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Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Roshen, Apr 29, 2016.

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  1. Healiez Augur

    I am honestly ok with the extra few weeks of velious and luclin, those are fun expansions with loads to do.

    However GoD and OoW at the same time is a HORRIBLE mistake.... GoD is easily doable at 65, even by semi hardcore guilds. Please re-evaluate this decision

    Also prehaps LDoN being 8 weeks after is better than 12.... would be nice to have SOME time in LDoN before GoD/OoW hit
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  2. Livie New Member

    I am actually on 14.5 years account I just do not see any point in posting on forums.
    This is actually something I feel is bad and I am hoping that if people post against it DB will listen to us.

    As for Prathum you can 'like' this but you have resources to see if it is indeed noob accounts or veteran.
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  3. Fungal New Member

    Since you are disrupting the release date of the next few expansions, could at least give us beast lords and zerkers early?
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  4. Healiez Augur

    I would love beastlords and zerker to open up early... Really want a zerker but thats a long wait
  5. Syrup Augur

    GoD is the widowmaker expansion for TLP servers.

    I'm all for releasing them at the same time.
    Will servers need to complete GoD and OoW achivements to start the DoN unlock/vote timer, or just OoW?
  6. Polekn Augur

    As others said, GoD was not a difficult expansion to beat on 65 on the last round of progression servers and it had very interesting and rewarding raids. Please do not open GoD and OOW together. If you do not have resources to instance all the raids needed for BiC etc, just leave them non-instanced, it would be much preferable to skipping GoD.
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  7. Dilf Augur

    Defeating Uqua pre-nerf was one of my favorite moments ever in EQ. Pulling that raid was so stressful and a rush. Please keep GoD separate from OoW as the others have mentioned!
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  8. Realitycheck Elder

    Ahhh. This is just about the time in every previous TLP's history that DBG has made a horrifically ill prepared decision that will likely have a huge negative impact on the server's population. Another TLP must have already been designed and just waiting in the wings to get announced.

    On a more constructive note, TL_KRONOLORD's post is probably the most accurate thing here. Nobody who can actually kill the stuff cares about any loot in PoP until Time, where basically every single thing you've looted in PoP/previous expansions gets replaced anyways. Once guilds kill mobs 2-3 times a piece for flagging, they'll move on and never have a need to come back. I could see instancing the elemental gods but with the level increase there's enough to do in the expansion that simply speeding up the spawn times on other things would suffice.

    I've yet to see any decision DBG has made be rescinded due to public outcry (as opposed to productized as a new TLP) but I'm going to join the chorus of people asking you to reconsider these decisions.

    Spending too long in PoP is what killed Fippy's population and it's going to have the same massively negative impact on Phinny if you move forward with it.

    Additionally GoD is fun and difficult. It's not the meat grinder it used to be so please don't trivialize it and make it effectively obsolete by releasing OoW at the same time.
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  9. Pikallo Augur

    This right here. While it is unfortunate that you can't deliver on your promises of maintaining a predictable unlock schedule for PoP, it is what it is. At least there is a (semi) legitimate reason.

    However, releasing GoD and OoW together is such a terrible idea. It completely trivializes the content and gives no reason to actually complete GoD, which after getting re-tuned, was a really fantastic expansion. I consider myself pretty reasonable and don't just come in with a knee-jerk reaction to any decision like thisl, but I just can't conceive why you would essentially skip an entire expansion. This would be like releasing PoP along with Velious and Luclin. Sure - you could still go back and complete the content, but with an increased level cap and outdated gear, there would really be no point.

    Please at least re-consider this part. I don't like the increased unlock timers, but at least that doesn't ruin the content of the game(just makes it more stale).
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  10. Gremin Augur

    Do not release GoD and OoW together, huge mistake. Most of my guild is looking forward to beating GoD in era.
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  11. Ckador Augur

    Haven't played Phinny for awhile, but this is what I would do:

    Release Luclin as scheduled, without that "of the Mighty", Luclin is fine as is.This also gives you all more time to concentrate on whatever it is you need to do with PoP without having to constantly re-tune Luclin and resolve complaints due to this. Add the 12 weeks to this (AA + Beastlords is enough to keep people busy, as is a still relevant high-end Velious, and high-end Luclin for raiding)

    Release PoP/LoY at the same time [112 days] (Gives a little extra time in PoP, time to level and gear Frogloks if you're into that sort of thing)

    Release LDoN/GoD at the same time [112+ days] (Not a ton of group content in GoD, LDoN mitigates this, keeps level cap the same, makes sense Lore-wise)

    Release OoW/DoN at the same time [112 days] (Both of these expansions get cleared quickly, mirrors LDoN/GoD release)

    *you'll lose people that are waiting to play BL and Berserker if you delay these expansions too long. This gets BL released as planned and gets Berserkers out sooner.
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  12. Dragonlover6969 New Member

    What a joke adding an extra 6 weeks to boring expansions just to add instances to an expansion that doesn't need them. Then you combine GoD and OOW its very clear you don't even play your own game, combine OOW and DoN you jokes combining GoD and OOW just makes GoD outside of BiC irrelevant.
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  13. yukan Augur

    GoD was an absolute beast in era on live servers. GoD on Fippy was not bad at all in terms of difficulty. It was the first expansion that really required some strategy and was probably my favorite on my entire experience on Fippy. For the people remembering GoD from live, think again. Players are much stronger and more knowledgeable. All content should be easily able to be defeated by any raid guild that has half a clue what's going on. It's a change from the ordinary tank and spank and content gets challenging for the first time in both the group and raid scene. Making GoD a level 70 zone instead of a level 65 zone would COMPLETELY trivialize all raid content, which would really be a shame.

