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  1. PathToEternity

    I did some more research. This is the most recent red-name post in this thread from a Daybreak employee which references the GoD/OoW topic at hand:

    This is from May 2nd, 2016. We can use the Date Calculator function from a site like to determine how long it's been since Roshen made this post:


    Roshen pointed out that the community was getting ahead of itself by disagreeing with the proposed changes noting that the changes were over a year away. That was almost nine months ago. This isn't over a year away anymore - we still feel the same way.

    Roshen also notified us that we might not get an update that week. And we didn't get one that week. Or that month. Or that year.

    After eight months of discussion and negative feedback - after 266 days of dead air - would it be possible for Daybreak to please break the silence and agree to the request of the playerbase?

    Like you said, Roshen, the team is reading posts to gauge how players feel about this update. There's 600+ posts now. Even a casual skimming of the thread demonstrates the the general consensus of the playerbase.

    Is Daybreak really going to hold the line on this? It certainly appears that Daybreak is not listening. If they are listening, they certainly aren't talking.

    Or, worse, is Daybreak simply going to wait until GoD/OoW unlock together, and casually ignore the contents of this thread, conveniently and quietly unstickying it and locking it so it drops off the front page, ne'er any followup or attempt to defend this rejected decision?

    I hate to reply to an eight month old post, but it's literally - using the literal use of the word literally - the most recent relevant red-name post in this thread.
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  2. Storytimebros Elder

    Shh with that nonsense as we are too busy counting our krono profits while trying to figure out how to break the game for more.
  3. Roshen Brand Manager

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