RoS DPS Rankings

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  1. Drogba Augur

    You'll get used to the personal attacks, derails and bs, totally understand why someone would rather be anon.

    We should all smile and be, not comment on balance and issues affecting the game if it might upset someone or their protective lobby group. Little is more loathsome to me than watching weasels that know their class is way OP try to defend their position. They are enemies of open information, fairness, and justice. We should all do the same in real life with problems that arise there as well, just ignore issues and keep our mouths shut, instead of confronting them honestly. Cowardice.

    Don't think. (Stay)

    Drink your wine (Home)

    Watch the fire burn (Be)

    His problems not mine (Safe)

    Just be that model citizen.

    ~nofx - the decline~

    You have 3-4 raid leaders from top guilds acknowledging the issue to varying degree's already on this thread, now you need to exploit the drama to keep the fire burning.

    I wouldn't slag the druids off as 3 dot monkeys though. The best druids, like any class, put their heart and soul into everything they do, and we love them for it.
  2. Lheo Augur

    Every Player who asks for a nerf should lose his account and should be banned until the hell freezes over..
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  3. Cleaver Augur

    Certain dots are OP anyone can see this. Just enjoy it while it last, but don't be in denial and rage forum post when the time comes.

    The only thing that sucks is when they do catch up to it they always make changes to the extreme. You're either way OP or way under powered.
  4. fransisco Augur

    This about says it. This thread is terminally infected with trolls. time to move on
  5. Darchon_Xegony Augur

    Hey hey, I've soloed some Overthere trash quite effectively with my VoA Raid geared Druid! It just takes 5 minutes per mob because if they get in Casting range their DoTs or snares kill me in about 3 tics.
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  6. Zhaunil_AB Augur

    Hey now! Red-heads are rrrawr! ;)

    I don't think one can say "for RoS" this or that class is best, it depends on the event.
    But as a general rule for us, for now, ranged beats melee (once more) - by design of the events.

    For us, who don't have script-breaking DPS, it's generally 80% casters in the top10 with only a few melees managing to squeeze in.
    Caster DPS "up there" for the moment isn't the DoT classes mostly but the wizards - simply because scripts so far seem better suited to quick-cast stuff than stacking dots (and not to forget the parsing range issues - we do not have everyone posting their own parse).
    While ENCs are still among the top10, *we* see less of them up there and NECs... don't get to shine as much (typical parsing range issues included again).
    It's high time the NEC dots get stacked/combine too (and use up less debuffslots) - it's far easier to stack and maintain 3spells per mob than 22...
  7. Zhaunil_AB Augur

    While i haven't been addressed, i DO think it's "acceptable".
    Why not? Everything "legitimate" that helps the guild, and in extension me as a member, is acceptable to me.
    Expected even.

    Meh... not just one but several misconceptions!
    For one, Druids were NEVER "intended primarily for healing" - they ALWAYS had the choice to be an offensive or healing class. Just because "customarily" they were (or in my case back then) HAD to be used for healing mainly, doesn't mean that that is the end of what they can and should be.
    They have long been the 2nd best healers, sure. But simply because we generally lack the main healing class and HVE to relegate both DRUs and SHMs to their healing roles says nothing about the "intent" of the class as a whole.
    Then, i don't think that simply casting 3dots and going afk is going to win ANY parse - unless all others were to go afk too. So you're not only slightly exaggerating here, but bigtime!
    And finally: "every parse" implies different events, not each try of the same event. And you're wrong there again.

    So that's it then? You're a NEC that is envious and crying and finger-pointing and shouting "give me back my shovel"?
    The events i have seen so far generally require movement and that by nature conflicts with stacking.
    But oh no, it's not the event itself that tosses up the top10 lists, it's suddenly overpowered classes, right?
    Get real!

    Your "cause" might be what your forum-name suggests, but your methods and argumenting-style (leave alone the arguments chosen) really disqualify you for the purpose. All you are doing is look at a class or individual players even and see them doing things you cannot do and deem "unfair" and start to cry and "argue" accordingly. Very much kindergarten-stylish in my eyes.

