Request Switch the raids or let us skip raids.

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Tharnkiss, Apr 24, 2020.

  1. RickJames New Member

    Put down the crack pipe!
  2. Dagum Elder

    Whatever discussions that is to change the other raids needs to STOP! No reason to ruin more of the expansion.
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  3. Magickon Elder

    Several people in several different guilds have reported issues with sleeper and the wedding. It took them multiple patches to even get the key from Tserrina to be lootable. This means that every raid in tier 1 and 2 other than restless assault has had issues. Can you name another expansion that has been this broken?

    Everything they touch, turns to s..t. Patches need to pass a saving throw in order for the matter to not be made worse from the patch.

    How many times have we seen that in patch notes?
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  4. Tolzol Augur

    TBM was way worse than this expansion it ain’t even close to being as messed up as that was at launch. But the key not being lootable on tserrina didn’t matter as it does nothing at least for the moment and really had nothing to do with how the raid worked. The only raid that has really been broken, only due to them changing things, was TOFS 1. Currently it feels the same now as it always has for us at least. Now achievements have been messed up but the raids themselves have surprisingly had little issues
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  5. enclee Augur

    The changes to Griklor's flight path causing him to reset to 100% was brutal, it made me want to LD for the night. I hate Griklor, so so much.
  6. Tolzol Augur

    That was fixed before we ever saw it so i forgot that was a thing. Lol
  7. Mehdisin Mahn Augur

    having minor issues and not working are two completely different things.

    considering the key from tserrina is literally worthless other than a "look at me! I can go somewhere that has no mobs or anything to do with any quests" item... the exact same thing happened with the trophy on talendor in RoS except the trophy was actually worth something.

    sleeper's issues have nothing to do with the raid working or not and everything to do with lag. the raid itself works (and has always worked) just fine.

    RA has never had any issues that I can recall....

    TOFS2 had/has an issue that can result in aoes going off rapid fire, but the event works as fact, i can't recall anyone posting about that issue who wasn't trying to outright bypass mechanics the mechanics of the event (splitting apart bride/groom side and doing usher hails properly)… although that just might be the nature of the top guilds who are complaining about it.

    and all of tier 3, best I can tell after a few weeks of running it, is working as intended from the get go.

    so yeah, Griklor had problems.... TOFS1 had problems after they tried to make it work like it was supposed to in the first place.... the rest of the expansion was working just fine and you're blowing the minor issues it did/does have way out of proportion.
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