Request Switch the raids or let us skip raids.

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Tharnkiss, Apr 24, 2020.

  1. Magickon Elder

    So what you're saying is, you can't beat a raid so you want to be able to skip past it. Get over yourself.
  2. ArtremasEQ Elder


    YES, that is exactly what I was thinking this week since the patch. Was looking forward to attacking TOFS #1 again for past several days...

    We defeated it tonight before Enrage. It is hard but doeable.
  3. Mehdisin Mahn Augur

    I do love the condescending attitude... kindred spirit i think... now if you just knew WTF you were talking about. do you understand you're speaking like you haven't actually raided in EQ for years?

    in TBL, one could not do generals without doing prince.
    you can't do fire w/o doing guardian (ever, as it turns out)
    in RoS you couldn't do ST 2 or 3 w/o doing ST1, or VP 2 or 3 w/o VP 1
    in EOK you couldn't do labs 2 or3 w/o doing labs 1.... or chardok 2 or 3 w/o chardok 1....
    TBM literally had the same mechanism in every raid sequence except hate and fear.
    TDS, can't do anything if you can't beat the first event! not even the 1-offs.

    some events will be locked behind other events, it's the nature of the modern game with 8-9 raid events w/o the same number of zones in an expansion.
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  4. Laronk Augur

    What's wrong with sleeper?
  5. kookoo Augur

    before the TOF1 1st floor raid change , we were able to beat it . at or close the enrage timer and was not easy , we tried it thursday , it was a disaster ,
  6. Tumbler Lorekeeper

    I'm pretty sure that I said sucky things were part of the game and the poster of this topic needed to suck it up. Meaning that he just has to get over it and deal with the suck.

    Would it be nice to be able to skip it? Yes. Do I think that the devs would do it? I seriously doubt it. I am totally over myself. You get over yourself and get off your high horse.

    I am allowed to hope that they fix it or let us skip it. Even if it was how it was on day one... I'd still like to skip it. It's a stupid raid with stupid mechanics that I hope they never repeat.
  7. Tumbler Lorekeeper

    You think I don't know these. Regardless of your examples of doesn't make my example wrong. =p
  8. Magickon Elder

    You're nothing more than a whiner who wants their participation trophy. Darkpaw has made some of the biggest blunders possible the last few years. So why not? They've already made the expansion the easiest in a decade. So maybe they would make it even easier for people that can't beat an event because they can't recognize that the reason why they can't, is that the problem exists between their keyboard and their chair.
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  9. Marton Augur

    ToFS1 is annoying, not difficult, un-fun annoying, and yes, a way to skip it would be great.

    I guess you can label me a whiner too.
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  10. Tharnkiss Journeyman

    We already have our participantion trophy. Like everyone in this forum posting has already gotten the achievement.
    I don't think o one of us wants a participantion trophy. Especially for this raid.

    Lol that's what you don't understand. We have the trophy. Let us skip the thing.
  11. kookoo Augur

    tofs # 1 hurt our guild a lot , we can't do any there now since we can't beat the 1st one,.

    so 60 currencies every 4,5 days, and no more tfos keys for the evolving earring .
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  12. Magickon Elder

    No one gives a about the achievement. You want the coin and nuggets every week. But you can't be bothered to pay attention to a raid enough in order to beat it. For crying out loud this expansion is so easy it has had more guilds clearing it on week 1 than some expansions have had over an entire year.

    Learn to play. It's not hard.
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  13. Whulfgar Augur

    No.. never ever ever ever ever.. let people skip hard raids for easier raids behind them..

    That is all..
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  14. I_Love_My_Bandwidth Augur

    You can complete Velks but you can't nail ToFS 1? Wat?
  15. Ofearl Augur

    Key is worthless *bursted bubble omgz*

    20 coin per raid... 9 events.. thats 180 coin. If you cant do ToFS, you should be then getting 120...

    Worst raid this expac is Sleeper... zone lag and crap DT/warping mobs is .

    ToFS 1 now isnt that bad, lest you have something to do, 2/3 are snooze fest’s.
    Restless Assult is boreing, Griklor is atleast a burst burn fest
    Velks is fun... but its ‘new’ so that will wear off soon
    Vindi is also a snore fest of burn... dont burn.. omgz crystal’s!
    AoW is note worthy but will soon be a giant lame lack luster event that we will want the earring piece from..

    WTB new expac plzz
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  16. FawnTemplar Augur

    ToFS isn't that bad.
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  17. Jhenna_BB Augur

    I disagree. Tofs1 is total cancer. We've beaten it both weeks since it was buffed.

    This event is too annoying just to move around in - that's the "pancreatic cancer" of the event. The Random Number Generator can screw you as to what the event decides to spawn for you and how much damage the Sphere will take and when - that's always something that makes players "happy" - heavy RNG in raid scripts. The lag in game right now that will likely be around for the foreseeable future makes mobs behave odd and warp around to DT people at times. (The lag isn't going away until Covid goes away and everyone isn't stuck at home, I'm afraid).
  18. Tharnkiss Journeyman

    I'm just responding to you.

    Your the one saying that people want the participation trophy. I'm saying that we already got it. Hello!

    You're saying that we want the nugget and coin. That's the exact opposite.

    We don't want crap from tofs1. We don't want to do tofs 1.even if tofs one was before the nerf we don't want to do it... Keep the chin and the nugget.

    You think that this has anything to do with paying attention? This has nothing to do with paying attention. There's nothing to pay attention to.
  19. Tharnkiss Journeyman

    This sounds accurate.

    I actually enjoy Velks
  20. Yinla Augur

    This raid is still broken, it is down to luck on which spawns you get and you still stand around waiting for mobs to spawn.

    Until this raid is fixed properly there should be a way to do the other 2 raids without killing the raid multiple times once the enraged timer has hit.

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