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Discussion in 'Tanks' started by Sithsonn, Jul 14, 2019.

  1. Wulfhere Augur

    I had to read this a couple of times to get your meaning.

    I think it's a nice idea in theory that has already been effected by the Dev's introduction of Aurora, Protective, and (to a lesser degree) Denouncement and Valiant spell lines.

    The caveats are: Light shares a timer with Protective and so is obsolete. Burst has recast and spell gem lockout issues. Touch has a long casting time. Of these 3, only Burst earns a spell gem regularly. So there really isn't much improvement to be had there (barring entirely new spells) that would be easily gained by upgrading the ToT lines (especially leveraging the Protective line's beneficial spell mechanics).
  2. tyrantula Elder

    /agree. With as long as Light takes to cast, all actions are locked out during the cast time with a chance to interrupt. Burst causes spell bar to lockout for the duration of a supposed Light cast, but at least you can move around, disc, or use AA abilities during that time.
  3. Liljit Augur

    For an SK thread, there is an awful lot of paladin discussion. :)

    We have our own thread, let's discuss paladin stuff there.
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  4. Sithsonn Elder

    Jesus lmao
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  5. Funky Augur

    8 pages of wtf is this... 1 page of good ideas...
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  6. Brohg Augur

    what I'd like for SKs is a thing I'd like for lots of classes. When a "line" of spells can be combined vertically to simulate chain casting that same spell (for instance in this case, the Touch of T'Vem/Lutzen/Falsin), it should just be chain castable.
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  7. Wulfhere Augur

    Well the price of chain casting vertically is spell gems. It's not free to memorize that focused power. I think that's the design point when that's the case. If you're willing to pay the price in spell gems, your class can wield said power. A spell line timer is the designer saying that level of power is prohibited for your class.
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  8. Sithsonn Elder

    bro are we on your pally thread bashing each idea ya get lmao, are anything of these written in stone somewhere did i miss something? we just having fun here!
  9. Wulfhere Augur

    Seems like ya missed game design 101 mate. Come back to Povar heh.
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  10. Sithsonn Elder

    Do miss povar and EIE, hope you guys are doing well! Progressing I hear, thats very awesome. Had some great times over there
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  11. p8aa Elder

    Sorry to derail this thread even more as in theory it was to post "SK ideas", but as it became a melting pot of a lot of things, here is another DPS parse for a medium duration.
    Tanking group, with only possible raid mgb ADPS running (so no bard in group, etc..)
    For this one, i was able to chain all our best DPS discs to obtain the best result possible, like spacing out War sheol heroic blade to add 2 min duration of good DPS disc instead of using it with Brutal Onslaught for the short 60 sec burn. The only improvement would be for me to get a raid 2H TS weapon as i'm still using a regular raid one
    /GU Seneschal Radiant Propensity in 343s, 1 506,2m @4391341 | #2 Warrior 81819k@(241,4k in 339s).
    Don't mind the "number" there number 2, as to not get lag I put the filter "other damage other" to hide, so i only see my own DPS parse. I asked to a guildie where it did put me on the overall DPS parse, it put me at the 23rd spot.
  12. Allayna Augur

    If you're hiding other damage...would it not put you at #1? o_O
  13. Brohg Augur

    "other damage other" is the melee filter, it leaves spell damage. So #1 was presumably the only wizard or magician or necromancer attending.
  14. p8aa Elder

    Indeed, what Brogh said, spell dmg is still showing, although i doubt it's reliable to get an accurate DPS parses of casters even, because i know that more than 1 caster beat me on DPS parses :)
  15. Allayna Augur

    I'm not sure if he expects us all to believe that only 1 caster was in attendance. But from what you're saying he'd either have only 1 of ANY spell dmg player in attendance that out parsed him OR he beat mages/wiz/druids/enchanters on a parse in a tank group, or a final possibility, he fudged the numbers.
  16. p8aa Elder

    Looking paladin DPS on Efreeti burn parse in stratos, I see 242 k in 76 sec , but also a 384 k for 56 sec, with a glyph used and some chanter stuff landing (he had a chanter it seems in his group) like Chromatic Haze and Illusion of grandeur, does it help well paladin DPS ?
  17. Allayna Augur

    Yes. Things like that and mana recip and twincast aura would all increase paladin DPS. It would increase SK more, my SKs often ask to be placed into caster or melee groups in raids so that they can burn.
  18. p8aa Elder

    I see on the same fight a SK doing this paladin DPS x 2 with only chanter stuff ADPS in his group yeah hehe, and also a glyph used.
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  19. Scornfire Augur

    With Necros turning stuff undead the numbers change notably

    /5 Effortless Eruption of Spirit in 83s, 1,303.7m @15707290sdps ~ #18 PaladinA 25815k@311.0k sdps (348.8k dps in 74s) [1.98%] - No ADPS

    /5 Effortless Eruption of Spirit in 77s, 1,305.7m @16957534sdps ~ #17 PaladinB 28767k@373.6k sdps (394.1k dps in 73s) [2.2%] {7} - No ADPS

    /5 Effortless Eruption of Spirit in 57s, 1,286.8m @22574724sdps ~ #28 PaladinB + pets 18057k@316.8k sdps (361.1k dps in 50s) [1.4%] - No ADPS

    In these examples the top SK was a fair amount ahead, but this is a really short fight to be using, as HT/LT/TL greatly skew things in favor of SKs, after a couple minutes the gap isn't so big (If neither are getting ADPS), especially if the mob is kept undead throughout. I can't Imagine our (Very knowledgeable and proficient SKs) ever breaking top 5 on an event over 30s without giving them extremely favorable ADPS, our top ones typically land around 20-25 on Rustbottom and our kill times are closer to 200s which is even more favorable, I'd like to know what kind of factors attributed to the SK landing 5th, because if he got a DPS group and the Pally didn't that's hardly a fair comparison
  20. Krazzi Lorekeeper

    As an SK, i'd like to have an AA where i can click it on my groups healer (maybe giving a % boost to heals) but if i die, he dies too. Give them a little motivation to keep you alive.

    Paladins can have a version to, where they die, and everyone cheers!
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