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    I play with a group of people that are struggling to beat RoS heroic missions due to lack of dps, that is why I am asking. I usually push 150k to 200k dps burning (in group gear), wizard does nearly double that.
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    I'm not a raider or a particularly good player. I have played an Enchanter since 1999 and a Druid for the last few years. I currently play a box with both (druid - 109, Enchanter - 107, my main is a 110 Necro). It sounds like you don't play either so let me give you some facts, at least for group content.

    The Druid is out of mana in one round of DOTs, so I need to be very judicious on how much I burn. That kind of burn also attracts a lot of attention and he is squishy (I'm current playing in mostly level 100 TBH gear, so that has some impact on both mana and squishiness). I think this balance is about right and I can choose how to push it. The Druid sucks at soloing at the upper levels due to the mana use, compared to either the Necro or Enchanter.

    I've been charm soloing the Enchanter for years, but I haven't in the past few. This is mostly due to boxing where I need to flip too often (again, not a great player). The Enchanter DPS is fine, but no where close to the Druid when he is burning and also not close to the Necro; it's about balancing the mana use of the Druid so I'm not flying through content. The greater value of the Enchanter, in my world, is mez; if I can mez it, I can go play any content effectively (well I could before the HA changes).

    I routinely have the opportunity to play with raid level 110 Monk and Warrior. The Monk blows both characters away in DPS and the Warrior is on par. Again, I'm not a great player, but likely better than the mindless people mentioned on this thread.

    FWIW, I think the perfect box might be a Necro and an Enchanter; they wouldn't kill quickly but I think could take on most content. I am finding limitations with T2 EoK named and T1 RoS named with the Necro and Druid (the Necro and Enchanter are on the same account).
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  3. Cicelee Augur

    I heard a rumor that the four guilds that have completed the second event of T2 has bards as their highest parsing class, followed by paladins and magician earth pets. But I was told to keep this a secret, and I know I can trust anyone reading this to keep this secret, so I feel OK sharing this info...
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    Druid overtuned. Overpowered.
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    Anyone can play a druid and it takes no skill or brain function to do the most dps in the game 4x over. Please no one kid yourselves about this comic tragedy.
  6. Millianna Augur

    What class requires brain power to play? Bind a few keys and press autofire.
  7. Sancus Augur

    Every class in the game requires brain power to maximize. Some are easier than others to play decently, but to play your best every class takes a lot of work.

    And that includes Druids. Anyone who thinks they''re casting a few DoTs and /AFKing is ignorant with regards to how they're actually played, especially when they need to both DPS and heal. The new DoTs are definitely too powerful for Enchanters, Shaman, and Druids, but that doesn't mean using them takes no skill or thought.
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    Bump, needs dev attention.
  9. Ghubuk Augur

  10. Zhaunil_AB Augur

    Anyone can play anything and it takes no skill for autoattack and so on.
    To be "good" though, it takes some judgement calls as was said above, and - yes - understanding one's class and stacking and benefiting from other's abilities.

    To reply in tone:
    Get out of here. No i won't give you an interview. You are fake news!

    Yes, i have observed the very same for DPS'ing SHM and even ENCs loose some mana when they just keep stacking their dots without using those DDs to proc GoM.
    Or BSTs - their own best "customers" for focused crack...

    As a melee, a lot obviously depends on the gear you have - poker obviously, but also the melee foci.
    Casters as a rule of thumb have it far easier in that regard.
    It is unfair - and mostly to yourself - to compare yourself against another class based on a (or a bunch of) single encounter(s).
    Like raids, group encounters are favoring one side (melees or casters, DD casters or DoT casters) over the other - that's with the event, not the class abilities too much.
    In general, i myself favor melees over casters simply because they can go on basically forever on fairly the same level - makes for steady groups, if not the fastest perhaps.
    And when i add in a SHM or ENC, i do not look at their DPS first, but whether i want to play with the player behind the char. And i want them in the group, not for DPS first and foremost, but for utility mainly - e.g. root/mez-CC, slows, buffs...
    In groups, like in raids, EVERY class has their opportunity to shine though rarely the same functions in both raids and groups - and some classes "shine" more than others.
    But you've watched the clone wars and know what shiners are, right?

    As was said, as long as you enjoy your class and get to know it's abilities and how it synergizes with others best... you can play ANY class with "outstanding" results (and earn your companion's respect), even if you do not make the top10 in a raid or top scorer in a group.
  11. Zhaunil_AB Augur

    Yeah right - it was over 30mins since your own last post before that!

    *thinks back to Starship Troopers*
    /smack, medic! someone here needs medical attention!
  12. Tatanka Joe Schmo

    OK, I was gonna reply that you seem like a very bitter person.... and then I saw this. 30 minutes after the last post you made. Nice troll, well played. Sucked us all in very nicely ;)
  13. Kacman Augur

    What good is a knife in a nuke fight?

    Put your hand on the wall.
    (Throws the knife)
    You can't push the button, if you can't use your hand

    I love that movie!
  14. Cailen Augur

    One of my own raid leaders /sigh
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  15. Cailen Augur

    1st: if you want to scream for other classes to be nerfed..... have the freaking balls to post with your name not Classbalance

    2nd: if you're not happy with your class why not spend your time asking for improvements instead of trying to F@%# others.

    I've played my enchanter as my main for damn near 20 years I don't play alts. I've seen my class be gods and I've seen us be nothing but raid buff bots. Yes we do pretty darn good dps right now but our sustained dps is no where near some of the claims here. Usually I enjoy reading these forums and laughing at people whining but this thread is not enjoyable go cry to your mommies or something.
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  16. Venedar Lorekeeper

    Instead of nerfing, as cry people always call for. They should boost necro give them way stronger DoT's and merge their dots together. DoTs are great on raids bosses that has a lot of HP but at the same time DoT's makes very little dmg on adds. And its fact that DoT will make most dmg in some situations cause meele have to more around, kill adds or have to back off for emote/ae.

    But in grp game DoTs still kinda sucks, in grp with just 2 meele dps I will baerly get my dots on the mob before it dies.

    DoT's cost a lot of mana

    DoT's have natural limits on raids (the 50 slot debuff room). So you cant have to many DoT classes anyway.

    Actually its great for the raiding game that ench, druid and shm can make some dmg. It means they can switch betwen roles. It's easier to get the raid going.
  17. Sindaiann Augur

    Nothing to see here.
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  19. p2aa Augur

    I'm not a rogue, but you are doing it wrong if your wizard double your rogue DPS. In raid, competitive rogues aren't far of competitive zerkers, and beat monks and rangers. As always, it will depend of the skill of the player.
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    He no speak with forked tongue.