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Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by dreamweaver, Oct 25, 2019.

  1. Robomax Elder

    DOTS Necros. Shamans and Druids . Melees don t stand a chance
  2. Robomax Elder

    No That's what Killed Mangler early To Long in Classic. 3 Months in Classic is a snooze fest. If its 3 mths Classic I wont play on it. Because even as a semi-casual semi-hard core . I can be through the classic content in 1 mth and most of that solo. with 3 toons on one account.
    Trilogy start for 16 weeks that's 4 months ,
  3. Xanumbik Augur

  4. Accipiter Augur

    Stuff dies so fast with player power the way it is, there is no time for DoTs.
  5. Fireclav New Member

    100% interested in a boxing progression server.... but lets not start at classic again..

    FV rule set would be great and make sense i think. Would be nice if we had each xpack for a somewhat decent amount of time. Its a bit of a turn off when your just trying to blast through content and leaves all but the hardcore players at a disadvantage.
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  6. Jmnnn New Member

    Yes to non true box server, so tired of the truebox... Ragefire was a blast being able to box on one computer
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  7. Fluid Augur

    There isn't a lot I've left undone. I've never grunted through raising a Beastlord for instance. I have leveled up a Halfling Ranger on a TLP server a bit and I enjoyed that, but I really wanted to start the character from day one of the server. Paying for multiple accounts, you are actually penalized by truebox so I would be interested in a non truebox server.

    My requests for a day 1 Halfling Ranger will probably never be granted. I would like FV rule set too. I'm pretty specific in that a new tlp server must have something I haven't done yet: It needs some candy. I can wait for things like focus items to work although I would prefer they are a go right out of the box. I hope people see my point. More same old, same old, will not do it for me. Somebody throw me a bone. :)
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  8. NotKiwi New Member

    A suggestion for future progressions servers: Plan for most to merge into existing 'similar-rules' progression servers on their creation.

    For example, if Aradune is essentially a clone of Mangler, reduce it's unlock timers from 3 months to 2 months per to allow it to eventually catch up to and merge into Mangler. This sort of planning would both allow for Darkpaw Games to draw new/returning players in with Aradune, while keeping both Aradune and Mangler healthy in the long run.
  9. Armin New Member

    I would be interested if there was a way to prevent third party bot army applications from being used.
  10. Skuz Augur

    It's not really the program at fault, it's lazy players.

    Definitely a "with great power comes great responsibility" thing, many players use the programs in acceptable ways, a big bunch don't.
  11. Kalipto Augur

    Instead of proposing a non-true box server, I'd like to see a real no boxing server. Not "true box" but "no box". We were supposed to have a TLP free from the ugliness of boxers but we still have yet to get that. Every true box server has tons of players boxing and plenty of them running 3rd party tools to do it. When we report it, nothing seems to happen.

    Giving us a TLP dedicated to players who want to box isn't a solution because players who want to box want to box with other non-boxing players. They want the advantage that boxing gives them. If everyone around them also boxes, then they have no advantage. They'll still just play on the true box server because they can still box all they want there AND feel the power of advantage that boxing gives them.

    Not trying to be critical or negative here. Just suggesting that a "boxing allowed" server wouldn't help our current TLP's be less boxed.
  12. Machen Augur

    The aim isn't to help people on truebox experience less boxing. The goal is to give people who don't want to play on truebox an option with the same advantages (aoc's) that truebox servers currently enjoy.

    It's not about you.
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  13. Kalipto Augur

    Thank you for letting me know that my point is easily misunderstood.

    What I was trying to say: Players can already box as much as they want on a truebox server as evident by the amount of boxing that goes on. Why would boxing players switch to a new server when they can already do it? I figured this was DB's attempt to give cheaters their own server, but cheaters don't want to play with other cheaters because there's no advantage over their peers.
  14. Machen Augur

    Not all of us are willing to violate the truebox rules to box as we would like. And players that prefer to box using the options available on most other servers should have a place where we can do that without fear of suspension or banning for doing so. I understand that effectively the risk is currently very low on the truebox servers, but very low is not the same as zero.
  15. Warzon Lorekeeper

    If there was a non Truebox server, with AoC's, and free trade, and pickzones, I'd play on it forever, paying for at least 54 accounts. I wouldn't interact with anyone else, I'd just bounce from instance to instance. I don't really care what era you start in, but only because I got a few hundred kills of the classic mobs out of my system on Lockjaw so it's whatever.

