RoS DPS Rankings

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  1. Bobsmith Augur

    Agreed Sancus, maybe Mil ment played not played well :p
  2. kyong Augur

    It's time to match Rogues daggers backstab with the piercing damage and remove backstab as being a separate value!!
  3. Spellfire Augur

    Nobody would object to some damage from these classes, but that's not what is currently happening.
  4. Daylenar New Member

    Recently returned to EQ after a 6-year break and made a heroic Druid. Now approaching level 100 and can say that in normal group or solo/molo content with decent gear and a mix of RkI and RkII spells, druid tool pack of dps/heals/utility during these levels is about the best balance I’ve seen in all my years of this game starting play during Kunark. I go as hard as I can on dps playing with my brother’s SK/Shaman/Bard box group and there’s nothing godly or broken about my capability. The dps I’m hearing Druids get on certain raid targets sounds like it relies HEAVILY on adps and also looks better than it would otherwise due to the fact that RoS tends to be especially tough for melee dps (im hearing) As others have mentioned, this will probably change with the next couple expansions as they won’t be level-increasing. Maybe things change a lot 100-110 but it looks like it’s a pretty similar setup of spells and AA abilities as 95-100.

    I really hope any “Druid nerf” doesn’t affect how they function in a group because that aspect of the class is fun and well-enough balanced that I can tell. That said, if they Nerf the 18 sec dot a bit I won’t cry about it cause that spell-line is admittedly pretty beast.
  5. Tatanka Joe Schmo


    Looks at the dates. You necroed a thread from January.

    Druid DPS nerf already happened, like Feb/March time frame.
  6. Yimin Augur

    Bst DPS is good , is there better DPS class yes! Can they do all the things a Bst can no !

  7. BadPallyGuildLeader Augur

    My grind groups are so hard on mana...caster dps is always stressed. I am intrigued about the druid\wiz remarks though. When I add them to my box groups in ST they tend to spend time LOM that limits their overall DPS over the course of the session.