    I am not a caster but a tank - i certainly hav no personal stake in this caster-epeen discussion.
    But i only care for "kill the mob before it kills me" too.
    Who contributes to that how much and stands out on this event or even expansion i do not care about - it is a TEAM EFFORT after all still.
    If a person BRAGS about his in-game achievement, then that's a personality issue you have to take up with the player, not the class he plays. And in my experience there is a lot of "understatement" involved too, like one saying "i could go afk for the duration of my dots" when everyone knows that's not the case - be that NECs that are basically always casting and switching spellsets to maintain their 22dots or (top parsing) ENCs that squeeze in their 3 dots AND some DDs on most every mob between CC that the event asks for or druids/shaman that do the same while still keeping their groups alive and even supporting their group members.

    This i share to some point, but is a wholly different discussion.
    Say "thanks" to the "gimme a challenge" crowd that happens to mostly be in guilds with script-breaking DPS.

    By keeping a thread civilized and factual perhaps - i.e. more like the exact opposite to your post.

    And i wished someone would hit you, or would've when you were younger.
    Alas, neither our wishes is likely to come true.
    Instead, they should finally get around to revamp NEC dots - not just so we can distribute the debuff slots to more characters, but also so the NECs do not have to stack and maintain 22 while others just have to stack and maintain 3.
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  8. ClassBalance New Member

    Okay. I just wanted to post here and feel it out. I just didn't know that it was acceptable for a priest class to burst for 800k-1million for like 90 seconds. I just wanted to make sure. As long as everyone's cool with it I'm cool with it. Who really needs other classes anyway

    Thanks for clarifying for me. I can tell you are a very talented player so thank you for your phenomenal replies and shedding such glorious light on my otherwise dim and small spectrum of knowledge good sir.

    Round of applause for Zhaunil of AB everyone. Script breaking DPS.
  9. DruidCT Augur

    Can some druid PM me how to burst 800K-1million dps for 90 seconds.
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  10. Trotts Journeyman

    Well, this kind of went off the rails but I think I might try re-rolling a berserker after some more thought, I don't really see any point to just do less dps as a rogue, the only real utility I can think of for a group is SoS but so much stuff seems to see through it lately anyways. Thanks to those that chimed in. The druid\necro raid dps debate going on really isn't relevant to me!
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  11. Darchon_Xegony Augur

    I haven't raided since VoA but I would guess it goes something like...

    Black Wolf
    Silent Casting
    Blessing of Ro Debuff
    Skin to derp Debuff
    Seasons Wrath Debuff
    Weave Firestorm AA Nuke
    Destructive Vortex
    Natures DoT
    Sun DoT
    Horde DoT
    Fire Debuff DoT
    Chill DoT??
    Natures Fury
    First Spire
    Improved Twincast
    Weave Roar 1, Roar 2, Rain Nuke, Remote.
    Refresh DoTs as they end

    Also I'm sure you need a lot of ADPS from Bard/Enchanters. Without it I'm guessing you aren't doing half those numbers. Also if my counting is right that's 11 spells devoted to debuffing and DPSing. Leaving 2 to heal? That's a decent commitment. Way more "stance-y" than the wolf forms ever were. Needing to cycle out spells is a decent DPS killer as it forces you to sit and not cast.

    But this order is an assumption. Maybe the Chill DoT isn't worth the spell slot because it lasts so long or maybe you want to cycle 1st spire and NF upwards in the list to the top so that it impacts other nuke procs. Unfortunately I haven't really messed around with burning as merc tanks tend to die without heals and I'm not sure if pick up groups exist. I always liked DPSing on raids, unfortunately back then the encounter had to have about 0 AEs or stupid effects that inhibited Casting so that all those spell slots could be devoted to DPS and even then I could only do as well as the worst of our Melee DPS.
  12. Niloiv Elder

    It may be slightly unfair to look at a 90sec encounter from Older content, but I understand your concern.
    I do, however, like the "state of play" with these classes. Reward a good player for playing good at certain events. Group content is relatively easy, stuff dies so fast right now that "everyone" does enough dps. Which is why this turns to raid events. Some events are prejudice to one class/archetype or another. I have enjoyed it.
  13. Zhaunil_AB Augur