    I do not currently play/plan to play Everquest. I do still pay for some accounts in the hope that they one day release the above server. I had briefly started to play on Brekt, and was up to paying for 24 accounts, but have cancelled most of them since they announced the merger with FV.

    Don't take it personally, I just don't really enjoy interacting with the vast majority of the EQ population. The likelihood that a given player is going to troll/grief me rather than actually engage in a player vs. environment activity is 100% on today's servers. If you aren't guilty of this, your guildmates are.

    Also playing 54 characters is still an interesting challenge, independent of other considerations, it's a unique thing I can only get with EQ. The meta there is what is engaging. Playing one or two, or even six characters, is not engaging to me. I don't have any problem with someone else who does want to do that, and I hope they continue to release servers to service your particular love of the particular game you are loving.
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  16. Skuz Augur

    lol, you are some players absolute worst nightmare.:p

    Not sure if trolling or being serious, but Rizlona is 2 out of 3 of those points.
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  17. Dre. Augur

    Seems you're looking for a "Server" edition of EQ.

    I hope they'll do it some day.
  18. Zinth Augur

    Must say the talk of a NON-truebox server really peaked my interest... so tired of having to run multiple machines to box instead of just one... There is no NEED for this... The issue was not boxers... it was BOTTERS especially running unattended...

    For me to be interested:

    Agent of Agents: Yes
    Launch Level: 1
    Launch Expansions: Trilogy (Classic, Kunark, Velious all open at launch)
    Unlock Format: 2-3 months, 3 months for level increase, 2 months for non level increase
    Exp Rate: Faster than Phinny was
    FV Loot Rules: Yes
    Truebox: No, boxing allowed, botting NOT allowed
    1. Exp should be faster than Phinny, slow exp discourages alts, takes more time which means less time for "hanging out", tradeskilling, doing silly things etc.
    2. 3 day "raid lockouts" at most
    3. Double (in era) and Triple (previous era) raid keying/flagging so you don't first get fully flagged just as next one opens or finally get enough raid currency to one item just to make it pointless since the next expansion opened up
    4. Double spawns on nameds, since we all know how poor the spawn rate on nameds were in the older expansions and for gods sake have them ALWAYS have atleast 1 loot from their loot table (not talking rusty dagger) but camping named and it first spawns after 4 hours and then drops "nothing" yeah... that's a bummer...
    5. MoTM is fine in era, remove the next era (so if the server started in trilogy like I listed, then all the mobs in Classic, Kunark and Velious would lose their MoTM when Luclin opens after 3 months
    6. All classes in game from the start, all class/race combo on live ingame from the start (make Drakkin start in Freeport)
    7. for gods sake give us back the true Freeport (you have a copy of it in the monster mission in butcher block) and I am sure Project 99 could help if you "claim" to be missing the original. And if anything ditch the "new freeport" completely and add in the needed features later on, in the original freeport, it was just so much better
    8. make guards killable again, they were part of faction, money and exp grind in the old days and should never have been nerfed.
  19. Zinth Augur

    being able to run ya own server of EQ would be kinda cool :D
  20. Xenich Elder


    Honestly, I do not understand why these companies do not market such. It would breathe new life into the industry.

    I know people can use the private servers, but keep in mind for those who do not know, they are GREATLY limited and contingent on a lot of effort to get content working. They are also many years (expansions) behind that of release in content. Also, custom development is quite challenging due to the fact that the client essentially forces a certain realm of design.

    To have them open up, sell the Server software, provide the tools for us to modify, configure, expand, etc... would be amazing. Look at games like ARK, they still have "official" servers, so the company can still charge a sub to play on a server that is official controlled and developed, but the private servers could be configured in any possible way people wanted.

    This would end ALL arguments on what type of server there should be and if DB does the licensing right, they can still retain ALL creative content control for the game (ie if players make new things, they can actually use that and improve their own) which is a small price to pay if you want the freedom to develop/configure the game as you like.

    I would love to see them release EQ, EQ2, Vanguard, and the other companies release access to all the other MMOs. Like the skyrim community, the market would BOOM with creativity and more importantly, individual distinction to finally make the MMO the way people like it.

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