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Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by dreamweaver, Oct 25, 2019.

  1. mark Augur

    fraggly not true a lot of people 2 or 3 box,its always handy to have a pocket healer,slower ,porter.
  2. horridG New Member

    What makes you think that would be the case? You can't simply use the number of boxers on the current truebox tlps because there will be many people that would like to box on a new tlp but have no interest in doing it on multiple machines, myself included. The actual numbers will not be known until we get a non truebox tlp with aocs, so let's try it and see.
  3. Aneuren Augur

    I would honestly think it should be removed earlier than SoD. Remove it whenever a fresh set of TLP servers is released or, in the alternative, no later than X. My preference would be DoDH, since that's where you start really getting into the instanced group content.

    There is really a lack of any evidence justifying keeping this code live on servers once population starts decreasing. We need Darkpaw focused on making decisions (or freeing their developers to act) to boost the stability of these servers. That includes taking a real hard look at past decisions that have been made and asking whether they are having a detrimental impact on the long term health of these servers.

    And yes, I certainly suggest that there are more decisions than just Truebox that should be considered, if Darkpaw is truly sincere in its desire to improve the overall health of this game.
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  4. Fraggly Augur

    I am right there with you, and still hope for a standard AoC/picks TLP. After all, these things came to be because of the standard TLP!

    I think this because a few things:

    1) It seems a fair amount of boxers have actually taken to enjoying trueboxing, the edge being able to truebox efficiently gives on those servers is more measurable than boxing on standard.

    2) People already set up to truebox a porter or buffer might prefer to be in a truebox setting overall as opposed to a server where most everyone will be boxing.

    3) There are a large amount of posters on this forum that attribute the crazy success of Phinigel to truebox and not AoC.

    4) Magefire left a terrible taste in the average players mouth, and rightfully so. As such they simply scowl at the idea of a standard server, more and more posts have been coming around lately of people who had to leave mangler for RL or to play other games that want to jump back in, on truebox only. Or they just want to relive classic-luclin.

    5) Krono farming botters will stay truebox for the market (just IMO no basis really).

    6) Like it or not there will be 3rd party things going on unless the overall rules of the game change. Some folks cannot accept this at any cost, but can deal with the few who get it going on truebox.

    Could be more things but that is enough i think, and i would be happy to see myself be wrong. :)
  5. That0neguy Augur

    Sound way to make business decisions.
  6. Sollix New Member

    Really hope they don't go back to this awful mistake. I think we can all agree TLP players prefer minimum boxes, and truebox does a great job at minimizing the amount of boxers we see.

    I remember Sleeper/Lockjaw and they were plagued with one person playing 15+ characters all automated. Non-truebox seems like a bigger mistake then PVP.
  7. Face_Rollan Journeyman

    I think a limited non-truebox server would be a good start. Like limited to 2 accounts per machine.

    Enabling multiple clients to run on one machine i believe would open the door to too many people playing 3-4 accounts and just soloing. Ruining the economy and what everquest is all about, community.
  8. Magic Augur

    Everyone say truebox is must have, but on any truebox server everyone trying to boxing :)
    Someone early, someone later, but 75% of players will be boxing in some way.
    Anyone who play in guilds know how much ppl box 2+ accounts.
    Be able to 2-box without second computer will be great.
    Anyway even on Mangler ppl able box full group or full raid, truebox code not prevent mass-boxers to do that them want, but regular player who box 2 account hurts from truebox more i think.
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  9. Aneuren Augur

    For me, the ideal number has always been three. I sometimes did four or five on Fippy but, at least to me, there's a point where it is no longer a fun and dynamic challenge.
  10. SearingCorpse Lorekeeper

    about me: i started ragefire before kunark launch, and have played every launch of the following TLPs

    1. non-truebox server with only raid bosses requiring truebox code
    2. should only allow the same class being boxed; this keeps the role system in place
    3. start this server in kunark era
    4. unlock times of 3 months has felt good

    5. quality of life -> world events so people are not afking at bottlenecks for epics, or key camps
    my suggestion is make every zone that has an entrance to a dungeon of 40+ become PvP for a certain amount of time(1-2 hours?)

    i think this addresses everything? GL HF
  11. Faidaen Lorekeeper

  12. Fraggly Augur

    I don't agree with making limitations and creating a non-truebox* server where * = rules about boxing. People will find ways around the limitations just as they have on truebox servers and it will be the same story as we see on those servers. A few people having an edge with farming mats or items to sell. It would probably be even easier to circumvent on a server where N boxes per PC are allowed.

    Boxing raids is probably the most fun part to me. Playing SK/SHM from GoD on is a blast IMO, anything/SHM probably just as enjoyable.
  13. Sythrak20 Journeyman

    I mean they did this with AoC's, which they said for years they'd never do as it was against the spirit of the game or whatever that meant so...yeah.
  14. LDEffectsMe Augur

    As someone who actively played on Mangler daily during the Kunark/Velious/Luclin periods... I can say definitely that those periods felt like they were over in the blink of an eye. Especially Luclin. With the introduction of AA's, my guild (which wasn't on the bleeding edge) had to slow down on raiding so people could get XP and grind out AA's to keep up. It almost feels like it would be nice if there was more time between expansions after AA's enter the game... We barely downed the mid-Luclin targets by the time Planes of Power was opening. I kind of think this is why so many guilds get lost with each expansion release and why so many mergers end up happening... It's not necessarily that players hate every expansion after X expansion... It's that the new expansions come out so quickly you're not even "done" with the one before when it hits. And everyone wants to do the shiny new (again) stuff.
  15. Tikno New Member

    I quit due to the true box rules. My second computer died & I like to box a bit.
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  16. NoWay Elder

    Bye true box, inc that 40 boxer from ragefire. What was his name?
  17. Nizune New Member

    I am really hoping for a Non-Truebox TLP. Perfect combo for me would be Non-truebox with AoC, 2 month unlocks, FV loot rules, and fast exp.
  18. Kazz99 Elder

    Yes please, FV rules or not is is about time for a phinney style TLP without the truebox code. I definately support starting it later in the xpac curve as well.
  19. mark Augur

    need aoc notruebox and 3 months unlocks,open loy and ldon with pop,open omens and god together and then i dont really care afterwards exept a new tlp in classic since thats the eq i love playing.
  20. Machen Augur

    No, just no. GoD is a great expansion and stands alone just fine. If you want to combine something look at the no aa level 70 and 75 expansions.
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