    OoW is a great expansion in it's own right. If you're looking to cut down on what killed guilds during Fippy, you need to drastically cut down on the unlock time for DoN, DoDH and PoR. 4 months of level 70 content killed most of the server on Fippy, and I expect similar things to happen on the current batch of TLPs. Include DoN with OoW and bunching PoR and DODH together would be a far more optimal solution.
  14. Nolrog Augur

    So if I read this right, the current (revised) plan is as follows (please note, these comments only pertain to the suggested changes to Phini.) :

    Current plans:
    Velious to Luclin: 18 weeks
    Luclin to PoP/LoY: 18 weeks
    PoP/LoY to LDoN: 12 weeks
    LDoN to Gates/Omens: 12 weeks

    I don't have a major problem with the 18 weeks. I realize that time is needed to think thru this properly. However, I have 2 concerns with the schedule.

    First, the time between PoP and GoD/OoW is 24 weeks. IMO, that's too long. LDoN doesn't have enough content to keep people busy for a full 12 weeks, though it's a lot of fun in it's own right. It also has very limited raid content. I would suggest that PoP to LDoN is 6 or 8 weeks and LDoN to Gates/Omens is 6 or 8 weeks as well.

    Second, Gates and Omens are both full expansions and should be treated as such. Gates is hard, sure, but that gives you a sense of accomplishment to beat it before Omens (and people do beat it). They should each be on a 12 week timeline to give people time to enjoy them both.

    Lastly, I completely agree with the Dragons, Depths and Prophecy comments. This is sort of like a dead spot, with no levels and no AAs. I remember getting a bit frustrated with the lack of character progression in them. However, they each have a lot of great content to offer. I would suggest ~6 weeks for each, so that people had time to enjoy the content but it wouldn't be so long that we start running out of new stuff to do.

    So with that, I would like to suggest the following for your consideration:

    Suggested Changes:
    Velious to Luclin: 18 weeks
    Luclin to PoP/LoY: 18 weeks
    PoP/LoY to LDoN: 8 weeks
    LDoN to Gates: 8 weeks
    Gates to Omens: 12 weeks
    Omens to Dragons: 12 weeks
    Dragons to Depths: 6 weeks
    Depths to Prophecy: 6 weeks
    Prophecy to TSS: 6 weeks
    TSS and beyond: 12 weeks
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  15. Tudadar Augur

    Im a little worried that they might not make AA a lot easier to get now. Im personally surprised they are still thinking about long term buffing things.

    If most guilds cant kill this future buffed content its probably just going to get nerfed anyway. Phin a year from now is very different from current phin. Population will be down a good amount and you guys might be overestimating the #2 - 15 guilds at that time.

    A little confused about the GoD/OOW at the same time also. If the content is going to be too hard buffed that you need level 70 and tons of people its probably taking it a little too far. People will cry if their #10 guild cant kill all raid content.
  16. Ducreux Augur

    The typical Friday bomb drop is here.

    I hate everything about these proposed changes. One of the big selling points for Phinigel is that it was supposed to have a set timeframe on expansion launches 12 WEEKS, we haven't even gotten to the SECOND expansion and you are already changing the rules. By adding an addition 6 weeks between Velious->Luclin and Luclin->PoP releases you have essentially given us an additional expansions worth of time without the additional expansions content. 24 Weeks between PoP and GoD is OKAY but it is not ideal, LoY adds next to no additional content and LDoN doesn't seem like it justifies a full expansion cycle but this is an era a lot of people really like so I'm okay with a longer "PoP" era.

    But what the absolute F are you thinking when you say you are going to release GoD and OoW at the same time? GoD is one of the best end-content expansions and releasing OoW simultaneously is going to completely trivialize most of the encounters. When group gear from OoW is equivalent to lower tier raid gear from GoD yet one requires an entire raid that has keyed vs 6 random players there is a Risk v Reward imbalance that heavily weighs in favor of OoW. EXAMPLE: Jagged Onyx Staff (Ikkinz 2 Raid: 1.16 Ratio) vs Despair (MPG Group trial: 1.14 Ratio).

    If the justification for time is because you need extra time to create raid instancing then please, for the love of god, stop also trying to apply new combat mechanics and adding MoTM to further expansions targets because it clearly is more of a time investment than is worth the effort. How many people actually want MoTM on Luclin+ mobs or PoTM on anything, yet you are spending time on these when it could be instead put towards raid instance creation.
  17. Miss Shortcake Elder



    i don't know what the people in charge of design are smoking, but i don't want any of it. ever. because it'll make me .
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  18. Captain Obvious New Member

    i fully support this !
  19. yerm Augur

    At the risk of a ban I'm going to just make a new thread for the GOD+OOW idea so that it doesn't get watered down with all the other ideas in here. I also wrote a novel, so, yeah.
  20. Polekn Augur

    Opening multiple expansions at the same time is not fun. Would make more sense to open LDoN 2 weeks into PoP, DoN 2 weeks into OOW, etc. I think GoD deserves it's own expansion timer, but it would be OK to open it 4 weeks into PoP (2 weeks after LDoN) so that we would have at least 4 weeks in GoD before OOW opens.
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