    You're welcome.
    Thank you for confirming prejudices - and be careful with what you "can tell" in the future ;)
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  14. Gnomeland Augur

    Class balance in Everquest is basically bait and switch. Think they're strong now, wait until all of you level them up, then they'll get changed and go back to garbage...
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  15. Zhaunil_AB Augur

    I would never do that really, not even consider it, not even in jest.
    A class is only as good as it's player - it's totally possible to produce abysmal parses even with the "best" class (yes i have proof of that in the form of parses, but it's not needed since we all know such people...)

    Melees as a whole got a bit shafted, at least in RoS T1 (all i can comment about yet).
    And as was said, we are atm comparing past expansion's weapons and foci to current expansion's spells with last expansion's but still fully functional foci. So a bit like comparing pears and apples still imo.

    And when you compare BERs to ROGs and bring up the SoS ability (at least it helps you to drop agro and die less, i.e. to keep on DPSing), then i as WAR want to remind you that WE were gimped into BERs without the offensives to even come close not too long ago when using 2h. Now we die just as quickly as them when 2handing, but haven't got ANYTHING to make up for that additional risk.
    Still i do not want to play a BER just because of that - and do not value my "worth" to the raid based on parse-rankings either.
    And while i dunno about you, in my guild ROGs dish out good DPS still, compared.
    Even if they don't "stand out", they're providing a solid base and are above average for us.
    So yeah.. go sulk somewhere else?!
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  16. Thrillho Augur

    Play a class you enjoy, and the DPS will come. By the time you get a rerolled character up to where you currently are with your rogue, that rerolled character might not be the top anymore. Zerkers were the top for a while, now it's druids less than a year later. What's it going to be next year? (Monks! C'monnn monks!)

    If you enjoy the class you play, then you'll play it well. You'll learn the intricacies of it, and you'll also put in the time for the little things - heroic AAs, clickies, better augs, trophies, etc. All that stuff matters in the end, and I'd wager an established rogue that knows what he's doing and enjoys it is going to perform better than a class-of-the-month that is only there because someone else was able to top a parse.
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  17. Rolaque Ancient

    Darchon's list is an excellent start. Add a cold debuff, and cold aura, and drop the chill dot for the cold debuff dot. Nukes would be dicho roar roar remote. Then you just have to weave it all together to make it work.
  18. bob2 Journeyman

    I miss running in circles. Nerf them all! make bards king again!
  19. Pharone Elder

    Two things I noted in this thread I have to discuss...

    Number 1... The original poster does not know how his class fares in the dps ranking, and we know this because he is asking how his class stands up in dps ranking. Yet... the original poster feels that he may need to change classes because of it.

    Ok... what? If you don't know how your class stacks up in dps ranking, then why would that even bother you in the first place? Seriously. Until you get there and actually face it, why be bothered by it?

    Ask yourself one question. Do I enjoy playing my class? If the answer is yes, then stop worrying about anything else. End of story.

    Number 2... You see this all the time in threads and in game. People say "if you play your class right". I've seen it multiple times in this thread. That's like everybody's favorite thing to say, but nobody ever defines "playing your class right". It's the defacto, I am cool because I can tell you to play right, but I will not define what that entails because then I would actually have to know what I am talking about.

    Can we get past the "learn to play" stuff please? If you're going to say "xyz class is top parse if played right", then be ready to define what "played right" is in detail. Otherwise, you're just being a mmorpg cliche.

    Anyway... that's just my two coppers. I'm sure it isn't worth anything in the real world ;)
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  20. kizant Augur

    Some people play games differently. They go in wanting to raid and fill a specific role. Then they ask how do I best fill that role? The fun is being the best at the role you like playing. The class differences are kinda meaningless. Now, that doesn't mean you should gamble and choose a druid since the nerf chances are a bit high but choosing a zerker solely because you want to do the best melee dps makes perfect sense.