respect to Progression servers and targets there having mighty buff.

    Plane of Tactics:
    Rallos zek in his upstairs ledge form and pit form both do NOT have mighty buff. Tallon zek and Vallon zek both do not have the mighty buff as well (all part of the RZ event). The only part that does have mighty is the two Decorins Berik and Grunhork.

    Vallon zek (his wing spawn) initially has mighty buff, but when he splits he does not and then becomes part of the very easy to mow down illusions that hit for 600.

    Tallon zek (his wing spawn) has mighty buff.
  16. Vindicate Elder

    I parsed this out twice to confirm, the results where the same each time. All parses where ran on Test One Hundred Three in the Arena.

    /resetaa, Relogged, Summoned level 103 BST warder Spirit of Avalik, with EM XVIII focus, no buffs.

    Baseline no AA parse 15 minutes.
    Tanking summary for: Triqs`s warder --- Total Melee --- Damage: 1467394 --- Avg hit: 601 --- Attempts: 5133 --- Riposted: 313/5133 [6.1%] --- Parried: 288/4820 [5.98%] --- Dodged: 304/4532 [6.71%] --- Blocked: 627/4228 [14.83%] --- Defended: 1532/5133 [29.85%] --- Missed: 1158/3601 [32.16%] --- Hits: 2443/5133 [47.59%] --- Real Hits: 2443/5133 [47.59%]

    Purchased up to and including TDS expansion Companions Sturdiness AA, Dismissed warder, Relogged, Summoned level 103 BST warder Spirit of Avalik, with EM XVIII focus, no buffs.

    15 minute parse with up to and including TDS Companions Sturdiness AA.
    Tanking summary for: Triqs`s warder --- Total Melee --- Damage: 1248817 --- Avg hit: 523 --- Attempts: 5082 --- Riposted: 300/5082 [5.9%] --- Parried: 296/4782 [6.19%] --- Dodged: 313/4486 [6.98%] --- Blocked: 592/4173 [14.19%] --- Defended: 1501/5082 [29.54%] --- Missed: 1195/3581 [33.37%] --- Hits: 2386/5082 [46.95%] --- Real Hits: 2386/5082 [46.95%]

    Mitigation increased.

    Purchased up to and including EoK expansion Companions Sturdiness AA, Dismissed warder, Relogged, Summoned level 103 BST warder Spirit of Avalik, with EM XVIII focus, no buffs.

    15 minute parse with up to and including EoK Companions Sturdiness AA.
    Tanking summary for: Triqs`s warder --- Total Melee --- Damage: 1284925 --- Avg hit: 535 --- Attempts: 5196 --- Riposted: 321/5196 [6.18%] --- Parried: 306/4875 [6.28%] --- Dodged: 341/4569 [7.46%] --- Blocked: 627/4228 [14.83%] --- Defended: 1595/5196 [30.7%] --- Missed: 1198/3601 [33.27%] --- Hits: 2403/5196 [46.25%] --- Real Hits: 2403/5196 [46.25%]

    Mitigation decreased slightly, first set of parses where 5 minutes long, reran for 15 min to confirm, results where the same. Purchasing the EoK Companions Sturdiness AA decreases mitigation on the BST warder.

    I'm not really sure this is enough to justify the 2x additional incoming damage on the warder in game, but it is at least part of the reason.
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  17. Imak Augur

    Can we get this AA fixed one of these days? Its been borked since, well, a really long damn time.
    Druid AA: Hidden Communion of the Cheetah


    Yes, currently at Rank Negative One. It is indeed possible to spend 15 AA and upgrade to Rank Zero. At this point, the AA entry disappears entirely from the AA window. It doesn't show Rank Zero, it simply vanishes. Upon spending those 15 AAs, the banked AA total is adjusted, as are the Spent/Assigned totals, as expected.

    Then the magic happens when you cross a zoneline.

    Everything is reverted. The AA reappears once again in the window at Rank Negative One. The AAs previously spent are refunded. The AA totals for Assigned/Spent are also reverted to previous counts.
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  18. Sancus Augur

    Cross post from the discussion thread since I really, really hope this is a bug:

    Something is very broken with pets on test.

    Here is a parse of my max AA, EM 23 Earth Pet on A Syldon drill sergeant on live (Burnout Rk. III and Surety Rk. II):

    /g Tanking summary for: Puksu -- Total Melee -- Damage: 16736345 -- Avg hit: 7784 -- Attempts: 2584 -- Riposted: 36/2584 [1.39%] -- Parried: 61/2548 [2.39%] -- Dodged: 34/2487 [1.37%] -- Blocked: 104/2453 [4.24%] -- Defended: 235/2584 [9.09%] -- Missed: 199/2349 [8.47%] -- Hits: 2150/2584 [83.2%] -- Real Hits: 2150/2584 [83.2%]

    Incoming DPS was 12207

    Here's the same mob with the same conditions on test:

    /g Tanking summary for: Puksu -- Total Melee -- Damage: 17851574 -- Avg hit: 12852 -- Attempts: 1679 -- Riposted: 35/1679 [2.08%] -- Parried: 33/1644 [2.01%] -- Dodged: 22/1611 [1.37%] -- Blocked: 70/1589 [4.41%] -- Defended: 160/1679 [9.53%] -- Missed: 130/1519 [8.56%] -- Hits: 1389/1679 [82.73%] -- Real Hits: 1389/1679 [82.73%]

    Incoming DPS was 19725

    That's a 65% increase in average hit and an accompanying 62% increase in incoming DPS. I don't know if this is related to the changes in how AC is displayed or something else, but I cannot stress how large of a nerf this is. I had 15.8 times as many DI 20 occurrences on test and approximately one third as many DI 1 occurrences.

    Pet mitigation needs to be fixed before this goes live.

    As a side note, it really sucks to have to be guessing whether it's a bug or an intentional nerf. If there's a major class nerf there should really be a clear explanation somewhere, but given your track record with communication (or lack thereof) regarding nerfs I don't really know....
  19. Kinadorm Augur

    Can we make it so that mercs are not hit by the Kar'Zok ae if their owner has the Essence of the Dragon?
  20. Kinadorm Augur

    To add a little more info this is the "Gust of Atrebe" AE that is still hitting mercs I believe. The last patch fixed the bug where "Aura of the Kar'Zok" was landing on pets and mercs but "Gust of Atrebe" wasn't fixed.

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